22 Responses to Empire in decline: Can the American dream stop the American nightmare?

  1. wfoster2011 says:

    Let me first say that I think that, “The Extinction Protocol – 2012 and Beyond” is the best blog of it’s kind in the world!

    I have been a researcher, futures trader and disaster researcher for over 25 years and agree with almost everything you say. The USA is becoming a “Third World” nation in terms of rich versus poor, debt level to GDP and many other areas.

    The seat of power is shifting to the East, i.e., China and India. The debt level in the U.S. can NOT be sustained. With a total Federal debt over $14 Trillion, and State, County and City debt in a similar dire situation; the U.S. and other munisapalities are bankrupt. It’s a question of when and where the situation manifests into a problem of total economic collapse.

    The employment % rate has long been grossly understated by the Federal Government to dampen down Medicare and Social Security payments and pave the way for politicians to get re-elected. The same is true of inflation, in that it is way understated.

    I am a Mundane, Financial and Natal astrologer with over 30 years of experience. I, also, have two web-sites. Please feel free to email me at: wfoster2010 at cox dot net, should you have any comments or questions.
    Warmest Regards,
    Bill Foster


  2. archangel says:

    Babylon will fail


  3. markosity1973 says:

    Finally an article that tells it like it is about the USA. Too many people have their heads in the sand about what is about to happen to this once great nation.

    The really sad part is that Obama will probably get the blame, when in reality he was just the poor schmuck that got lumbered with a disaster already set in motion. Well done Mr Bush – this was probably your greatest achievement of them all – destroy the country and its economy, then when the s@#t hits the fan, lose the election on purpose so the other political party will take the fall for your inability to run America.


    • Luke says:

      Obama will recieve blame and he should. Not cause he started it, cause he continued it. His actions are almost a mirror of Bushes. When you have gash on your leg bleeding badly, you stop the bleeding and stitch it. You dont rip it open to a gaping hole and smear dog crap in it. Which leads me to believe that neither Bush or Obama are in charge of anything. They just carry out orders from the NWO.


    • cdkanas says:

      Doesn’t matter. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan. The chains dragging us down is us, the American public. We’ve been conditioned to expect a better life at the expense of others. Those chickens are coming home to roost now. In a way, I welcome it. Time to put away childish things and focus on the real things in life. A gloomy future doesn’t mean necessarily mean one that lacks learning to adapt and finding a better way that wasn’t seen before.


  4. radiogirl says:

    Every time I did the opposite of the Good Book it always ended in a world of hurt.Society is no different.


  5. Dennis says:

    The American Empire is in decline, unfortunately. The sleeping giant (China) has awaken and stands off on the sidelines awaiting her time to enter on the world stage.
    It is evident that our country is on greased downhill slide in regard to its moral standards. What was called evil, is now called good or natural. What was done or said in the shadows is now done on national TV. I will write this statement and many of you will know without looking:::: “As in the days of Noah…….” In the past, you could go to sleep with the doors unlocked and windows open. Now we go to sleep with deadbolts/bars on windows and doors, security dogs, home security devices around our homes for protection. But it is alright. But you can’t speak the name of God in the classroom but you can read porn or a book by someone who hates this country, but God forbade you read God’s word on your own time or speak his name.
    You say, we have the strongest military in the world. There is a cancer eating the US. The military is being manned from what is being raised today
    The article written above is very good. The USA is dying. The current leadership seems to be on course to just put away everything this country has stood for and believed. America has forgotten about God. Our rights come from God, not man. You forget God and he will turn your cities into hell.
    What is going to happen to America if we continue on this path? God will judge us. He will destroy us. Look what he did to Israel and they were the chosen people. Not because they were more than others or more powerful, but because he loved them.
    Whose fault is this? Some would say you could lay the fault at the door step of the church.
    PS: To stay God’s judgment, I think a spiritual renewal not seen in one hundred years has to happen to include a national repentance.
    Just a thought.
    God bless everyone here.


  6. PHILFROG says:

    I bet there are alot of jobs they could split between two people. Most jobs that pay a fare wage support lifestyles that are reckless for their excessive focus on aquiring money while not developing personal talents that make buying a television a waste of time. Buy books, instruments, and plants instead. It should be a virus cast upon every nation that brainwashes one to procure talents and fullfilment, 50% OF AN INCOME SHOULD GO TO THE INTELLECT; all the wastefull expenses that poison our time and land must be dwarfed by personal interests that are not fueld by wasteful expenses but the desire for self-betterment. A piano player is worth one-hundred times their weight in suburban homes, and negative one-thousand times the wieght of a lead soaked mind dragging down the pavement, inadvertantly addicted to huffing gasoline incense.

    All the world leaders should get together regularly and get intoxicated with shamanic earth knowers, and not with narcotics, but the binding psychedelia of healthy minds and bodies that can recognize a common purpous for planetary success. They need to be artists and visionaries well versed in ECO LOGIC, DAVINCI, and BODY LOGIC. The captain of a healthy mind does not project the wars that wage within, and so can focus on clean perspective that aims at incorperating parts of the body, not explosive amputations. You see, a fevered mind has a hot temperment in discussions, or their participation will be relatively invalid because they are battling an internal foe. So what if so many of us became poisoned and unhealthy that intelligent notions of projecting clean personal environments upon the world was impossible to conceive? Can a human make progressive growth with a little bit of mercury in their spine? Maybe, how about alot? What if we were raised in a culture of general malaise and sickness, so much so that we’ve never really seen an intelligent prospering society that didn’t spend most of its time sweating off malaise and ailment, cutting out the haze of poor sleep and lack of sun. You can’t be a wrecking ball living in a house and not know the nature of the world surrounding your abode, it takes discipline, not a hurried degree, there is no speed learning, such is why I feel my words on here can be so limited because I’m scraping at the intelligence that must go into societal constitution. But I know for certain that it is HEALTH and LIFE ARTISTRY that will go into sucess, Experience and Patience, we need to grow sucessfully, a dwarfed plant doesn’t fruit and seed stronger than its parents. We should better with each generation not stumble.
    There’s too much to be said for the sloppy dissapointing antics that are being played out because we are still not smart enough to thrive. We do look like the growth of bacteria, its where we come from, but the nature of this strain must be improved or the whole petri dish is going to turn into the dirty teenage room that too many politicians come from.

    My appologies for any confusion, I am still young and am not yet to have the full rounded intelligence that is needed to manage a world that craves long standing healthiful perspective, if I wake up tomorrow feeling as mentally stable as today, I will consider the future of my influence on the world as being good, and if I wake-up with malaise I will feel that my mind’s decisions cannot mannage the world’s affairs when shut off from full potential.


  7. robert says:

    Excellent work by Alvin. Lord will come back again not only according to bible prophecy but also according to Gita the sacred Hindu scripture. The empire of lord krishna dates back to 10,000BC or older.
    There is a saying in bhagavad gita where lord krishna says ” When virtue declines, and evils flourish, i take birth to protect the good and banish the evil. In every age i come to uphold righteousness.


  8. adam says:

    We won’t reinvent ourselves because those in power are too concerned with re-election or doctored books. They’ll wring what’s left of our worth into their accounts and skip then when people start killing each other for food.

    It’s over. The shoe is hovering and taking aim on us proles.


  9. Gen says:

    Just remember that governments are only people and people are people. If we all lived by God’s laws individually and as a whole, then we would not end up in a mess. But we are human and therein lies the problem.

    We all need to understand that satan or lucifer the devil is not a ghoul like being with two horns and wearing a black cape or whatever. he is a suave, confident, intelligent, persuasive, handsome man capable of deceiving anyone who is vulnerable enough to fall in his trap. he entices and promises wonderful things for people for their own sake. once he gets them in he chains them up and tramples them, only to crush them in their greatest hour of despair. he does this to keep them on the straight and narrow path. but his is the path to hell. Why do you think that Hitler and the like had so many helpers. They were beguiled into thinking they were doing the right thing. It happens over and over again in the world and will keep happening. These people always believe they doing the world a service.

    I once read somewhere that the definition of hell is “the man that IS – knowing the man that COULD HAVE been”.

    he leads the world to think that earthquakes and like events happening in the world are the work of God and He has deserted us. These events have been set in motion and are taking place because of man’s own wickedness and it is His way of getting our attention. If the world remained a rosy safe place more and more wickedness would prevail and more and more people would turn away from God.

    Each time there is a major disaster like Indian Ocean and Japan, although many lives are lost it is very noticeable how mankind pulls together and starts looking for answers. It is His way of doing things and one day it will all make sense.

    But for now, we just have to live by His laws.


    • Kim says:

      Well said. God Bless.

      “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39)


  10. Victoria says:

    Wait for it! Everything appears to be over heated. Countries are lining up for massive IMF bail outs. Within a year we could see mass starvation in some countries, caused primarily by natural disasters, greed, corruption and debt. We are not getting the true figures out of China or India – will they be calling in markers any time soon? How long would America stay afloat if just one of the massive markers from China was called in? Could we possibly be heading for an implosion in world markets and a world depression? Any guesses?


    • China has already divested 97% of its interest in U.S. treasures. They’re relatively worthless. As I have said before, and as the Bible predicted- a New World Order is rising and the 10 conferderate zones or nations represented by the 10 toes, 10 horns in the prophetic visions of both Daniel and Revelation will reshape the world “And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.” Daniel 2:42, 44, Revelation 13:1 Partly broken? What is the only thing the U.S. has left to offer the world? She has squandered her natural resources and her leaders have over-spent the country into oblivion. The private sector has followed suit with corruptive scandal after scandal. Her institutions are hollow. She has nothing left to offer the world but her vast military power which will be used to enforce the mark of the beast and police the New World Order and here is where the country fulfils prophecy. “And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” Revelation 13:12. A global depression is certainly upon us. Every country in the EU is crumbling under the weight of soverign debt. Japan has to borrow the money to rebuild its own country. The time described in the Bible as no man might buy or sale is new monetary controls and it is almost upon us.


  11. Ron says:

    Unfortunately all the facts are pointing to disaster, the governments seem to be showing us pictures of oxygen while we are drowning.


  12. Silent Storm says:

    We are standing on the brink of the ‘Great Western Decline’ watching the sun go down on our dreams and hopes.
    Get ready for a rough ride people, things are only going to get worse.


  13. michael adkinson says:

    very true america is on the way of rome and britain. come quick Oh Jesus


  14. nibikwe says:

    Now is the time for we the people to work coorporatively within our communities, building on our many strengths: compassion, values, and can-do spirit, among many others. Explore the use of a local bartering economy, and local currency. Yes, we have value despite what the powers that be have convinced us of through application of multi-million dollar propaganda campaigns (including war) over so many decades. Now is the time to choose between living in a post-extinction New World as minion slaves to the NewWorldOrder, or, as sovereign beings evolving on their spiritual journeys through service to others.


  15. jp mills says:

    Nebuchadnezzar’s statue (Book of Daniel) was brought down by a stone in his dream. I see our great nation being brought down by a stone called greed.


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