America’s bread basket under increased assaults from natural disaster

June 19, 2011KANSAS CITY, MO Severe hailstorm leaves many Kansas wheat fields in ruins: Spring storms are wreaking havoc on farmers’ fields in Sedgwick county. Wheat fields received the majority of damage during a recent hail storm. For farmers, the damage has hurt their crops, and their pocketbooks. Mick Rausch is no stranger to spring storms, especially those that strike right in the middle of wheat harvest. “I can remember doing wheat harvest when I was 8, 9, and 10 years old,” said Rausch. Since a young age, Rausch has always hoped for a good crop. “Farmers are eternal optimists,” said Rausch. Until the June 9th hail storm hit, Rausch had been fairly lucky. “You’ve got a whole year worth of income potential out there. The thought of losing a whole year’s work in a 5 minute storm, it can lead to some sleepless nights,” said Rausch. This storm, however, lasted for just under an hour. Baseball, even softball-sized hail, left five of Rausch’s un-harvested wheat fields mostly damaged. “Wheat at this particular time is standing up nice and straight. The heads are bent over a little bit normally and ready to harvest. After the hail went through, you can see 9 out of 10 of the stems are broken over,” said Gary Cramer, Sedgwick County Extension Agent. Cramer says most of the damage spread from Mount Hope to Sedgwick, and as far south as Garden Plain and Mulvane. At least a third of the acres in the county were damaged or destroyed. “I see maybe 4 kernels of wheat there,” Cramer said as he hand-shucked a head of wheat in his hand. “Normally, a head of wheat has 22 kernels in it. Not only did it break off the stalks, it also knocked the grain right out of the head.” Besides wheat fields, corn and soybean fields, that were recently planted, took a hit as well. “We’ve got a lot of washing of the soil that’s covered up the seed, and is most likely too deep for the plant to emerge,” said Cramer. “Same thing with corn- it’s been stripped of its leaves, and even if the growing point isn’t damaged, we’re going to take about a 2-10% loss in yield.” –KAKE channel 10
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3 Responses to America’s bread basket under increased assaults from natural disaster

  1. RainMan says:

    We are already consuming 40% more than we are producing and there are NO solutions, frightening to say the least.


  2. A_lad says:

    These weather patterns that are destroying crops are catastrophic. How long do you think before the destruction of the food chain hits us? Crops, Fish, Dairy, Livestock are dropping in record numbers, even wild game is falling out.

    I think the article is better titled Americas Curse. I was reading The Book of Genesis and it’s account of creation and how everything was good and Blessed! Sadly we seem to be at the end and entering the Book of Revelation.

    Being alive at this volatile time is humbling to say the least. To be one still alive as the Good Book comes full circle puts me at a loss for words.


  3. carolyn says:

    Actually the USA exports about half our wheat. We use about half our corn and soybeans to make meat. Probably Americans will continue to eat, even if it is rationed and less varied, while the rest of the world suffers agonizing hunger. Of course if Yellowstone blows, then the situation will be dire. But right now Americansd should thank God for the incredible abundance we have, as other nations may go hungry long before we do.


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