Scotland lashed by bout of ‘exceptionally windy weather’

May 24, 2011SCOTLAND — Summer? What Summer? HIGH winds brought chaos to Scotland’s transport network today as falling trees blocked main routes. Roads, rail, air and ferry services were all affected as winds gusting 100mph were recorded in central Scotland. An ambulance transport car collided with a lorry on the A9 in Perthshire when it swerved to avoid a fallen tree. The vehicle was driving a patient to a hospital appointment when the crash happened on the road between Greenloaning and the Balhaldie services. An Ambulance Service spokesman said there were four people in the vehicle but none were injured in the collision. In Tayside, a man and a woman were trapped in a car when a tree was blown down onto the vehicle. Emergency services urged people to take extra care on the roads and to secure any items that could be blown away in gusty weather. Trees and branches were blown down across the region, particularly in Perthshire, with some roads being forced to close. The Met Office issued a weather warning for “exceptionally windy weather“, particularly across the central and southern parts of the country. The possible impact of the severe winds was also raised at a meeting of Scottish Government’s emergency committee yesterday. Matt Dobson, of Meteo Group, the weather arm of the Press Association, said the wind speeds recorded were “exceptional” for this time of year. He said: “The wind speeds are really just peaking across central and southern parts of Scotland. –Daily Record
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