Fresno, Ca. hit with surprise snowfall for Memorial Day

May 31, 2011FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Memorial Day weekend was anything but ordinary for many families as rain and snow disrupted their holiday plans. Three inches of snow fell in the Shaver Lake area overnight and continued throughout the morning. The unofficial start of summer looked more like winter up near Shaver. So much so, that many families ended their holiday weekend early. People heading toward Shaver Lake Sunday experienced snow falling on their windshields and an empty lake, which is usually full of watercrafts this time of year. “It’s weird. It’s crazy. It’s normally not like this ever,” Jeremy Fairchild said. Jeremy Fairchild and his family traveled from Coarsegold to go fishing. They didn’t expect this kind of weather but chose to stick with their plans anyway. “What were you wearing last year?” “We were wearing shorts, short sleeve shirts and flip flops. We were on the boat all day. Now this year, it’s snowing,” Billy Goldsberry said. –ABC Local
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4 Responses to Fresno, Ca. hit with surprise snowfall for Memorial Day

  1. J Guffey says:

    And so the wierd weather continues. Thanks for posting all the the great articles Alvin.


  2. brandon says:

    this isnt too far from me, but yeah it is pretty cool here in central california. hope this doesnt mean a extra hot summer for us 😮


  3. goodbyemilkyway says:

    snowing there….and boiling hot here(northern Ontario, Canada)…having end of July temp’s…I keep hearing people say ‘ohhh its wonderful’..35degree heat in May..hummm…16 maybe. Wonder what they will be saying in July……



  4. blog says:

    First class blog!


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