Worst nuclear disaster ever? High radiation levels found in seabed off Japan

May 28, 2011TOKYO – Japan has revealed radiation up to several hundred times normal levels has been detected on the seabed off the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. The science ministry announced highly radioactive materials were detected in a 300-kilometre north-south stretch from Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture to Choshi in Chiba Prefecture, the Kyodo news agency reported on Saturday. The ministry warned that the contamination could affect the safety of seafood, the report said, without giving figures for the radiation levels detected. The science ministry said it detected iodine and caesium on the seabed at 12 locations 15km to 50km from the coastline between May 9 and 14. The news followed an announcement by Greenpeace on Thursday that marine life it had tested in waters more than 20km off the Fukushima nuclear plant showed radiation above legal limits. The anti-nuclear group, which conducted the coastal and offshore tests this month, criticised Japanese authorities for their “continued inadequate response to the Fukushima nuclear crisis” sparked by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Greenpeace said it detected seaweed radiation levels 50 times higher than official limits, which it charged raised “serious concerns about continued long-term risks to people and the environment from contaminated seawater.”It also said that tests, which it said were independently verified by French and Belgian laboratories, showed above-legal levels of radioactive iodine-131 and caesium-137 in several species of fish and shellfish. In the aftermath of the quake small amounts of radiation from Fukushima spread across Asia, deepening concerns for millions of people in countries which had already imposed bans on Japanese produce from near the nuclear plant. –NZ Herald
Russian official recently confirmed Dr. Caldicott’s March 2011 findings- Japanese nuclear disaster worst than Chernobyl. Deputy Director at the Russian Institute for Nuclear Engineering, Chernobyl clean-up worker Igor Ostretsov commented on the situation in an interview with the VOR…”The Fukushima disaster has proved that nuclear industry should be controlled only by the state and not by private companies. The outcome of this tragedy has turned even worse than it was in Chernobyl. Graphite which was part of the reactor`s core, burnt out and vanished in the atmosphere. But at Fukushima the reactor’s core melted.”Voice of Russia May 24, 2011
Replay: Dr. Helen Caldicott’s original March 18, 2011 assessment of the Japanese nuclear crisis
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6 Responses to Worst nuclear disaster ever? High radiation levels found in seabed off Japan

  1. Chondra says:

    TY for your info. I still can’t understand for my life why the lame stream media isn’t reporting on this 24/7. Even Fox has been lame about this horrible issue and how the ENTIRE northern hemisphere and pacific ocean has been affected. The only way I have been informed is by being online, (reading your material) and you tube…geez…have to go to you tube to get informed. What a sad, sad country we live in…our media is no better than China, N. Korea and Middle Eastern nation’s media.


    • Chondra,

      I understand your utter frustration. The drug of the Brave New World, unfortunately is Soma- that which sedates the mind and nerves. Hopefully more will awaken to the reality you yourself is seeking. Oft times, the road pioneered becomes that path led. Let’s keep the light burning.



  2. Kathy says:

    It is mind boggling that governments and industry can lie and people can be misled, like sheep being led to the slaughter.

    I really do hope we can keep the light burning.



  3. TTB says:

    The plant will never be of use again. I do not understand why they do not tomb it up, to stop the leak, and, worry about a better fix later.


  4. Garth Whelan says:

    @TTB, they tried to tomb it up with concrete, but the uranium and plutonium just burned through it (there is enough fuel there to energize Japan for 200 years).

    @ Chondra, America is cash-strapped and in danger of falling apart. If it DOES fall apart, then these news agencies won’t get their income either. The other end of the States from Japan, in Philadelphia, there is a 49%increase of infant mortality. That means it is probably worse in the rest of the States which are closer to Japan. Now, what would happen to everyone living there? Where would they go to? Sweeping problems under the carpet are NOT the solution to this, but that is exactly what they are doing.

    I have read on the internet that the Gulf stream has stopped working, and that the Jet stream has moved much further north. This will cause very dry southern states, and bitterly cold northern states and Canada…

    Matthew 24 is suddenly upon us…


  5. Giselle wilding says:

    And a huge haarp hit yesterday yet the sheep will not awake.In Australia we too are being destroyed and our puppet leaders bring in harmless co2 tax.
    Not their fault.They are threatened even though the world is cooling.


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