Eruption or lithospheric fracturing: have earthchanges taken dangerous new turn?

June 5, 2011SANTIAGO, Chile – One of the volcanoes in the Caulle Cordon of southern Chile erupted violently Saturday, billowing smoke and ash high into the sky and prompting more than 3,500 people living nearby to evacuate. There were no reports of injuries. Authorities initially said the Puyehue volcano was involved, but later said the eruption was occurring about 2 1/2 miles (four kilometers) from that peak. A rift more than six miles (10 kilometers) long and three miles (five kilometers) across was torn in the earth’s crust, officials said Saturday night. Authorities had put the area on alert Saturday morning after a flurry of earthquakes, and the eruption began in the afternoon. The National Emergency Office said it recorded an average of 230 tremors an hour. About 600 people were evacuated when the first alert went up and hundreds more left their homes after the eruption began. Rodrigo Ubilla, Chile’s undersecretary of labor, said some people near the volcano had decided not to leave their homes because they didn’t want to abandon their animals. Wind carried ash across the Andes to the Argentine tourist town of San Carlos de Bariloche, which had to close its airport. Officials warned residents of the Bariloche area to take precautions against a possible prolonged ashfall. They urged people to stock up on food and water and to stay home. The eruption is nearly 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) south of Chile’s national capital, Santiago. – Yahoo News
Commentary: The lithosphere vents heat to keep the planet’s crust from basically fracturing and splitting apart. In 2010, we saw the most volcanic eruptions in recorded history and still the thermal depressurization threshold of the planet’s land surface was not reached, as new volcanoes are now erupting in 2011 that did not erupt in 2010. This is telling us a most important piece of information- there are not enough terrestrial volcanoes on land to equilibrate the geological pressures now unsettling the ground. Since the volcanoes under the ocean are pressurized by ocean depths- in my opinion, this increases the likelihood more and more with each eruption, that two things will now begin happening- lithospheric fracture-venting on land, similar to what’s occurring under the ocean with hydrothermal vents or much larger-scale eruptions becomes necessary to stop this runaway process. We may be years away from seeing one or more super-volcanic eruptions take place if this is a linear entropic process as I hypothesize it is.
If this report of a massive rift is correct from Chilean authorities, then the earthquake swarm in Neuquen, Argentina could have been a prelude to this fracture event: “Earth is a pressurized ball of magma…if you keep seismically shaking the Earth like a bottle of soda, its structural integrity will eventually become compromised and it will start to fracture like an egg. In this case, the fracturing will be thermal dissipation by hyper-volcanism, mega-thrust earthquakes, and greater tectonic boundary agitation around volcanic arcs and subduction zones.”  –The Extinction Protocol, page 564
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44 Responses to Eruption or lithospheric fracturing: have earthchanges taken dangerous new turn?

  1. brandon says:

    there was a 5.6 in maule, chile. not sure how close that is to the eruption site, but it happened.


  2. Jens Skapski says:

    It is VEI 6! As strong as Pinatubo 1991!


  3. Yes indeed, this is what the Mayan Prophecy is all about. It is what all the prophecies about the end of this age are about. I discovered it after the Indian Ocean Earthquake on 26 December 2004 when I found the Sun had been conjunct the Galactic Centre and the Full Moon opposite. The galactic alignment with the solstice axis is about earthquakes as birth pains and volcanic eruptions leading to a mega volcanic explosion involving the Earth’s core bringing the Great Return – the Return of Quetzalcaotl, Kukulkan, Jesus, Kalki, Shiva Nataraja and all the other names for the returning one who is a personification of the world mountain of Atlantis – called Meru in the East. It is one global prophecy of a volcanic return in 2012 with great earthquakes and no one is taking it seriously – a lot of damage might have been avoided if it had not been for the destined stupidity of man at this time that he did not close the nuclear plants and avoid the nuclear volcanic winter that will swallow the northern hemisphere.


    • Susan, yes many prophecies point to a return of a figure- but they are not Jesus nor should they be lumped together under the New Age answer for him, what Matthew Fox calls the Cosmic Christ. Jesus is the Son of God, Immanuel, the Most High- the Son of God who gave his life for men. Isaiah 45:5. These various other figures are incarnations of the same being the Sun god shadow of pagan antiquity that is interpersed among many religions today. It’s important to distinguish this because many false christs and prophets are foretold to come in the last time alleging they are the Christ. Matthew 24:5 You are right, the planet is experiencing birth pangs and every nuclear plant is the world is now a risk- factor as these changes intensify.


      • TTB says:

        While there will be many false Christ coming, it will be easy to weed them out. Even the best of them. Christ will not come back in His physical body, but His glorified one.

        No physical body will ever be able to be seen all around the world by every eye at once. (line of sight and all)
        As lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.


      • sd says:


        Dont be deceived by Operation Blue Beam.


  4. Teresa Puckett says:

    I read your articles every day. I also watch the news every day. Every so often there will be a brief mention of a earthquake or something you have spoken of that the “world” should know. But it is very brief or not mentioned at all. Is it the governments plan to keep the mass in the dark leading to the apocalypse or do they keep quite for fear of people panicking. Any body in their right mind should “wake up” and know we are living in the last days. (B)asic(I)nstructions(B)efore(L)eaving(E)arth.


    • Unfortunately, most will only wake up when this crisis is full blow only in time to panic. Steve Fisher wrote a pulp fiction book in the 1940’s with the same title called I Wake up Screaming

      Like the acronym, Teresa.

      Grace in Christ,


    • TTB says:

      That acronym was highly used in the early 90’s by the rap group Wu-Tang. They are 5%’ers, not Christians. Always did like it though.


  5. Dennis says:

    WOW! I reread the article in full twice. This could have happened under an major city, those people are blessed. WOW! It seems that the South American Continent has awaken.


  6. Penny says:

    Very true!!


  7. BZ says:

    Yahoo has updated it’s article and it seems to be wrong about the new rift:

    “A column of gas six miles (10 kilometers) high and three miles (five kilometers) wide rose from the mountain, according to Chile’s National Geology and Mining Service.

    (This version CORRECTS that gas column, not rip in earth, six miles (10 kilometers) long.)”


    • Dennis says:

      BZ, are they kidding? I would think that a gas cloud of that size would cause great harm to the local population and to those beyond, Don’t you?


  8. Anthony says:

    Hopefully! Because I am sick of capitalism, reductionism, and materialism. And I am sick of listening to all these infantile adults that roam our streets and regurgitate culture like the tools they are. Here comes something new for our brainless society!!!!


  9. Stephanie says:

    A commenter on that page had this to say:
    “Yahoo has updated it’s article and it seems to be wrong about the new rift:

    “A column of gas six miles (10 kilometers) high and three miles (five kilometers) wide rose from the mountain, according to Chile’s National Geology and Mining Service.

    (This version CORRECTS that gas column, not rip in earth, six miles (10 kilometers) long.)” ”

    So, what’s the truth? Rip in earth or not? I smell a rat (cover-up). How could anyone make that kind of mistake? This is important to know the truth about this.


  10. Sosume says:

    I live in ohio so this story popped out at me. I have a garden and a bird feeder birds have been flocking the feeder ignoring the worm dead on ground and in the garden verry odd.


  11. Luisport says:

    It seams vei 6 it’s a miss interpretation… they say now that the fracture is a miss interpretation too… we don’t know.


  12. carolyn says:

    Hi- this is a great website.

    I have a question- I looked up the lithosphere, and yes it vents heat, but are you saying the earth is getting hotter? Or are you saying this is just from the agitation of the seismic activity?

    If it is getting hotter, why?- would that be increased solar radiation of some sort adding to the internal energy? If the magnetic field seems to weakening, doesn’t that imply that the internal motions are slowing….and wouldn’t that imply deep internal cooling?

    Are you ( Alvin) in the camp that believes in a mysterious unseen (or seen but not told to the public) extra gravitational pull from outer space? Would that gravity be what causes the extra quakes? Does that cause extra heat that must be vented by the lithosphere? How?

    Sorry to be clueless, this is all fascinating, but I don’t understand why this upsurge in earthquakes and volcanos if it is the lithosphere venting heat. Why the extra heat?


    • The planet goes cyclical through heating phases. 90% of the planet’s heat comes from radioactive decay and the planet’s interior never cools. There is no such thing as cold; it’s either the presence of heat or the absence of it but everything within our planet works on the geo-nuclear principle of thermal heat transfer and convection- that’s what makes life possible. The top 10 feet of the ocean contains more heat than our entire atmosphere. When this geothermal cycle is upset; the planet overheats like a radiator and depressurizes- in this case, with earth- geologically, it is through catastrophism. Yellowstone works on the same principle- as the North American Plate is shoved over the caldera, increased thermal pressures result and that has been linked to eruptions with the super-volcano in the past. How do you excite magma? You increase heat and or pressure. Since the 90% spectrum of the planet’s internal heat is supplied by radioactive reactions- nothing is capable of tipping the scale of heating the planet (man-made claims of global warming included) other than that which has an effect on the radiant decay process. There is differential rotation in the core in relation to the rest of the planet- the core is moving faster ( ) but it is the planet’s angular momentum that is slowing.


  13. Fernalea says:

    On a personal note:

    With the increasing number of earth catastrophies, I find it both reassuring and amazing that you are able to keep us posted so quickly via this website. My utmost thanks to you, Alvin, for what you do. Not only for giving us the “real” news that the local media choses to omit, but for also giving us the Christian viewpoint, which many other blogs choose to avoid due to fear of upsetting all the New Age religious beliefs.

    You are a blessing to those of us who seek the “truth”. To God be the glory, but to you I say, “Thank you.” God is using you in a mighty way. May He continue to be your strength. Tire not. 🙂


  14. Terry Thomas says:

    Does this have anything to do with the 12th planet? Is it approaching?


    • No, this is all about enery and how we live in the universal sea of very dangerous radiation emitted by the life and death cycles of stars, including our own. We have very few protective barriers and now they are all showing some progressive signs of degradation.


  15. carolyn says:

    Thanks for the reply and link.

    So, what is your personal guess about Yellowstone?


  16. Luisport says:

    Local paper here (El Mercurio) says it’s a fissure 2 km x 5 to 6 km towards the volcano.

    Según informó el titular de la cartera, la columna de humo está saliendo por una fisura que se produjo de aproximadamente 2 kilómetros de extensión en el cordón volcánico Caulle, y entre 5 y 6 kilómetros hacia el volcán Puyehue.


    • Francisco Matamala says:

      Sorry to correct (I’m from Chile and can correctly translate), but the newspaper was just stating the location offset (5 to 6 kilometers) towards volcano Puyehue. It does state that the fissure is 2 kms. in length, and that it is emitting smoke.


  17. john becker says:

    Jesus said that in the last days there will be signs in the sun and moon and distrest among nations.


  18. glenn says:

    Alvin, you state that a super eruption could be years away. Do you means years as in 2012 or years in after that? In which case what is special about 2012?


    • 2012 marks the winter solstice corresponding with the 11 year solar cycle as highlighted on the Mayan long count calendar. The year will also see some celestial alignments but it is not the end of the world nor have I ever declared it to be. I’m not connecting any Earth events to the arrival of 2012, because its just another year and these events will continue beyond it. Events are escalating because of geological processes occurring with the Earth and in concert with changes sweeping through the cosmos. I’ve documented these changes escalated in earnest in 2010 and they will run their course until the Earth is nearly reduced to ruins. They didn’t start in 2012 and they won’t end there. A super-volcanic eruption is a larger scale geological exothermic event and I think this process becomes more likely in the linear equation of the phenomena known as entropy and as the planet tilts more towards catastrophism. Thanks for weighing in…

      Best wishes,


  19. Stephen says:

    Hi, I am new in this website. This website is really interesting, it keeps us posted about events most people would likely ignore or treat with the least importance. I knew the 2012 theories since a year ago. I am a Christian. My question is, are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions becoming more and more frequent? Or is it that because many seismic sensors/detectors have been installed in many parts of the world so that it ONLY appears that tremors are becoming more frequent, as claimed by some people?
    I think that these are merely signs of the coming end, for time has an end, and of the Second Coming of Christ. Kindly confirm my thoughts.


    • If a tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one hears it, is it still a sound? Is a cancer undetected by catscan still a cancer? If I never turn around and notice; is my shadow still following me if the sun is before me? In my mind, only the foolish toil over such meaningless things because they are not dealing with science anymore they are dealing with existential philosophy.

      As Groucho Marx said: “Who you gonna believe me or your own eyes?” Christ was once asked by a delegation was he the Messiah; he replied “Go and show John again those things which ye do hear and see. The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them. And blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended in me.” Matthew 11:5,6

      Your thoughts are confirmed and may the grace of Christ guide you into the kingdom


  20. Luisport says:

    three areas are impacted heavily by the ash there, Rio Negro, which is about half covered with heavy ash fall, Chubut, about a quarter covered, and Neuqeun, about half covered

    their square mileage is as follows

    Rio Negro – 78384

    Chubut – 86751

    Neuquen – 36324

    got those figures after a cursory glance at google, but if they’re correct, the heavy ash is covering, by my estimations, around 80000 square miles plus of land is now plastered with heavy ash, and that’s not counting the areas with a less thick layer.

    not good.


  21. Luisport says:

    ash cloud that’s blowing north east is about to hit Buenos Aries and Montevideo! that ash is already covering close to 100000 square miles of land, and it’s not finished yet.


  22. Luisport says:

    Jón Frímann says:
    June 6, 2011 at 17:56
    I want to point out rather fast inflation on Grímsfjall volcano. Given the data from GPS station that is on top of Grísmfjall volcano.


  23. Craig Mitchell says:

    Hi Alvin, great blog.

    I see this eruption was being touted as a VEI6 but seems to now be a VEI3. Is there anywhere that classifies eruptions so they can be compared (i.e. like USGS). I’m wondering, for example, if there has been an increase in eruptions and a correlation with the discharge (i.e. there could be lots of little volcanoes spewing out not very much or lots spewing out lots).

    Thank you & God Bless



  24. Sue says:

    Hello Alvin

    I have been interested in your site for quite some time and read it regularly. Take care


  25. lindzi says:

    hi alvin, this is the first time i have read ur blog,, and its good to get some truthful answers, i’m not christian but i do beleive something is happenin to the earth, and i think some of the human race are just getting worse and more violent, i was wondering that i have a childout of wedlock but i am a good person, what does that mean for me?? and is there anything going to be left on earth or just some parts, i live in scotland and dont know if that’s bad or good…..i’m really sorry for askin too much but when i try and speak to anyone else they just say i’m being silly………….. many many thanks, lindzi


    • Scotland has very low geological risk factors and we’ll keep an eye on areas around you. I think there will be a lot of destruction globally but there will also be a lot of places left. You’re not asking too much. Lindzi, God looks on the heart “for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7. I think it’s wonderful that you shared something about your life with me. Like any loving parent, God wants to find ways to have a closer relationship with His children and the more we know of Him and grow in the knowledge of source love, the more we move things out of the way in our lives to get closer to Him. The famous French singer Edith Piaf was once asked what she thought about God and was said to have replied: “Dieu est comme une lumière autour de moi tout le temps.” That is: ‘God is like a light surrounding me all the time.’ What an exquisite thought- being in a condition that keeps shadows at bay. Would love to meet you if I’m ever in the area…

      blessings to you and the family,


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