Endless winter: days away from summer and snow still falling over Colorado Mountains

May 27, 2011COLORADO – It is nearly June and Colorado’s mountains still look as though we’re at the beginning of March. “This is what it looks like all winter out here,” Pat Randall, a store owner in Grand Lake, said. The snow that has kept falling in the high country has made for a different spring. Independence Pass opened Thursday, but Mt. Evans Road is only halfway open and Trail Ridge Road is still closed because of all the late snow. Arapahoe Basin and Aspen are still open for skiers. “It is a pretty big weekend in the scheme of things, definitely,” Randall said. The snow is certainly not what Randall and his family were hoping for this holiday weekend. They need customers, lots and lots of customers, to kick off the summer season. “They call it ‘the kick-off to the summer’ here,” Randall said. But the snow is kicking that idea to the curb. “I think we’re going to lose a lot of campers,” Randall said. With Trail Ridge Road closed, some figure Grand Lake will lose out on hundreds, if not thousands, of usual holiday visitors. “I think we’ll lose a lot of folks from Northern Colorado. They’re not going to want to drive all the way through Denver and come back up,” Randall said. –9News
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3 Responses to Endless winter: days away from summer and snow still falling over Colorado Mountains

  1. pastorken171 says:

    Global warming? I am positive that the sun and unexplained forces in our galaxy are the reason for all of the weather confusion and chaos. Just last week in ,eastern,pa., we had a tornadoe touch down and 3 spirals which my family and I saw just up from our house. Very rare and unusual for us in the mountains! Come soon Lord Jesus!!!!


  2. binks says:

    I’m in Auckland New Zealand and I heard on the radio yesterday that we are having the warmest May ever recorded.


  3. Luca says:

    Amen pastorken171 praying you and your family are safe God Bless

    Yep it’s in the high 90s where I live and it’s not normal at all


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