Philadelphia earthquake causes sonic boom

May 30, 2011 PHILIDELPHIA – A 1.7 magnitude earthquake caused the rumbling boom reported by dozens in Northeast Philadelphia late Friday, the U.S. Geological Survey said Saturday. No significant damage was reported. The micro temblor – which some said could be felt as far away as Bensalem – struck just after 9:30 p.m. with an epicenter just blocks from Franklin Mills Mall. While government seismologists originally said Friday than an earthquake wasn’t to blame for the loud boom reported by residents near the intersection of Knights and Fairdale Roads, they revised their findings on their website Saturday. Friday’s quake is the second to hit the Philadelphia area this month. The survey recorded a 1.9 magnitude disturbance May 10 in Westampton Township.   –
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9 Responses to Philadelphia earthquake causes sonic boom

  1. Isis says:

    This explanation of such a noise, just do not fit with any size earthquake … either they know the truth and lying … or they don’t know the truth and making things up as they go …


  2. Gen says:

    Yesterday 30 May 2011 Geoscience Australia reported:

    M5.2 00:42.26 depth 30 km East Coast North Island New Zealand

    This was not listed on USGS.

    There was also the one in Tonga.


  3. Northwalker333 says:

    Stange…I live in Illinois, was out to dinner and heard two loud “booms” like explosions that you could here and feel vibrations in Walmart…no one has any explanation for them…wondering if this could be related???


  4. breathmints says:

    i was sleeping a few days ago and i heard this sound like rumbling and it turn out to be an earthquake size 3.5 in san jose kinda was so loud


  5. Leon says:

    Looks like a secret weapon test.


  6. Michael says:

    Most likely HAARP or another government HAARP like weapon located somewhere. HAARP can only hit what’s in line of site. In other wards it can fire off frequences that bounce off off the ionosphere and come down on the rebound, like a upside down V, but most of the surface of the Earth is out of it’s range. So the USA government has others, probably more efficient and smaller with newer Technology elsewhere. The first HAARP in Alaska is older technology and a trial run.

    It could very well be a HAARP like weapon attached to a satellite. Yes the Military has nuclear battery powered satellites up in orbit that never have to come down. Nuclear batteries are real, they can be read about at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and online. So the powers for such a weapon is available and the technology for such a weapon has been around since the 1920’s and it’s Inventor Nikola tesla.

    Yes, the government is creating artificial Climate Change in order to make humans think that Co’2 is causing it (The life giving gas to all plant and trees) and that we must pay a carbon tax to make it all better. Hmmm, Tax to stop HAARP attacks. Kind of like the Mafia making you pay them protection money so they don’t wreck you business.


    • Adam says:

      I think these weapons have been very active this year….and part of last. I don’t doubt it was something like that.


  7. tony says:

    Th is no secret weapon test it is “ElENIN”, the so called comet. I think it is something much denser and different! check out NASA website.


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