Twisters tear through Oklahoma City during rush hour- 14 killed in three states

May 24, 2011 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – At least two tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma Tuesday, with one causing an unspecific number of deaths and the other marching toward Oklahoma City, officials said. Canadian County Sheriff Randall Edwards told CNN a storm that crossed I-40 near El Reno claimed lives, destroyed homes and caused a gas leak at an energy plant. The twister injured motorists on Interstate 40 and U.S. 81, Smith said. Deputies were attending to the injured, and there were reports of property damage in the area. County Emergency Management Director Jerry Smith told CNN the storm moved past Calumet and Edmond, north of the capital. Another tornado was seen at Chickasha, about 40 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. The National Weather Service warned residents and I-44 drivers to take precautionary action. This and another tornadic thunderstorm south of Chickasha were moving toward the northeast at 35 miles per hour and will move into populated areas of the Oklahoma City area, including Moore and Norman, in the next hour. “This is an extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation,” the National Weather Service said. Tornado warnings were issued in Oklahoma County, Canadian County and Grady County, indicating other twisters had touched down. –CNN
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13 Responses to Twisters tear through Oklahoma City during rush hour- 14 killed in three states

  1. radiogirl says:

    Tornadoes just kept us on alert here in DFW Texas …there still on the move moving north east ..Take Care.


    • Melissa says:

      Stay safe, Radiogirl! I put you in a protective circle of peace and safety filled with love. We are your sisters and brothers now and we can surround you with the safety of the white light of love that helps you to maintain peace and calm in the midst of chaos. Peace within , peace without Melissa


      • Raven says:

        Right there with you Melissa 🙂 Radiogirl know that from all over the world we are with you, keeping you in our hearts and sending lots of love and light your way. From my family to yours, and this little family we seem to have all found here..know you are thought of and may our prayers surround you. Peace my sister xxx


  2. Golfdad641 says:

    I am wondering if these storms in the Midwest would effect the flooding Mississippi River? With all the rain fall they provide.

    The hurricanes that happened in Australia this year, will it be a prelude on what is to happen here in America this season?


  3. Raven says:

    Catastrophic event after event…it is unbelievable what is happening all over the globe, and I just heard on the radio that the Japanese Government are raising the acceptable level of radioactive exposure in children by 20x the previously accepted level so that schools in Fukishima can remain open. Unbelievable! Parents are protesting..I hope they have some success, after everything they have sufferred more and more worry over their children! Disgraceful!


  4. adam says:

    HAARP is what’s causing all of this


    • De Moore says:

      Adam…the connections are endless…It’s a classic “Titanic” case. The unsinkable ship scenario. Until it sinks. We are not God…But many believe they are. We are looking at current day re-enactment of the times of old. Men – God genious gone mad. I know many disbelieve this sentiment…however whatever is being done is not natural. Yes there is tremendous “Natural” events occuring…but “Man’s” intense need to manipulate the natural is men believing and perceiving to BE God. We are not… and don’t have the slightest idea what we’re up against.


  5. Leon says:

    And we should believe that all this happening is natural?
    People are dying because they don’t tell us what is really going on or how to prepare.


  6. A_lad says:

    This is relentless!!!! I have never seen so many large tornadoes.


  7. Grim says:

    Hi Alvin,

    Is it me or is it all picking up again? It seems that the severity has also picked up in notch along with quantity?

    We had a quite patch for a while after March. I thought perhaps we had seen the worst.

    Question Alvin, I have purchased your book and have read to be fair only 50 pages so far. (In defence only had it 2 weeks.) However you state that all this will intensify beyond societies ability to adapt and control in its current state. Could you elaberate on how this will affect those unable to move. Like myself in the UK.




    • Grim,

      The scope of what’s before us is still beyond human reckoning. The mechanics which regulate energy behind every essential process on Earth is unraveling. This goes beyond simple conspiracy theories as soon the lives of billions of people will be in grave peril. There is nothing on Earth that can either contain it or stop it. The time before us is short and it is here where our attentions and resources should be directed- for soon there will be no space between events to catch our breath when, what is now ominously rolling across the horizon will soon be on top of us. I know it now seems improbable but you will move as these changes will unseat civilizations around the world. We will have to do it by exchanging living arrangements with people across the globe.

      Take your time with the book. It’s a copious amount of information to go through and the pace of you discovering it is equated to your journey.

      Stay in touch with any questions,
      Blessings and peace- Alvin


    • A_lad says:

      Hi Grim. I’m on page 50 too, how ironic. I also wanted to state that I read an article yesterday that had to do with the billions of dollars being spent on these disasters, not to mention the damage to agriculture, livestock etc. It was very eye popping because the World and it’s insurance companies are slowly going through a monetary storm with intense quickening as well. Soon they won’t be able to restore damaged areas, hence the relocation process for us begins as if it hasn’t already.

      I will adhere to Alvins suggestion as to taking my time with the book. I just hope that I have time to finish it and that I can share the information with others 🙂 I am taking a vacation next week and I plan to lay on the beach in San Diego and read it. What a better place to come to grips with our fate on this side of the eternal flame than a sunset ocean.

      It amazes me how this scientific information is logical, proves our current times and fits with Scriptures so well.

      Much love for the Extinction Protocol community. God Bless


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