Nature’s fury relentless: Aggressive fungus strikes Joplin tornado victims

June 10, 2011JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) — An aggressive fungus is striking Joplin tornado victims, contributing to a handful of deaths. Doctors told the Springfield News-Leader that at least nine survivors may have contracted blood-vessel invading zygomycosis (ZEYE’-goh-meye-koh-suhs) infections. Overall numbers weren’t available. The Springfield-Greene County Health Department declined to release them, citing patient privacy concerns. Kendra Williams, of the health department, says the common fungus likely came from soil or vegetative materials imbedded in the skin by the tornado. After the tornado, Freeman Health System in Joplin treated more than 1,700 patients. An infectious disease specialist there, Dr. Uwe Schmidt, says some wounds that were stitched up in that rush of patients had to be reopened because they weren’t adequately cleaned and had debris in them. –KMOV TV
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7 Responses to Nature’s fury relentless: Aggressive fungus strikes Joplin tornado victims

  1. Yeah- forget the Evangelical “Rapture” business, the 2012 thing is freaky! Mayans and the Chinese, plus the galactic alignment etc…weird stuff. Can’t be such a coincidence with all the crazy weather, natural disaster phenomena. Again…freaky!


    • Chondra says:

      Christians are still hoping for a rapture (not the Harold Camping garbage), it’s our “hope”. Trust me things are never=ever going to get better…all this stuff going on, will get worse and worse and worse until JC returns!


    • A_lad says:

      I’m hoping I’m WRONG and that the rapture IS truly a pre-Trib event 😉 then again to witness all of this unfold, having some knowledge of what’s truly happening, is somewhat of a blessing. We live in the time of refinement by Gods own hands and to witness his works is awesome! I have not had to suffer some painful catastrophe YET, but based on this biblical cycle I surely will, unless a rapture type event does happen and of course I am found worthy, in which I am not, because I fall way short of the Gods Glory so I may as well saddle up and try to help and serve others so that they may find comfort in this very very bumpy ride. Because beyond all Fear there is Hope in Gods Son!


  2. Kim says:

    Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Praying for them. Breaks my heart. They are all still grieving, they’ve lost everything and now this.


  3. stephen says:

    Lets not forget the comet Elenin and its magnetic pull? We are all up sh–‘s creek in Sept 2011


  4. stephen says:

    Come to Chemtrail Busters of the World group at FB


  5. Anthony says:

    For some reason religious people think this is the first time the Earth has gone through cataclysm. But then again, no religion teaches that time is cyclical so that makes sense. I mean all these people quote the bible like it holds all truths. The only thing I see from it though, is that whoever wrote the bible understood that cataclysm is cyclical.


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