23 Responses to Canadian officials at a loss to explain violent riots and anarchy in Vancouver

  1. Sheryl Minns says:

    Hmmm. Seems to me that satan is kicking out against his traces – that is, he knows what’s coming and he doesn’t like it. He’s gonna make this last bit as nasty as he possibly can, because he knows the end of the story just like we do – he loses. And he doesn’t like losing.


  2. Gen says:

    Yes Alvin I was thinking the same thing when I saw the news. Unfortunately this is a sign of things to come. Satan will certainly be very busy stirring people up as things deteriorate.


  3. Anthony says:

    So does that mean government snipers on the roof next time? I am confused.


  4. Bob Cousins says:

    Riots have been happening for YEARS after a team loses a big game.

    Hockey is everything in Canada.


  5. King says:

    3 words CANDA : ACTIVE DENIAL SYSTEM = quel the riots and no one gets permenantly hurt. Simple as that, u got the option of a heat ray, a sound ray or a pain ray … take ur pick


  6. Gen says:

    With all regards Bob, Alvin’s comment was that if people react like this over a hockey game, what will they do when their world falls apart due to financial crisis or natural disasters.


  7. jp mills says:

    I believe that Lucifer is working overtime in the world. On the broader scale of world unrest and in each of our own lives. My personal little world has been in a tailspin for some weeks now. How quickly we can be blindsided by things out of our control is amazing. 2 a.m. this morning I prayed for my Father to help me. He will give me strength in time of trouble. He always takes care of his children. I asked Lord, how can I get through all of this? You had your Father, what do I have? He answered quietly, You have Me. I felt so loved at that moment. I truly believe each of us are going to be tested by Satan himself. Be vigilent, be strong, and keep the faith. He will sustain you.


  8. idiotbox says:

    Booze Stupidity Testosterone=Riot

    This is the part of the human race that might be be better off extinct.


  9. Dee says:

    Bob is right – this is nothing new. Look at football matches in Europe – people aren’t interested in real issues anymore or passionate about things that matter. That void is filled with sports entertainment. I live in Vancouver and was in the ’94 riot from the SCF. That was a spontaneous one…this one was fully planned. Everyone was saying, “you gotta be downtown, there might be a riot”…and these were ppl in their 30s! The reality is that we live in a society were it is “cool” to be where the action is…if there isn’t enough action than make some. People were posting pics of themselvs on facebook with proudly sporting stolen propert – like this somehow helps them to “stand out”…bc we know that being honest, hard working, loyal, etc doesn’t mean anything anymore so why bother?

    It’s sad. The most ironic thing is that this city is such a peaceful place. Hubby and I are trying hard to get out to a smaller town where ppl are more polite and considerate of their fellow man. No jobs in smaller communities tho. We do plan to teach our sons the reality of these types of action and the real cost to their spirtiual development. If we all did the same, maybe we wouldn’t have ppl doing this stuff.


  10. Anarchy will be the defining word for the times we are headed for, and the the speed at which it will happen once the financial dominoes start falling will shock even those of us who have expecting these things for some time now. Greece may well be the trigger that gets this riot race going. It will lead to a total POLICE STATE in North America (after Anarchy has been allowed to reign for a season – deliberately, and by design.) In order to cover their own corruption that has caused this financial implosion, the political / corporate / banking / military / religious elites may launch multiple terrorist strikes, nuclear, conventional and even weather war. We may already be witnessing Nuclear terrorism in Fukushima, and now possibly in Nebraska, and weather wars or climate terrorism certainly seems to be escalating this year (should be no doubt in the minds of those who come to this site that weather has been anything but normal this year, and it wasn’t very normal last year!) Are all these changes purely natural? I highly doubt it! Who’s doing it and why we cannot know for sure but watch for bigger events even later this year, I dread the hurricane season after witnessing what happened with the tornadoes.

    Good work Alvin. I almost exclusively use your information in regards to weather for my updates. God bless you!


  11. A_lad says:

    You rarely hear about the Canadians trippin over a loss in the form of riots. That’s the American way. I’m a Flyers fan I’ve seen this stupidity first hand. Society is breaking down, people are pissed and these Globalist Butt Holes see opportunity in Chaos, so they air it and market it in way to keep the satanic spirit alive. Personally I think as the magnetosphere breaks down and the solar storms pick up people will get outrageous.

    We as human beings are being attacked on all fronts. Spiritually , Mentally, and now Physically with the swiftness of all these earth changes. Challenges are ahead and the breakdown of our local societies loom.


    • I agree this is more than people blowing off steam or a drunken relvery. It’s very disturbing to see both men and women taking part in this and how they almost killed an innocent bystander who was trying to stop it while everyone stands around filming this on their cellphones for the next FB post. If this is what’s bubbling inside the human race already- then we’re in for quite a shock when the beast ascends out of the bottomless pit.


      • A_lad says:

        Yes Alvin so true. When that pit opens, what people read about in fairy tales will soon become a reality. Nasty Stuff! it reminds me of that CDC Zombie article.

        It seems that the pit is seeping into our atmosphere now and that the hellish entities, whether in form of gas etc are beginning it’s degradation or better word Entropy of all things.


      • A_lad says:

        The video is so pathetic, disgusting display of humanity. There is an underline evil present no question. It also reminds me of the riots in the mid east, different purposes but it gives the same vibe. I bet half of those people didn’t even see the game, FOOLS!


  12. Anthony says:

    Hey everybody let’s create a REDUCTIONIST society and see what happens!!!!


  13. Greg says:

    Anarchy, pure and simple. There are none so blind as those that will not see. This IS a glimpse into our future. God help us all.


  14. DG says:

    It has been reported that the Mayor turned down the police requset for more help the week before. That is why the police were slow to react to show the Mayor he was wrong. This is all the Mayors fault because he wanted to save the money because it is the insurance money that pays for the damage to all the stores and not the city. All this talk of a plan was complete crap because there was no effective plan. Why do we put up with all these politicians that keep lying to us all the time.


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