Huge drop in wildflower numbers- birds and bees could follow

June 17, 2011DENVER – It’s summer wildflower season in the Rocky Mountains, a time when high-peaks meadows are dotted with riotous color. But for how long? Once, wildflower season in montane meadow ecosystems extended throughout the summer months. But now scientists have found a fall-off in wildflowers at mid-season. They published their results, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), in the current issue of the Journal of Ecology. “Shifts in flowering in mountain meadows could in turn affect the resources available to pollinators like bees,” says David Inouye of the University of Maryland, currently on leave in NSF’s Division of Environmental Biology. Inouye and colleagues George Aldridge and William Barr of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Jessica Forrest of the University of California at Davis, and Abraham Miller-Rushing of the USA National Phenology Network in Tucson, Ariz., found that such changes could become more common as climate change progresses. “Some pollinators with short periods of activity may require only a single flower species,” write the ecologists in their paper, “but pollinators active all season must have flowers available in sufficient numbers through the season.” For example, bumblebees, important pollinators in many regions, need a pollen and nectar supply throughout the growing season to allow the queen bee to produce a colony. –Science Daily
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7 Responses to Huge drop in wildflower numbers- birds and bees could follow

  1. Jose says:

    Albert Einstein quote: “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life.”


  2. Leigh Ann Fulkerson says:

    This is very bad news, indeed. We already know that bees are in peril. Shifting seasons alter flowering times… hopefully the other pollinators have other attractions!


  3. goodbyemilkyway says:

    yes, Alvin…still so many blind..

    I’m scared..


    • Your sentiment of caring and concern is noble and in the right place. We have to continue our march in the direction of truth. The pathway we blaze will be trail for others to follow.
      Your prayers for those you love and are concerned about have not fallen on deaf ears. Your intentions have not rippled across some sphere and have gone unnoticed. God both
      sees and hears. May your faith be rewarded.

      God is love,


  4. Gen says:

    Goodbyemilkyway I think a lot of us who are listening and watching are feeling the same way. With all these volcanoes going off one after another it does seem like things might have stepped up to the next level. I am just hoping that mother earth is getting a lot of stress off her shoulders and then things will settle down again.

    That little voice within me is telling me that nothing is going to be like it was even a year ago. It seems that the Japan quake and tsunami has put us in another dispensation (for want of another word) of time.

    God bless, be prepared in all ways and stay strong.


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