Texas panhandle suffers through worse drought in half a century

June 5, 2011AMARILLO, TX – Mother Nature has sucked the Panhandle dry. “We lost an inch of water Monday purely from evaporation,” said Kent Satterwhite, general manager of the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, referring to the water level of ever-shrinking Lake Meredith. Out on the farm, it’s the same tale. Troy Skarke stood by a planter on his farm north of Claude ready to get sorghum seed in the ground Tuesday but was thwarted by dry earth. “This needs to be running this week, but it won’t be,” he said. Around the region, there is little green as though winter is still waiting to become spring, contrasting sharply with temperatures in the 90s and fierce south winds. Those are some of the obvious signs of not just a dry period but the “exceptional” drought the area is experiencing. “Conditions are rapidly deteriorating,” said State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon. “The entire area north of a line from Midland to Childress has been remarkably dry the last two or three months. Right now, more than half the region is listed in exceptional drought status. “The last time it was this dry, you have to go back to 1956. Even statewide, it has been the driest eight-month period on record.” –Amarillo Globe News
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13 Responses to Texas panhandle suffers through worse drought in half a century

  1. Luca says:

    And yet still people I know still look at me like I grew ten ears when I inform them about all the things going on in the world. They say stop worrying their is good in the world. I wish they would open their eyes. They are so obsessed with mateiral things it disturbs how shallow they are and how they lack so much compassion

    God Bless


    • Chondra says:

      I agree, these are the people who will be unprepared when the times comes to be prepared. 😉


    • sam says:

      they think out planet is invincible and everything will be ok, i post all these disaster on fb, they just say shut up. the sooner this change effects my place the better, so i can tell them i told you so.


  2. Texas Listening Post says:

    I am from Amarillo, Texas and the drought is real but most of the city people tend to ignore it because the city has been able to supply water. Your article was in the Amarillo paper, maybe it will begin to sink in. If crops cannot be planted, grains will be in short supply and the cattle feeding industry will suffer. Beef and gain prices will rise. Also south of Amarillo, the Lubbock area is a major cotton growing area. Little or no cotton will mean higher cotton prices – higher clothing cost.

    One can see that man lives on this plant at the good pleasure of God. The forces driving the extinction of man continue to advance. Some people have declared a world without God and now they will see what that world is like.


  3. Bobbyunite says:

    The water is coming Texas, look at what is happening just north of you! This is ridiculous! Why can’t all of that runoff be redirected to Texas?


  4. Joe says:

    I am from Texas as well ( DFW ) and have family in Lubbock. You would think people would start to ‘see’, but you are right, they just want to see the ‘good’. Most think the orange juice commercial is reality. Few will prepare, I suspect, when it gets right down to it. Blessings to all of you.


  5. radiogirl says:

    When the horizon poses threats that are to hard to comprehend or cope with it is typical for the human brain to use denial as a defense mechanism to preserve a reality one wants to maintain.

    It is alot to ask of friends and loved ones to give up on planning for a future within the course of a conversation of what is happening now and why they must prepare. Especially if its concerning a future that robs them of not only the material but a way of life that also includes God’s Blessings .These being grand children,watching graduates cross a stage,fellowship of Church , the pleasure of taking a walk with your spouse,food and shelter and on and on.I think most people will tell you the best things in life have little or nothing to do with money.Working hard to provide what is required to live in this world in order to stay healthy and Give to those less fortunate is an attribute often spoken of in the Bible.It is a huge part of what is required of us .Its the wallstreet thieves the child pornographers the cocain cartels and the rest of the filth who will pay a price THEY cannot comprehend.We are all sinners…God’s Grace is for everyone who repents and comes to the Father thru our Lord Jesus Christ. Even then we may have to endure till the end of all this,I don’t know,there are many translations on the rapture.I will stay strong in Christ no matter what.

    What I am trying to convey is keep witnessing ,praying,preparing and if you get the ole eye rolls well ..its alright ..keep going.You are on the right track.Much better to have cared enough for your brother to share the warning than to think only of oneself.Even believers don’t want to face thinking about a world engulfed in a hell on earth experience.So understand it might not be that new plasma tv they don’t want to give up or those 50 yardline tickets to the SuperBowl .Its more like looking into the eyes of a newborn grandchild ,that delicate angelic face that for many of us has meant hope ,love and joy and all that brings with it for the future that has folks holding on and unwilling to think any differently.I for one can understand that.Take Care Good Friends,R


    • Luca says:

      Well said and I do agree with you on that. But I do know people who truly care more about material things than about human life. If only you lived my life and saw what they said and how they behave. Too many drugs and alcoholics in my life who are only Interested in sex, booze, the feeling of pleasure for that moment. Of course not everyone I know is that way but many are. But I won’t stop praying and i put my trust in Christ.

      God Bless


  6. radiogirl says:

    No doubt ..Luca…..I also see that as well and understand your perspective …stay well dear friend,R


  7. fattymcbee says:

    Actually it’s the opposite with short term beef prices. There is nothing for them to eat so everyone has to sell. Forcing a glut of beef on the market for the short term so prices go down.


  8. Sarah Escamilla says:

    I for one do not want to look into the eyes of my ten month old daughter or four year old son and not be able to feed them, or save them from a hell on earth. Yes, I want to go to heaven but no I am not eager to endure suffering or watch my children suffer. There IS good in the world but everyone I know wants to only focus on the bad. Natural and MAJOR disaters have occured since the beginning of time and WILL always be. We do not know the day or the hour all we can do is have faith in Christ and live as best we can and try to make better what we can. I am really tired of everyone so happily awaiting the end of the world….it’s ridiculous. I don’t care for money or material things. Me and my husband don’t have alot but it’s enough. Really…all I want is my family’s safety. Let people see the good in the world…the news never tells you of every flower that blooms or every first smile or first giggle. They never tell you a litter of kittens played and napped today or that animals were saved from shelters or that children were adopted into new loving homes. Don’t be negative. See the good until the end. Prepare for it…but don’t stop seeing the good you have in every moment.


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