Rumblings of the Apocalypse: the day all hell breaks loose on Earth

“I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the Earth, holding the four winds of the Earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth…till we have sealed the servants of God in their foreheads.” Revelation 7:1-3
May 28, 2011The Bible gives us a frightening and apocalyptic glimpse into what degree Earthchanges will ultimately devastate the planet in the near future. Until recently, the dimensional horror of just how bad things could get as described in the book of Revelation was dismissed by modern critics as nothing more than a religious fairy tale. Some historians considered the plagues  in the 16th Chapter of the Book of Revelation to be impossible by all the natural laws of science just 20 years ago. As we look around at the devastating toll earthchanges have already taken on our planet just this year, it seems now no one is laughing anymore. 2nd plague Every living thing dies in the sea (Revelation 16:3). When millions of marine animals across the globe begin washing up on beaches in 2011, most for reasons still unknown, people begin to believe this plague is not only possible but now more probable than ever given the deteriorating health and pollution of our oceans. 4th Plague:Power was given unto him (the Sun) to scorch men with fire.” (Revelation 16:8). The present solar cycle 24 (2012-2013) is already showing signs that it may be progressively one of the most turbulent in more than a millennia. NASA is already issuing warnings of potential catastrophes. 6th Plague:The great river Euphrates and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the East might be prepared.” (Revelation 16:12) According to this Bloomberg report, the Euphrates River began drying up in the year 2009- right around the same time western countries were devastated by the Economic Crash of 2008-2009, and economic power shifted from the West to the rising powers of the East- mainly Russia and China. “And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.” Revelation 16:21. Hail from super-cell storm systems is getting larger and now the 100 lb balls of ice described as destroying the Earth in the Book of Revelation doesn’t seem quite so far-fetched anymore. In July 23, 2010, some of the largest hailstones ever seen fell in Vivian South Dakota from a super-cell storm system that produced violent outbreaks of tornadoes. The SD hailstones were measured at more than 8 inches in diameter and left craters in the ground. (Above) This week, that record was shattered by a monster hailstone almost one and half times that size which fell during a violent thunderstorm that struck Norman, Oklahoma. The day all hell breaks loose on Earth may be closer than any of us realize.  –The Extinction Protocol
 Earth’s energy barriers all eroding: The scope and magnitude of the crisis at hand is only now becoming apparent to the casual observer. Perhaps the clearest sign yet of an imminent extinction event on Earth is the same one depicted by the four angels standing on the four corners of the Earth preventing the winds of strife from blowing on the Earth. “Holding the winds” is easily translated as regulating the forces of energy that if unleashed could destroy our planet. This ‘letting go’ or ‘breaking down’ of the barriers which regulate the energies which maintains life on our planet will plunge Earth’s inhabitants into an unprecedented crisis and struggle for survival. To be even more specific; the breaking down of the barriers which regulate energy flow is at the heart of the destructive changing sweeping across our world. The ‘jet-stream’ is now rabid and is engaged in erratic swings across the globe. The jet-stream separates warm air from polar air. When cold and warm air collides; turbulent tornadic weather is the result. The planet’s ever-weakening magnetic field protects Earth from being seared by ionized forces from the Sun. It is growing weaker- declining by as much as 10% over the last 150 years. Similarly, the Sun’s heliosphere which protects the solar system from cosmic ray inundation has weakened by 25% in the last decade. La Niña, El Niño, The Thermohaline Circulation (Ocean conveyor belt) are all energy-regulators in the world’s oceans and all appear to be in a state of flux. Mantle, which caps magmatic pressures, also appears to becoming more kinetic, unstable, and seismically volatile. A pole-shift is a loss of equilibrium and the force of balance. “The Earth shall reel to and from like a drunkard..and it shall fall, and not rise again.” Isaiah 24:20. In my eyes, the Bible has sufficiently vindicated itself both scientifically and as a book of divine prophecy that appears to be in march-lock-and step with forecasting the earthchanges now unfolding across our planet. –The Extinction Protocol
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78 Responses to Rumblings of the Apocalypse: the day all hell breaks loose on Earth

  1. richard says:

    These posts are really amazing.


  2. Julie says:

    You write beautifully, Alvin.

    The veil is being lifted.

    I find that gratitude for every day, every experience, every moment is the best coping mechanism I have. I will continue to thank the Creator for it all –


  3. Gerald says:

    Very well stated! Thank you.


  4. Virginia Helies (Gen) says:

    So first the Euphrates dries up in Iraq and now the largest lake in Iran is turning to salt.


    • Magrti says:

      The Euphrates dried up through man-made malfeasance when Turkey erected its Mega-damns preventing flow and Syria, upstream of Iraq did the same. Now Iraq is left with trickles at the mercy of its two rivals.


  5. Laura says:

    Oh wow, Alvin… that was a beautiful read. Thank you, my friend. Thank you! 🙂


  6. TTB says:

    Very good read. Thank you.


  7. Mary Schumpf says:

    I agree with many of your Biblical comments. Would you mind sharing with me your religious background? Thanks, Mary


  8. Zachary says:

    After my mom showed me that picture of the hail today before you posted about it, I reminded her about the 100lb hailstones. I wonder how much that one weighs…. probably 20 pounds. Imagine 100.


  9. john says:

    This is some of your best work. Well done.

    The worse things get, the more curtain of ignorance is pulled apart.

    Thank you and please keep it up.

    God bless.


  10. cdkanas says:

    I used to be more of a religious skeptic, let’s just say I’m becoming less of one.


  11. Peter says:

    Come quickly Lord Jesus…


  12. J Guffey says:

    Well phrased Alvin. Thanks for putting into words (with some of the applicable scriptures) what is happening before our eyes.

    Still so many just aren’t grasping the magnitude of these events. Some, due to the fact they just aren’t paying attention and others are in denial.

    You know Alvin, I realize many in this world don’t have a relationship with the Lord and scoff at those that do. It breaks my heart (for them). God has been a great blessing to me and I have witnessed His miracles in lives of people I know personally.

    My prayer is that many many more come to believe and trust in Him before it’s too late. You and many others are allowing God to use them to warn of the things to come. Sadly, according to the Bible some will never turn to God. It is a personal choice and God never forces Himself on anyone.

    2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.

    Romans 14:11 For it is written, “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”

    May God bless and enlighten as we seek Him and strive to do the best we can to reach out to others as we face the times ahead.

    BTW – Even though I look forward to reading posts on EP several times each day, this is my favorite article you have posted Alvin. It really gets to the heart of so many things.


  13. Alex says:

    We know these things to be true and can see them before us begin to happen, but there are many many who still denied anything abnormal is happening, of course that too the bible says would happen.


  14. A little Whisper says:

    The speed of these events is increasing as the days go by. We are at the cups of seeing Daniel 9:24 70 weeks prophecy fullfilled which will break the levy and remove the Restrainer. I pray that for all of us here on Earth to get ready for our Lord.

    Great work Alvin!


  15. Keaton says:

    If a man came down from an advanced civilisation to warn us about the sun and 2012 thousands of years ago. Imagine how hard it would have been to describe to us, not knowing about space, or even that the world was round, with language barriers and only imagery and metaphor, i can see how the bible and all the other religions and beliefs have spun an intricate web of similar yet dissimilar faiths. I’m sure my dog thinks I’m a god when i produce food out of a mysterious can.

    In summary, i believe we were warned about all of this, but I’m still an atheist. I follow your blog as you use science and our understanding of the world to further prove this phenomenon. And the Christian bible is a great historical reference point to see what was described to us, written down in only the best way we could understand it. Thanks for your gracious work detailing the connections between events, but i err on the side of caution when faith itself is used as a fact.



    • Thanks for the penned note, Keaton and glad you reference the site in context with what’s transpiring across the globe.

      best wishes,


    • SC says:

      Well said Keaton! Alvin does an amazing job of presenting his beliefs without forcing anyone to agree or disagree. He embodies faith in it’s purest form by respecting all opinions. I appreciate that he presents the scientific facts so that we can all understand the changes happening around us. Whether one believes or disbelieves in God is irrelevant here, as the facts speak for themselves. Alvin does a phenomenal job in presenting them.


  16. john says:

    some will reject the Christ and His Father until the end and further long…
    but every breathe is another chance to start walking side by side with Him.


  17. Bundy says:

    Thank you Alvin you are one of the Lords great treasures,and a truly talented writer.I reckon the day that you don’t put pen to paper,will be the day we have been waiting for,the worst event in an accumulation of ever increasing woe.God bless you and keep you safe!


  18. Aldo says:



  19. Brandon says:

    Awesome as usual Alvin. What’s sad is that even some Christians say this isn’t abnormal. Yeah and if a frog had wings…. fill in the blanks. Alvin I know we’re not to predict dates, but when do you feel this extinction level event and tribulation period is about to be upon us?



    • Brandon, thanks. I think it is unfolding now and I resist setting times because these events are rightly in the hands of He who created the worlds and not mine. I feel things are progressing swiftly, but I don’t think knowing a date would make people believe any more than they do now only more skeptical when such times come and go. I think it is however, important to point the narrative in the direction from whence it came and that is God.



  20. richard says:

    Appreciate the hard the work. God Bless


  21. Penny says:

    WOW so interesting read Alvin fab!!


  22. Luisport says:

    Thank you very much Maranatha, you are one of the little group of people who talk about this and see all this great signs as a sign that the Returning of Jesus and the end of this world of darkness is very near. Thank you so much, Luisport.


  23. Andy Burgess says:

    Excellent post, i carefully watch the signs ocurring each day and never in all history can we know that all that is written in scripture will be fulfilled so very soon.
    and thank you extinction protocol for giving us the news and information that is so missing from main stream media. These are indeed the days spoke of by Jesus and the prophets of the bible…God bless Andy


  24. Joe says:

    Your way with words in connecting what is taking place and that which was Foretold is amazing. Truly, a talent. This site is the best that I have seen in trying to get people to ‘open their eyes’. I, as others have stated, have tried to get my friends to see what is taking place, but little result. This site does it the BEST. God Bless you, Sir, for all that you do for us. And I also must say, that all that have posted on this site have had such nice things to say. May God keep you all safe!


    • Every good and perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness , neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17

      I thank you Joe for being a faithful reader and I thank God for the marvelous work He has wrought. May God keep you safe as well as our wide-family of readers who extend around the globe.

      Måtte Gud holde deg trygt i tillegg til vårt brede-familie av lesere som strekker seg over hele verden
      신의 가호가 안전뿐만 아니라 우리의 독자 와이드 가족은 누가 전세계 연장 유지
      Que Deus possa mantê-lo seguro, bem como a nossa família gama de leitores que se estenda por todo o globo
      Да хранит вас безопасным, а также наши широкого семейства читателей, которые распространяются по всему миру
      Möge Gott Sie sicher zu halten sowie unser breit Familie von Lesern, die rund um den Globus erstrecken
      Dios guarde a salvo, así como nuestra gran familia de lectores que se extienden en todo el mundo
      Che Dio ti terranno al sicuro e la nostra vasta famiglia di lettori che si estendono in tutto il mondo
      Allah size güvenli hem de okuyucu bizim geniş aile kim dünyada uzatmak tutmak
      Que Dieu vous protéger ainsi que notre large famille de lecteurs qui s’étendent autour du globe
      Semoga Tuhan membuat Anda tetap aman serta lebar kita-keluarga pembaca yang memperpanjang di seluruh dunia
      Niech Bóg w zachowaniu bezpieczeństwa, a także naszej bogatej rodziny czytelników, którzy rozszerzyć na całym świecie
      Må Gud hålla dig säker liksom vårt breda-familj av läsare som sträcker sig runt om i världen
      Xin Thiên Chúa giữ cho bạn an toàn cũng như gia đình của chúng tôi rộng của độc giả mở rộng trên toàn cầu
      שאלוהים ישמור אותך בטוח, כמו גם משפחתי הרחב של הקוראים להרחיב ברחבי העולם
      May Diyos na panatilihin mo ligtas pati na rin ang aming malawak na-pamilya ng mga mambabasa na mapalawak sa buong mundo


  25. Glenda says:

    Man made nonsense and you’re it’s mouth intentional or unintentional mouthpiece.


    • Thank you Glenda. The honor is mine and I hold it in the highest esteem. “God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chose the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.” 1 Cor. 1:27. I am also the mouthpiece for something else- wishing you love, beauty and peace.

      best wishes,


  26. Dennis says:

    Alvin, you are a watchman on the wall in my opinion. When I came to the knowledge of this site more than 60 days ago, I thought to myself, whoever runs this site is posting real time confirmation of the end time scriptures/events spoken by The Lord Himself whether he knows it or not.
    May The Lord continue to bless your work!


  27. Yemel'a says:

    Almost all prophesies of Muslims have also realized by now. The interested will easily find out what they are.
    Wise man can conclude from this that it is about time when should come Him Who promised to come.
    And indeed, He has come! We live in great times. The times of Fulfillment.
    And although it was said that the coming will be seen to everyone as a lightning, it is not in the literal sence. But those with the ability to sence Truth, can indeed see It as brightly as a lightning.
    The one with inquiring mind shall easily find Him. Just follow your heart.
    He is here and he has brought the way out for all people of Earth, with no distinction to nationality, color or religion. All are children of the same Father.
    Do not expect that if the rulers of the past did not welcome Him then, that they would welcome Him now. The Truth comes quietly at your doorsteps and sits. And those who listen and recognize, will follow. The rest will perish sooner or later. For those who negate Truth, negate life itself.
    Of course, the name is new, as promised.
    And of course, He has come now with the same message of Love, just this time much more extended and explained in greatest detail possible for current level of human ability. Now He elaborates fully, just what does it mean to love thy neighbour, what actions are indicative of love in any everyday situation and in any interaction with your fellow men.
    And one final suggestion – of course, money is the way opposite to love. However you look at it, money is killing love, because the very idea of money is “getting something for yourself”. Love, on the other hand, True Love means willing every blessing for your fellow, asking nothing for yourself. Unconditional love is what it means – unconditional – create good for the people, wishing NOTHING in return. Money means “whatever I do, I wish something in return”.
    How practically this can be achieved? It seems, people used money from prehistoric times, and looks like humanity just cannot survive without money. Is it even possible to live in such a world and what it would look like? These are the questions He answers now fully. Your turn is to listen carefully, believe or not, accept of not, and follow Him if you will. Those who follow, will be saved. The greatest battle is in your minds. External actions just follow minds.


  28. Thank you for your website and frequent updates. I use a lot of your information on my site and in my frequent News updates.

    In regards to Revelation and End Time prophecy in general, I agree that the time for total contamination of the seas and land will come, but in stages, not all at once; we are witnessing the beginning stages of this contamination and Fukushima etc. will further such poisoning of the planet. What we are facing at present is the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’ stage in which destruction will come from War, Famines, Earthquakes (and related geophysical disasters), and Pestilences (Matthew 24:7, Revelation 6:8). The stage of cosmic destruction through projectiles hitting the sea and land, and the rise of the Beast will follow later. I recently created a table based on these stages in Matthew and the book of Revelation, and anyone interested in reading it can find it here.

    Keep up the good work and God bless all who seek His will and not their own in these ‘perilous’ times.


  29. carolyn says:

    I saw a link to this site a few weeks ago and now look at it every day. I think it is one of the best sites on the web. I don’t say that lightly, as I’ve been reading and posting at doomer-prepper-survivalist type sites for over 10 years, and we are more equipped for a disaster than almost anyone I know personally ( I don’t know any Jim Rawles types 🙂 ). Most such boards have sections for earth changes or natural disasters, but none with the quantity and quality and photos on a daily basis like this site. Plus I am a Christian, and so the biblical understanding makes the site especially meaningful as well as informative. So thank you and God bless!!


  30. jp mills says:

    The Bible is like a roadmap. If you follow the instructions, you will reach the destination that God wants you to. He is a loving Father and only want whats best for his childen. The foretold events were written in the words of the prophets, inspired by God, to let us know what to expect so that we would know that He is in control. There is purpose in all things. “Time is an illusion with a purpose.” God told us what is coming because he has been there already. Are we prdestined in our fates from the day we are born? No. That is why God gave us free will. We have to chose our own road. Thank God for roadmaps.


    • Teresa Puckett says:

      I once saw a picture that had on it: (B)asic(I)nstructions(B)efore(L)eaving(E)arth. Your comment reminded me of it. God Bless


  31. Guy Ogan says:

    May God come into the hearts of those who refuse to believe in him and trust in his son Jesus Christ for salvation, the end certainly seems close at hand!


  32. G, McCray says:

    One of your best post yet! You have a wonderful ministry here and I appreciate all the end times information you provide!


  33. Jemma says:

    Dear Alvin,

    I have been checking your website everyday for at least two months and you never fail to provide up to date, relevant and interesting information. I just wanted to say thank you for that.

    Before I found your site I would spend ages surfing through the internet to gain a better understanding of what is clearly going awry across the entire globe. However, I am still trying to determine where my faith lies, I have a lot of it – I know that, and I want there to be a god, bit I am a believer of science also. The two contradict themselves constantly in my head. I hope I figure it all out in time. But in the meantime I wish you and all your readers the very best of luck in all you do. BTW this post was a great read!

    Keep up the exceptional work,



    • The myth that is heavily promoted is that the Bible and Science contradict each other. True science would find the evidence of God in everything. For example, the Bible tells us that everything that exists was made by the Word of God, by the language of God. Is this language not written on DNA, without which nothing would exist? God has written the algorithms of creation, and since His understanding (His Intelligence) is infinite (Psalm 147:5), the complexity of His algorithms is also infinite; that is the real reason why there are an infinite variety of creatures just on our planet, let alone the universe. The Bible tells us that Language is the foundation of all created things, not particles, atoms or molecules; matter could not have created matter; therefore the basis of creation being a living language is more scientific than any explanation that I have come across. God is the ultimate Scientist, and any true scientist would come to this conclusion if academic science did not begin with the false premise that there is no God.


    • Jemma, I’m thrilled to have you. Please stay in touch. I’m sure you’ll come to some resolution on things. I look forward to hearing from you again.



    • Ron says:

      @Jemma, you are not alone, kind wishes and strength.


  34. Isis says:

    Well …. only a man seen arguing with a stop sign … will argue with proof …
    And only a man lack of wisdom would have ever argued with true scriptures, and other ancient warnings …

    These are beautiful times, yet full of sorrows … If we ever needed Love before … we sure enough need it now …


  35. Kathy says:

    Thank you Alvin, for bring all of your knowledge together and sharing with us. I’m sure you inspire many. Please don’t stop.

    God Bless You!


  36. Hi Alvin

    Part of my spiritual mission is to gather information (to which I am guided by Spirit) from many and varied sources and bring it all together on one website as a response to the multitude of ‘2012’ websites which are full of ‘doom and gloom’ and ‘end of the world’ scenarios.

    The emphasis of the site is that we are not our physical bodies, we are spiritual beings, individualised expressions of the One Infinite Creator whose Consciousness is now fully awakening in the human family. The fusion of Spirit and matter is now taking place in humanity – Heaven here on earth. The Creator Consciousness (‘Christ Consciousness’) which is awakening within humanity is the ‘second coming of Christ’. Jesus was a man; Christ is the Consciousness which spoke through him and is now awakening in all those of us who accept him.

    When news of earth changes is upsetting and frightening, we need to remember the larger event which is happening. It is time to remember Who We Are and to rise to our full potential. Be Awake and Aware; the moment of Quantum Awakening may come when we least expect it – ‘like a thief in the night’ – the time for greater awareness is NOW.

    The information in your website is factual, supported by evidence and corroborating links, and is presented in a non-melodramatic manner. It has become a site I check at least once every day, and I have included a link to your site on my own site ( as a reliable source of the truth of what is happening in the world today.

    God bless you Alvin.

    Love and light
    Messenger Spirit


  37. APAK says:

    I was sitting and talking with an elderly man that was watching his grandson at the park while my kids played. He says that the weather, this place, doesn’t seem the same anymore. He couldn’t pin point his worries, but he felt something deep down.


  38. Luca says:

    I feel it in my bones it’s happening soon. I am a follower of Christ and I have been blessed by being visited by Christ. Praise Him forever. I just wanted to say God bless you Alvin and so many others who wrote such kind and loving comments.


  39. Wonderful work you are doing collecting so much evidence. Isn’t it amazing how non-believers just cannot see the bigger picture. They are so focused on grabbing more of what this world has to offer which will suddenly be torn out of their grasp.

    Governments keep us focused on their erratic actions, lies, deception, and wars, all the while down playing the real information about where the world is headed. They are putting their faith in horses and charriots, technology, and every man made gadget they can find. They take pleasure in mocking God and all of His faithful followers. Won’t they be surprised when God acts!

    Take time to prepare yourselves, worship God, examine your heart motives, remove all idols from your life, move in the fruit of the spirit, forgive more, serve more, and be content. Now is a good time to read and memorize the Bible, not when the shaking starts.


  40. ashuka says:

    God bless you Dr. Vastola


  41. marie51 says:

    God bless you Alvin and thanks for all this information and your work.
    Greetings from Marie, Sweden


    • Marie, thanks for being a regular reader. I’ll be sure to send a message to let you know when we visit the region or happen to be close by. In the meantime, please stay in touch and thanks for your support.

      Grace in Christ,


  42. Hi, Extinction Protocol,

    I just discovered this older post and wanted to thank you for it. You said:

    “In my eyes, the Bible has sufficiently vindicated itself both scientifically and as a book of divine prophecy that appears to be in march-lock-and step with forecasting the earthchanges now unfolding across our planet.”

    I agree.

    Grace to you too!


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