Category 4 Songda Typhoon closes in on the Philippines- 150 mph wind gusts

May 25, 2011MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A fierce storm approaching the Philippines intensified into a typhoon on Wednesday, the government said, warning it would unleash heavy rains across the main island of Luzon. Typhoon Songda was expected to slam into the remote and mountainous northeast of Luzon on Friday, although it could change course and head towards more populated areas near the capital of Manila, forecasters said. “We are asking the public (in storm-affected areas) to postpone travelling and stay indoors,” chief state weather forecaster Graciano Yumul said. “The public must follow instructions by their officials to prevent a possible tragedy brought by Chedeng (Songda).” Forecasters said the typhoon, with sustained winds of 130 kilometres (80 miles) an hour and gusts of 160 kilometres an hour, was powerful enough to blow away roofs, uproot trees, damage crops and cause landslides. Forecasters said Songda was expected to bring nearly as much rain as Tropical Storm Ketsana in 2009, which flooded about 80 per cent of the capital and killed more than 400 people. However, they said it was too early to say whether Songda would match Ketsana’s intensity, nor was it forecast to dump the rains on Manila. The central Philippines was bracing for heavy rains to begin on Thursday as Songda blew past on its way to northeast Luzon. The National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council said public storm warnings had been hoisted over 12 towns and provinces in the eastern and central Philippines. –Asia One
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3 Responses to Category 4 Songda Typhoon closes in on the Philippines- 150 mph wind gusts

  1. Michelle says:

    Please pray for those in the philippines, there is a small childrens bible study we help sponsor in Pasig City. Pray for protection around these young warrior for Christ and for their loved ones. Spare your righteous oh Father, in Jesus name Amen


  2. A_lad says:

    Looks like Hurricane/Typhoon season is off early and of with a bang. I was watching a weather satellite and the intensity of the clouds peeling off from the North and South poles is really crazy.

    Alvin quick question: I live in Southern AZ. We typically have a monsoon season between the months of July thru August. Over he last 5 years they have been slowing down with hardly any activity. Based on the current trend do you believe that would continue maybe leading to a drought of sorts in this area? Most folks here think based on the twisters and strange weather that we will be in for a ride this year. Am I wrong to believe that this trend will continue and that we can expect more of the same?

    I have witnessed some very large Dust Devils in the desert but not like the few in the past two days. I’m not sniveling about these dust devils. They are nothing compared to what’s happening in the Midwest but to see them with such ferocity is Eye Popping!


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