2011: Is the record number of natural disasters happening a sign the world is ending?

May 30, 2011EARTH, Ground Zero – So far in 2011, we have seen a record number of tornadoes, unprecedented flooding, rampant earthquakes, disturbing volcanic eruptions and a tsunami in Japan that none of us will ever forget. So why are there so many natural disasters in 2011? Our top scientists seem to be at a complete loss to explain what is happening. It just seems like there is one disaster or emergency after another. Many Americans are getting “disaster fatigue” as the requests to donate money to various relief efforts never seem to end. There has never been a time in recent history when we have seen so many natural disasters compressed into such a short period of time. So exactly what is going on here? Is something causing all of this or is this all one big coincidence? Right now, a major tornado outbreak is almost a nightly occurrence in the United States. In April, there were approximately 600 tornadoes across the country. That is the most tornadoes that have ever been recorded in a single month inside the United States. Usually, we only have about 1,200 tornadoes for the entire year. The massive tornado outbreak in the southeast U.S. at the end of April is being called the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina. One F5 tornado that ripped through the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area was reportedly a mile wide and scientists are estimating that it had winds that exceeded 260 miles an hour. Tuscaloosa looks like a war zone right now. The tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri recently is being called the deadliest single tornado in more than 60 years. It ripped a path of destruction more than a mile wide and more than 6 miles long directly through the city. One British newspaper has some amazing before and after pictures of Joplin that you can view right here. But it is not just tornadoes that are increasing in frequency and power. Major earthquakes are happening more regularly all over the globe and the earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan in March was one of the largest ever recorded. That earthquake spawned the worst tsunami that any of us have ever seen. –End of the American Dream   
“Earth’s stability is collapsing…and one by one, the biospheric processes regulating life itself are going awry. These are characteristics of climate shock and are indications that even more ominous changes are yet to unfold. The fact that Earth’s systems are now all crashing in concert (climate, biodiversity and ecosystems, atmosphere, aquifers, and geological processes) is evidence geological change is accelerating on a planetary scale…The frequency of natural disasters and cataclysms will intensify without respite as the planet succumbs more and more to this chaotic model… We are in the midst of a unique and unprecedented planetary crisis…these changes will have profound consequences for every living organism on the planet. There is nothing in the annals of human history to which men of science can search for to reference what is now unfolding on Earth. In short; the creation is disintegrating…” The Extinction Protocol, pp 9-10, 544, 588

Earth’s climatic systems all now unraveling – Signs of the End?

Warning: Video contains some strong graphic scenes-
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  1. cdkanas says:

    I’m really starting to wonder. The skeptic in me says this is cyclical, but there’s a nagging in me that says this is just the beginning of the “birth pains”.


    • Magrti says:

      It could be “the End of the Age” via Nibiru’s return, which happens every 3600 years. But then that means even the End Times are cyclical and repeat. What makes this 26,000 yr cycle different is a subject not dealt with in this blog. Here you deal with vague biblical apocalypse inferences only, not any verified man-made input that could be escalating our already unfolding tragedy.
      Nibiru/Wormwood/Destroyer/ELEnin none can escape. But ignoring X37B, HAARP, CERN and other weapons tech The Nations have deployed, omits a vital part of the story, putting this blog into the routine ‘apocalypse hysteria’ category, though at a very subtle, low-key level. Dont mean to criticize, but the WHOLE body of evidence needs be addressed to see reality. Yes prophecy is being fulfilled, but man is helping it along. This must be confronted. Its not just all “out there.”


      • According to Hopi traditions, every end of the Age cycle ended with the near termination of man from the planet- Noah’s flood is no exception. According to Richard Hoagland’s testimony from his interview with Hopi elders in the 1990’s each cyclical occurrence has also been growing worse and worse and as he put it in his interview on KCMO radio and I quote: “the next time the planet does what it has done in the past; it won’t come back again.” I find no reason to be speculating on secret government programs about clandestine technology that can’t be proven….what’s the point? To scare us and make us more subjective to government authority, other nations more afraid of the U.S…to cause them to build similar weapons and start a war of annihilation or to feed into the propaganda by militant groups for an uprising? I know it exists but this forum has chosen to focus on what’s happening to the planet via Earth sciences. This story is about what man cannot control. Perhaps that’s the real fear. Regardless of what’s roaming around in space or not ( and I don’t think any of us went to college to fall under the tutelage of Youtube videos)- the outcome for the inhabitants of Earth is the same. Unless something intervenes in the course of human history on this planet- there won’t be anything left on it alive. Prophecy is all about the outcome, regardless of who or what is helping it along.


  2. Geoff says:

    Well im a big skeptic of your Alvin but this thread and its associated video does scare the heck out of me. Its true eveything seems to be accelerating in terms of these disasters. I just think at times its coincidence and just a phase the planet is going through but leading to what i guess? Will it just even out again…Thanks for the informative article as usual


    • Northwalker333 says:

      Hi Geoff,

      It isn’t just the disasters….the bible says , “their hearts will grow cold”. Before being led to this site, I knew because I knew that the time was coming near. I felt an urgency to prepare, and an urgency to show the LOVE of Christ to others. I knew in my heart…I can see it, feel it and know it from the Creator. The changes are unsettling to all. Mankind has completely reverted to the days of Noah and even the days of Enoch. You will see in the descriptions all of what those days were like. Read this information, allow God to show you. If you seek him, he will reveal to you secrets you do not know. Jeremiah 3:33.

      In Love,


      • Grim says:


        Look i am a complete believer in the principle of what Alvin is trying to explain. I come on this site everyday and ALvin the updates a really good. But please can anyone tell why there is so much religious reference? Is it needed, it has uses but its limited in so many ways. The planet does have cycles, which means its a universal plan. Doesnt mean if I confess my love to the entity of life that i will be saved. That has never worked in our entire history of existence. We have survival instincts and attachment to objects and other people. Thats a universal configuration in all off you, so if I were to translate, GOD is inside of us all and to loving GOD is a universal configuration.
        (P.S – Alvin please dont delete my comment I would appreciate feedback and discussion, as thats how we all grow and develop)

        Kindest Regards



      • J Guffey says:

        @ Grim – As a Christian, I believe God only lives inside of those that have trusted in Him, confessed Jesus Christ as Savior (believe He died on the cross and rose from the dead), and repented of their sins.

        Even though God loves us all, He does not force Himself on anyone. We have to accept Him and invite Him to be our Lord.

        Most Christians post scriptures because God’s word is so relevant and is just a part of their everyday lives. God and His word is their focal point. Without Him, life is meaningless.

        Hope this helps you understand Grim.


      • Maiden PEI says:

        Hi Grim,

        The way I see it, even if it IS the “end times/extinction” for us…being eternal Spirits death doesn’t mean THE END…it only means moving on to the next step/stage in our Divine journey & that there is nothing to be afraid of.

        For me, this is the best news of my life!

        I am SO ready…I say BRING IT ON!!!!!

        Isn’t this what all of us have been waiting for/looking forward to…the end of this dark cycle ONCE & FOR ALL & moving/rising into heaven/a golden age?????

        Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying I am happy about all the terrible trials/tribulation until then…oh, no…my heart breaks/bleeds for all of us & the planet…for all the horrendous pain & suffering Humanity has been through.

        But knowing the “end” is SO near now…is such a relief.

        Personally, I am following the Mayan calendar/teachings/prophecies of the Maya, who say since the beginning of time, we have progressed through a continuous cycle of different “Ages” & that we are at the end of the Age of Pisces.

        Normally when one “Age” ends, the next one begins, & we should be going into the Age of Aquarius.

        HOWEVER…the end of THIS age, at this time, is different from all the other times as, according to the Maya, as I understand it, we are in the FINAL cycle of evolution & the calendar STOPS…it doesn’t keep turning into the next Age…& the Maya don’t know what comes next as this is the very first time this has ever happened!

        They DO know, though, that, of course, there WILL be something, as we never “die”, & that whatever it is, it is WONDERFUL!

        All of the remote viewers that the black ops Government got to look at what happens after 2012 say that no matter which way/timeline they approached 2012 in the future, they came to a dead end…they just couldn’t see/get past it.

        David Wilcock says the same thing about coming up against a brick wall, so to speak, looking ahead to 2012…BUT…as opposed to the black ops guys, he saw the most amazing bright white light & a wonderful/incredible future for us, althought he refrains from giving us any details of it.

        For anyone else that is following the Mayan Calendar, the Maya say it actually ends THIS YEAR…on October 28th 2011…& NOT December 21st 2012, as most believe.

        Another way our journey has been explained to me is that we Spirits have been on a descent from our true light/love form of a higher frequency/vibration into the very LOW frequency/vibration of the physical form/world of darkness, as a learning/experiencing journey, & have reached bottom, the lowest/heaviest of frequencies/vibrations…so the only way from here is back UP!!!!!

        This is why I see this “end” time as good news.

        I don’t know about any of you, but I’M SURE READY TO MAKE MY WAY BACK HOME!

        It’s been a slice, but…I’m OUTTA HERE!

        Adios! Sayonara! Au Revoir! Arrivederci! Watch my dust! 🙂

        Of course, there’ll be a whole lot of us “graduating” at this time, so we’ll all have a lot of company on this most joyous of occasions…like I said, there’s nothing for any of us to be afraid of…it won’t be a hard, lonely trek when it’s time.

        I only just “woke up” to all this in the Fall of 2009 & I just don’t understand why we’re not all out dancing in the streets!!!!!

        Much love to all of us…hang in there…we’re almost there.

        Hugs all ’round! 🙂



      • sunaurora says:

        Amen, amen and amen Kim!!!


      • Bree says:

        I agree completely with Kim


  3. Cris says:

    “For he will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness: because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth.” Romans 9:28

    I have never been one to dream. However, I was awaken at 4am today. I figure I would just wait to fall back to sleep and I did. It is at this point that I experience a dream which I would like to share with you and your readers.
    I was outside with a very dear person in my life. The sky was so clear and I was mentioning the above scripture to this person. Before I could finish quoting Romans 9:28, a city appeared in the sky. It covered the entire sky …buildings were arising everywhere in the sky. In my mind, I knew it was a city. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My thoughts within the dream was that God had finished the work. All I could say was it was so quick and I can’t believe it.
    I turned to my dear friend and upon his face was the greatest smile. I had never seen him so happy. He didn’t speak, but I could hear his thoughts and he was saying Christ is coming…thank God …Christ is coming.
    Then, the sky became very black . Everywhere I look I saw destruction in the earth. There was so much. I saw volcanoes erupting and earthquakes everywhere…and there were fires igniting from all the destruction.
    Then, the sky was filled with various lights every where. I turned to my friend and he was smiling ever so brightly and his thoughts were ..it’s over…it’s finally over and Jesus is coming.
    I reach for his hand for I knew he was about to be caught in the air as states in 1 Thessolonians 4:17 – “Then we which are alive [and] remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”
    It was then that I was awaken. I was both frightened from the destruction that was revealed to me and excited at my Lord’s return.

    I’m sharing this dream, because you and your readers have tried to warn family and friends. I feel so compelled to say don’t stop …do what ever it takes to get the word out to others. The time is so short.
    One thing that stood out in my dream was how fast things happen…..I could hear myself saying I can’t believe how fast this is happening.
    Please, EP keep getting the word out and readers don’t let anyone or anything stop you from spreading the word.
    “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.” Romans 13:12

    Thanks EP for allowing me to share this with both you and your readers


    • J Guffey says:

      Cris – perhaps a small glimpse of what is to come. It will be more magnificient that any mind can imagine.


      • Maiden PEI says:

        Wonderfully said…your words soothe my soul.

        Thank-you…I’ll see you there!

        Love to you & your family,



    • J Guffey says:

      Thanks so much MP and I look forward to seeing you there too!

      What a wonderfully glorious day that will be! Can hardly wait to bow and worship the One who died for me and anyone else that accepts Him.


  4. Dennis says:

    I read this once—-The Apostle Paul wrote that the whole creation, including mankind (includes women too!) and THE EARTH was subject to futility and GROANS to be delivered from the bondage of corruption(sin)–Romans 8: 20-22 is the reference.. I believe this.
    Something is getting ready to happen.


  5. Dvora Pearlman says:

    thank you for putting it all together for us!!!


  6. Sam says:

    I think this has happened before and what we are seeing is a pattern that is being repeated over a vast track of time. Velikovsky I believe is close to what may have happened in the past (Read- Earth in Upheavel). If there is a celestial body coming in again this would help explain the seismic and related activity like volcanology and weather disturbance. Lets not forget the oil spill disaster recently and its effects on the local and global heating systems.
    I don’t believe in a rapture or any of that stuff but do believe the Bible represents a history of past happenings….Regards to all


  7. markosity1973 says:

    While I disagree with the sentiment that the world is ending, I do agree that life as we know it is drawing to a close. Being one of those Catholics that actually pays attention to the prophecies of the virgin Mary, it is only too obvious that her words of warning are now coming to pass. We are indeed in the time of sorrows as written in the book of Matthew.


  8. Sera says:

    Kind of opens your eyes..
    Cris, I had a dream about two months ago. It seemed like I had just fallen asleep and I was standing outside in my front yard and in the distance what looked like huge white thunderclouds (the big puffy ones) started to part and I saw a beautiful city. No words can describe what it looked like, just amazing! I remember thinking oh my God this is really happening. That was it, once the clouds rolled away to reveal the city I woke up. Isn’t their a scripture in the Bible that has to do with dreams a visions in the last days?


    • And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” Acts 2:17, Joel 2:28


    • APAK says:

      Im not saying my dreams are related with the disasters that have been happening, but I’ve been having them. My first one was millions of birds, crows I believe, flying away, until the sky turned black. My next dream was about tornados, many of them, coming at me while I was thinking to take refuge in a walmart. Another one is seeing our civilization corrupt and everyone wanted the Christians to die. Then my most recent dream I had last week was watching an atomic bomb fly through the sky then hitting the earth.

      Maybe it’s just coincidence that my dreams are some what similar to some disasters, and I don’t want to claim to be a person to dream such dreams. But these dreams sure scare me when I wake up due to them seeming so realistic. I started dreaming ‘end of the world dreams’ since I was a little girl.

      If my dreams are a coincidence or not, I’ll just stand on faith in God’s Word because I know that His Word will not fail.

      Those videos were very informative. Thank you once again, Alvin, and thank you all for your great comments.


      • Maiden PEI says:

        Speaking of birds…have you seen this incredible video of thousands of birds’ choreography in the sky above Istanbul?

        PS: Alvin…any thoughts on this video?


      • Like a virus, or tissue system- I think it’s one moe example of how a collective produces higher intelligence.


      • polo says:

        I’ve had dreams since a kid also a nuke hitting the earth, the world being destroyed by fire, seeing GOD on the throne, the rapture, the moon bleeding and wars and asteroids hitting the earth I still have them to this day they don’t scare me anymore though I know its GOD showing me


  9. http://pacificprepare.wordpress.com/
    Amazing information Alvin…I must check this site now three or four times a day and keep updated.
    The site I have shown has some news events but many links and information for anyone wanting to try and prepare as much as they can for what is happening around the world. Hope some of your readers can find something useful.


  10. Golfdad641 says:

    Sera and Chris,

    Mine was last year, kind of the same dream but when walking over the Golden Bridge and while as I was looking at the Gates,  what I saw was, it looked liked to be  White beautiful clouds and a Golden City, As I looked down over the bridge and saw the lost souls who didn’t accept The Jesus as their savior.  I felt sad and sorrow for them.  I told a few friends and the thought I should seek help. I told my family and they thanked me.  Anyhew, Thank you Alvin for your posts and I do tend to email your posts to my family and a few friends. 



  11. Nancy says:

    This so crazy the fact so many other people have had similar dreams.I don’t normally subscribe to the whole doom and gloom scenario but I had a similar type of dream about two weeks ago. In it I witnessed a great upheaval in the earth with massive tsunamis and earth opening earthquakes. In my dream I was able to bring my husband and two younger children to safety but did not know what had become of my two older children before I woke up. There was much devastation and much loss of life but also a renewed sense of hope for those who survived. There was a sense of reclaiming that which had been lost. Ironically enough my two older children have been backsliding in the faith they were raised in and they are the ones I did not see in my dream. I remember waking up with a renewed sense of trying to bring them back to the shepherds fold. I have been praying for more discernment in these areas and I believe in God’s covenant with Noah that He would never again cover the earth in waters and that the rainbow was to be a reminder of that covenant. I may not be quoting the verse correctly but I think that’s the gist of it. This passage in Genesis came to me two weeks after my dream so it has led me to have hope in how my dream ended. As for all the natural disasters…i was taught that the ring of fire is always moving and depending on where the magma is most active it will determine the severity of the disasters in their corresponding areas based on the plate monuments.. I was in the Philippines in the 70’s when we had cyclonic winds and some of the worst flooding ever experienced in Philippine history. My aunt’s house was completely submerged. This same area is where we have Mayon volcano and which has had some pretty epic activity. I was in the Philippines when we had that horrific 8 pointer earthquake and if I remember correctly that occurred around the same time period that Mt. Pinatubo erupted. When that volcano blew it’s lid I was living about 30 kilometers from the base of the mountain. I Had grown up all my life never even knowing that a volcano existed in our backyard…it had been dormant for almost a century. Taal volcano is active and I’ve read that yet another volcano that I never knew existed has been huffing and puffing as of late. It is all very frightening to say the least and I for one thought that it was the end of the world the morning Pinatubo erupted. It turned out it was not but I found that i was born again so to speak that day. The bible teaches us that we are to be prepared but we are not to stress out over what we see and hear. We are taught that He will come like a thief in the night…excuse the paraphrasing please. Our God is a loving God but more importantly he is a merciful God. Our goals should be to bring people to His fold in a loving manner as Jesus would have done. I am seeing the effects of the doom and gloom scenario impacting too many children. So many children in this generation have succumbed to these scare tactics…especially those pertaining to the Mayan Calendar…that they have developed this fatalistic attitude regarding the future…their future…that there is nothing to look forward to so what’s the point. Not to mention, many are so Anxiety Ridden that It’s beyond comprehension. Instead of bringing them to God we are chasing them away. We have as adults and caregivers the responsibility to teach about God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and to prepare them as my parents did. When I endured those catastrophes I was ready for my savior because though I was afraid for my loved ones and of the catastrophe it’s self…I was never afraid of meeting my maker because He was as real to me as the people around me. Sadly however, today’s generation is so detached and apathetic. Thank you for your wonderful website….for integrating science and faith together. Of all the sites on the Internet that talk of prophesy, yours is the only one I keep bookmarked and the only one I share. We are blessed with your knowledge.


    • God be glorified for the gifts he has given in love to us.

      humbly grateful for your support,


    • J Guffey says:


      I can relate to many comments in your post and have already prayed for you and your family. As a Christian, I know the importantance of having the assurance our loved ones know the Lord.

      It is sometimes difficult to make others aware without presenting ourselves as doomsdayers or some kind of fanatic. But, just watching the news after the disasters (already unfolding) is causing fear, especially in children and young adults.

      With God’s help we can present the facts with compassion and love in a way that touches hearts to seek the Lord and pricks the mind to seek the truth. Hopefully the truth will replace fear with peace. After all, God is still in control.

      God himself warns of horrific events. I think He did so out of love, to help us prepare, and help us grasp the urgency of witnessing to the lost. Think of it this way. If a tsunami was headed our way, we would want the alarm sounded. The purpose of the alarm is not to just cause fear. It’s purpose is to warn people to prepare for the event and to get of of it’s path if possible. Fear is sometimes just a natural instinct and is meant to protect us.

      As I told my 17 yr. old grandson last night, I study the signs of the times (related to the scriptures) and think the rapture is coming soon. Disasters have always happened, but are now affecting many more people. But Christians have hope and know that when we leave this life we are going to meet our Saviour “face to face”. All the sorrows of this world will be over. It’s pretty hard to not be excited when you know what awaits us in Heaven.

      God did not promise us there would be no storms (trouble), but He did promise to be with us. I love the statement I heard some time ago, “Sometimes He calms the storm and sometimes He calms His child”.

      God bless you Nancy as you seek to be a witness for Him. May He give you just the right words and give you peace about your loved ones.


    • Maiden PEI says:

      What a shame so many people have gotten the wrong message of the Mayan Calendar…the Mayas say it is not the end of the world…just the end of the world as we know it as we MOVE INTO a new & wonderous world.

      Like J. Guffey said above:

      “Perhaps a small glimpse of what is to come…it will be more magnificient that any mind can imagine.”

      Sorry…thought the link above would embed the image…click on it for a comic about the Mayan Calendar.


    • Anna says:

      Thank you everyone for sharing these dreams. I have had dreams most of my life and they used to really scare me. this helps me to realize that God is just showing us not to scare us per-say but to allow us to realize the urgency and the need to share his love with others. To reach the lost with vigor while we still can.


  12. Sufi says:

    I really am grateful for this website, and for everyone’s comments. BUT I do have to say I am slightly offended by those that believe that I am not saved. I am not a Christian in the sense that “I have accepted Jesus as my lord and Savior” I have a lot of trouble with religious beliefs that condemn me for not sharing their beliefs. I believe in a higher power and that Jesus was a Master but I don’t believe he was God. I have studied the Bible and I am a follower of Jesus’ teachings which by the way I believe the Bible has been manipulated through the centuries to meet specific needs invented by the church. I believe in love, and to me “god” is love, to me, god is the creator and through “love” we can all be saved from a life of misery and superficiality. I have a good heart and care for all and if my heart and soul were to be judged then I am just fine. Aside from this, I do think we are in the end times prophesied by the ancients and I pray for us all to be true to ourselves and be loving to others in this time- may love and light guide us continuously.


    • Sufi, I have a lot of people on the site who are of many faiths and some from no faith at all. God bestows His love on all humanity whether they ever acknowledge Him or not because His character is love. He maketh the sun to shine on the just and the unjust alike. Rather than speaking about how religions exclude, I would rather focus on what love encompasses. Planned purposes, forced, is not the path to the light, it is purity of heart, drawn—- I look forward to sitting down with you at the table of brotherhood and family as I do with many on this site- even some who do not even now possess a religious belief at all. We can’t wear the garment until all the threads of fabric are weaved together.



    • Maiden PEI says:

      I hear you…I experience the same.

      See you in the “new times”, after these “end times” are done!



    • Raven says:

      I hear you Sufi and I’m right there with you. Judgement has undone the Church in so many ways but I believe that is the fault of mankind, not perhaps many of the special messages we were mean’t to have learnt, or perhaps it was actually the most important? One always knows a true spirited, kind hearted loving and warm soul when they come across it. I have had many fingers pointed at me through out my life but that tells me everything about the person pointing it….blessings. love and light to you.


  13. joe says:

    shutdown haarp and see what relationship it has to the disaster ocurrances.


  14. sam says:

    the planet X theory is to far fetched to be related to these disasters. i believe its the pole’s shifting that is causing these global changes, tho no one seems to mention this as a possibility.


  15. J Guffey says:

    Alvin, you are right. Propehcy is about the outcome, not about who or what caused it. God bless you tireless work on EP.


  16. Chapzwrath says:

    I find the information (properly sourced well done) rather fascinating. I’m keeping an open mind in all of this, I don’t believe in the end of the world but what I do believe is that the world is going through rapid change and its way too early to for me to jump to any conclusions.

    I’m neither a skeptic or a doomsayer but a spectator and a content member of mainstream society who still works, study and parties hard on weekends! That being said, enjoy life people and take care!


  17. jack says:

    You think we are alone in the big universe ? as in can there be more planets like earth which support life ?


  18. Shattered Butterfly says:

    The shift.
    It’s been building for a while. The waves are getting stronger every day.
    It will keep building until this feeling spreads everywhere, like a ocean overcoming our souls, pushing us with an intended purpose.

    As some have pointed out, not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. I know that’s it’s no accident I’m around for this. If you are centered in your heart, and look within, the wave will be easier to ride. It is those who do not want to face themselves that will have a hard time in this transition. Remember, after the birth pangs is NEW LIFE.

    The veil is lifting, ready of not.


  19. David says:

    I`ll post this here Alvin, feel free to move it or remove it,just thought this was a rare occurrence for you to look into.GREENVILLE, Texas – A white buffalo, an animal rich in the lore of Native Americans and sacred to many tribes, was recently born in Texas.

    Arby Little Soldier said the remarkable animal was born on his ranch near Greenville, about an hour northeast of Dallas, in the middle of a thunderstorm on May 12.

    White buffalo are extremely rare. To be considered sacred they must also have certain markings. http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/news/unusual/053111-sacred-white-buffalo-born-in-texas , A new age has begun it’s a Sioux legend if I am not mistaken here’s a video on that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHqVdZmpRgI


  20. Brandon says:


    You mention rescue must happen to save our species? What could possibly save us?

    God bless,


  21. Brandon says:

    Did anyone catch the program 2011 100 days of disaster? I never saw it. Were the experts concerned about all these disasters? Did they think these earth changes would settle down?



    • Raven says:

      It was a good show Brandon, but mainly focused on the El Nino – La Nina effects that have been happening. It certainly documented the trials Australia has been through very well! Other than that it didn’t give a lot of information other than some different opinions on what is happening around the world such as scientists that like to say nothing is really happening, to a guy who is seriously preparing for something huge. It was interesting…


  22. NickKo says:

    Hi, Alvin,

    In your post above where it states, “According to Richard Hoagland’s testimony from his interview with Hopi elders in the 1990′s each cyclical occurrence has also been growing worse and worse and as he put it in his interview on KCMO radio and I quote: “the next time the planet does what it has done in the past; it won’t come back again.””

    Does this also ‘correspond’ with the prophesies made by other tribes, other cultures, and other religions ?

    Sometimes I wonder if all the different prophesies, or ‘myths’ (??), made by the many different cultures on this planet, are not all describing the SAME things, or the SAME events…. but seen from a different ‘vantage point’.
    An Eskimo would record cataclysmic events differently, from someone observing the same events from Africa, or China, or the Middle East, etc., etc.


    • There are other native American prophecies like The Stalking Wolf Prophecies and the Parchacuti Prophecy and they both similarly speak of devastating events to come. I researched a repository of prophecies from Europe when I wrote the book and again, the thread of events appear to be the same- Earth’s history is not just building to another cyclical occurrence but rather a grand climax that seems to be in concert with something unfolding in the universe at large.


      • Maiden PEI says:

        As per Alex Collier (contactee), the Andromedans that he has been in contact with all his life & who have asked that he convey their messages to us, the universe is indeed building to a grand climax like you say, Alvin.

        They explain how our Universe came to be & say, if I understand them correctly, that what is happening now is that we, our Universe that is, is rising/evolving in frequency/vibration not just to another level aleady present, but to a completely NEWLY CREATED space called the “12th”.

        Those that are not of high enough frequency to make this move, those of low frequency/dark/negative, will instead transition into black holes that are being created, from which their weight/mass will break through these black holes & create a whole new universe, just like how our current Universe was created.

        Here is the video link to Part 11 of the “Alex Collier At The Ranch” presentation he gave November 16th 1996 in which he explains it:

        Whatever it is that is happening, I get the sense that it is incredible, & I, for one, am amazed, excited & awed by it.



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