Waterspout captured off the coast of Australia- video

(c) RT News 2011                contributed by Kessie
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6 Responses to Waterspout captured off the coast of Australia- video

  1. A_lad says:

    How common is this in this region? Wow!


    • Nickie says:

      Hi A_lad,
      This is near where I live. When this was recorded, they also had 3 other waterspouts the same morning. (Yesterday) A few weeks ago my husband & son saw another one just off the same coastal area.
      Whilst we do have them occasionally, we don’t have so many, & certainly not in one day! Whilst I am sure there would be several occurrences a year, it is unusual for people to witness several a year, let alone all in one day. It appears to be an increasing event, like so many things.
      My son was actually at the beach & saw this, – he said he had people coming up to him saying they had never seen anything like this, – locals included.
      The Met Bureau has said that the weather system causing the spouts will be in play for the next few days & more spouts may form over this time.
      The last part of the footage shows the storm water runoff over the cliffs near Sydney, – Gale force winds carrying the runoff upwards.


  2. Maiden PEI says:


    AMAZING video.

    Thanx, Alvin,


  3. Fernalea says:

    Amazing video. The 3 waterspouts is awesome, but what was that at the very end? It looked like waterfall going up. Was that a direct result of updrafts from the waterspouts or what? Thanks for sharing this video.


  4. Adam says:

    I’d have been a bit frightened had I witnessed three waterspouts coming off the ocean…wow.


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