Activity increases at Indonesia’s Dieng Volcano: volcano spews poisonous gas

May 30, 2011JAVA, Indonesia – Chief of Geological Disaster Mitigation and Volcanology Agency, Surono, said Dieng Mountain in Central Java has seen increasing activities in the past few days as poisonous gas starts spewing into the air. The Indonesian Red Cross has evacuated inhabitants living in four villages of Sumberejo, Serang, Kaliputih and Simbung. This causes tourists to avoid coming to the area. A staff at a homestay in Dieng said, “Some cancellations are indeed made. Tourists called off visits after being informed of [the volcanic activities,” said Dwiyono who, like many Indonesians, uses one name. He believed tourist attractions in Dieng are still secure since the Timbang Crater, which produces carbon dioxide, is located 12 kilometers away from the said spots. –Viva News
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1 Response to Activity increases at Indonesia’s Dieng Volcano: volcano spews poisonous gas

  1. Luisport says:

    1-Jun-2011 00:00
    Refugee developments until Tuesday (31 / 5) due to the rising status of Fire Mt Dieng of 1179 people, refugees spread over three points in the District of Batur is SMA 1, Junior 1 and the village hall shelf. Based on observations PVMBG (sixth) at 00:00 to 6:00 pm reportedly not recorded any volcanic or tectonic earthquake at Mount Fire Dieng, temperature of 11-12 degrees Celsius with the wind calm, the smoke is white crater with a height of 20-60 m. Community berkatifitas prohibited within a radius of 1 km from the crater weigh, considering the danger of toxic gas by nature invisible and odorless which may at any time the local terjadi. BPBD have to evacuate people to safer place, do the data and make observations in coordination with the PVMBG . In addition, assistance in the form of food and masks have been distributed to the refugees.
    (Per Google Translator)

    CO2 Hits Dangerous Level at Mount Dieng
    June 01, 2011


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