Massive tornado rips through Missouri destroying much of city- 117 dead

May 23, 2011JOPLIN, Mo.  – More than 70 tornadoes struck the U.S. over the weekend. A massive tornado that tore through the southwest Missouri city of Joplin killed at least 117 people, but authorities warned that the death toll could climb Monday as search and rescuers continued their work at sunrise. City manager Mark Rohr announced the number of known dead at a pre-dawn news conference outside the wreckage of a hospital that took a direct hit from Sunday’s storm. Rohr said the twister cut a path nearly six miles long and more than a half-mile wide through the center of town. Much of the city’s south side was leveled, with churches, schools, businesses and homes reduced to ruins. Fire Chief Mitch Randles estimated that 25 to 30 percent of the city was damaged, and said his own home was among the buildings destroyed as the twister swept through this city of about 50,000 people some 160 miles south of Kansas City. “It cut the city in half,” Randles said. An unknown number of people were injured in the storm, and officials said patients were scattered to any nearby hospitals that could take them. A door-to-door search of the damaged area was to begin Monday morning, but authorities were expected to move gingerly around downed power lines, jagged debris and a series of gas leaks that caused fires around the city overnight. “We will recover and come back stronger than we are today,” Rohr said defiantly of his city’s future. Gov. Jay Nixon activated the National Guard and declared a state of emergency Sunday night. His office said that state and local law enforcement agencies were coordinating search and rescue and recovery operations in the stricken areas. –STL Today                            video (c) ABC News 2011
“The mechanics of storm systems are evolving as a consequence of climate change. We are beginning to see more massive cluster outbreaks of very destructive tornadoes erupting across the U.S… These ‘extreme weather’ events will become more numerous and deadly as global temperatures continue to rise and atmospheric conditions across the planet grow increasingly more unstable. This is the new face of natural destruction. It is deadly. It can strike in an instant. It is horrific and it will soon become the norm. In the space of less than an hour, these unbridled forces of nature can obliterate ecosystems, alter landscapes, and completely wipe man off the face of the Earth.”The Extinction Protocol, pages 165,186
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47 Responses to Massive tornado rips through Missouri destroying much of city- 117 dead

  1. MatthewB says:

    That storm was pretty scary. I’m just thankful the tornadoes didn’t make it farther into MO.
    People as far away as Springfield have been finding debris in from Joplin in their yards! A few have even found X-rays from Joplin’s hospitol.


  2. AWatchman4Him says:

    “The mechanics of storm systems are evolving as a consequence of climate change.
    No! I think not. It is the consequence for man’s sin’s.


    • And it is this type of attitude that turns unbelievers off from Christianity. There is not one example in the Bible of God destroying the righteous with the wicked. Genesis 18:3. The world’s condition is as it is because sin has made it so- man’s alienation from God and His law was also paid for by with the death, life and sacrifice of Christ- hence every soul in the world is of infinite value because it was paid for with a price that no created being can pay. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God- that includes you. When the disciples asked Christ to call down fire from heaven and destroy the rejecters of his message Christ “turned and rebuked them and said. Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.” Luke 9:55,56. I only know of one spirit that wishes to sweep away souls and extinguish life before people have made a decision to except the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ- and that is the spirit of evil. God’s character is love and only when that measure of love and mercy is finally and ultimately rejected will He mete out judgment. Ezekiel 33:11


      • AWatchman4Him says:

        What are you talking about? I agree with what you have said. The consequences are not from “climate change” as mentioned but from man’s sin, because of man’s sin’s all of creation suffers. I was not referring to anything about the righteous and the wicked nor was I trying to have a type of attitude. Don’t look so deep into something that isn’t there. Once again “I agree with your above comment”, but that’s not what I was referring to.


      • You took issue with my scientific issue of what was happening to the world. Am I not allowed to take issue also with your generalized comments? With what measure you mete- let it be likewise meted. Original sin killed man’s relationship with God and creation. Sin today and disregard for God’s law continues to contribute to the twin delinquency but these events are not caused by someone stealing or cheating on their wife or husband- they are instead ignored because the conscience is seared and preceptions to what is spiritual have been dulled by such fleshly pursuits.


      • Sufi says:

        well said, well said indeed – thank you


    • Chondra says:

      You are correct. And the Gov is trying to blame “climate change/global warming” on man so they can “cap and trade” us to death. The Bible foretold us this would happen in the last days. Well…we are there!


    • Nothing personal so please don’t take it that way- I only disagree with what you said AWatchmen4him and I’m not trying to convince you of anything, only stating my opinion. Is the world more wicked now than it was in the days of Noah- because God destroyed the entire world and only saved 8 souls? Now when did any tornadoes or rainstorms wreak havoc on the planet in the 1700 years God suffered patiently with the Antediluvian world before the flood? It never rained until the flood – Genesis 2:5 Science and Faith can coexist.


      • Raven73au says:

        Let those without sin cast the first stone is that how it is said Alvin? I know it isn’t me but know that in my heart is a deep resonating love for those around me, that in all my mistakes through life I have tried to learn, that I would reach out my hand to someone before many I know that attend church every Sunday, is God not love? Kindness? Understanding? What I respect most here aside from your knowledge is your total lack of judgement…This I respect most of all and see a person with true love in there heart, and the real understanding of what we are all meant to be learning! Blessings as always to you..x


      • Raven, you’re a gem. Thank you for the kind words.

        peace and love,


    • nibikwe says:

      Oh, I thought he was referring to H.A.A.R.P. and geoengineering.


  3. Sherry says:

    Do you believe there is a relationship between chem trails and the storms: much more intense lightening & thunder, tornado’s and cluster storms? It seems that when we have one day of beautiful blue skies by 1200 the trails start and by 4 it is mostly cloudy and the next day totally overcast if not raining and storming!


    • Sherry, I don’t dismiss chemical trails- something is definitely amiss- however, I think what’s occurring in space- the Sun, cosmic rays, gamma ray bursts, geoneutrinos all have more bearing on what’s transpiring on Earth than chemtrails. All the gaseous planet’s are contending with super explosive cyclonic storm systems in their atmospheres- Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the Sun’s rate of radioactive decay is changing. Even the pulsar in the Crab Nebula is experiencing super-flares. Maybe this argument needs to rise higher than ourselves and maybe we need to start looking more outward into the cosmos at the bigger picture. That’s just my opinion…


  4. David says:

    WARNING: Contains a first hand eyewitness video of the tornado that hit Joplin, MO that may be too much for some to handle. I repeat DO NOT listen to this unless you can handle extreme situations. The video does not have much of anything to be seen. It is what you hear that is sheer terror.unfortunately this is not over and probably wont be until the end of june.


    • APAK says:

      That video made me cry. How those people must be suffering!
      Prayer for all, ap


      • And maybe that’s where we need to leave it. This is a great human tragedy and why it happened is not so much important as to who will be there for the thousands who lost everything. 70% of the town was destroyed. Imagine the impact —— Our thoughts, prayers and sentiments are with those and all others adversely affected by the tragedy of such events across the globe.


    • Raven says:

      All I can say after watching this is that I stopped breathing listening to these people..but it was the child I could hear that stopped my heart. Mother Earth wrap your arms around all of your children, your babies and protect them through these times! Stand and defend the weak and small and frightened I can not bear hearing a child in fear! Please envelop them in your love and protection and keep them safe, let them feel safe, be safe! There is nothing more important next to love for a child than their innate feeling of safety in this world. For this I pray.


  5. David says:

    I have never heard the weather people use the term Super Cell here in this area until this year. That was a term used in Kansas and texas. Weird stuff for sure. I think its going to be a long dangerous next few years.


  6. heathern says:

    the storms are stronger and going places that aren’t the norm. A tornado going though a big town use to unheard of. Not to long ago a recording breaking amount went through Alabama. They went through towns and up mountains.


  7. radiogirl says:

    Family close to Joplin and on south east as well up into Springfield. All accounted for and safe. Tornadoes missed them all by a slim margin. Prayers for those who were hit. God Bless You All


  8. Jennifer says:

    The “more to come” and all that is going on is so scary Alvin. What is one to do besides pray? I feel so powerless and as a Mother even more so because I am finding it hard to protect my children from growing disasters such as this one! Is there not anyway we can all pray (for those who believe) and change what is to come? Besides prayer what do we do??


    • Jennifer – Thanks for writing. I think the quicker we can acknowledge something is now going terribly wrong with our planet…the better. I’ve been pushing against a mountain since I started this message in 2009. More are coming around as sometimes it’s impossible to roust people out of complacency and push back the paradigm on what people have been fixated on for generations. Once we have come to this realization, the remaining survivors on this planet are going to have to reorganize their entire living conditions in revolutionary fashion if they wish to live- which includes new habitable living conditions, plans for trans-migration routes, alternative natural ecology, the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, and plans for rapid-drop evacuations from high-risk areas and seismic zones to new refuge points. The planet is changing around us and I’ve warned that if we don’t implement plans now- we’ll face these new and increasingly dangerous inevitable threats of extinction as a species.

      blessings to you and the family and let’s keep all of us in each others’s prayers and thoughts


      • Jennifer says:

        Thank you for such a prompt reply and also for the blessings!
        Living just East of Nashville (TN) I am left to wonder how much devastation my area will suffer. Its hard to come up with a plan for this magnitude and have no idea where to even start. My family has not gotten on board and frankly I am thinking of making my case in a more serious manner to see if anything new develops in regard to their thinking.
        What would you suggest for survival besides food and water and fist aid? Funds are extremly limited as I am a single mother and would have bought your book by now if circumstances were different. Does your book outline surviving methods? I want to thank you once again for this site, your wisdom, and your encouraging words!


      • You are welcome Jennifer….Everyone should have a 3-day supply of water, food, and first-aid items and a back-pack for mobility and relocation. I thank you for being a regular reader. Check your email- Send me your address and I’ll send you a book for free.

        Blessings to you and the family,


    • Jamie says:

      I would like to add a few words here as well. I was a single mother for a while ( with four sons ) and I know the financial hardships you are experiencing, Jenn. It is overwhelming to say the least.
      Your worry for your children’s survival is felt deeply by me as this too was my fervent desire. I must protect my children from all harm….or so I tried.
      What I have come to understand is this; Protection of children is paramount in a spiritual community of refined souls. They understand that there are more ways than one to harm a child. We currently have no such community or society at large. Our children are beautiful, loving souls in great need of our diligent care and full attention. Without the community affection, and, concern, the soul of our children will be quickly repressed by the negative environment. Your children are young so they will more readily listen to what you teach them. In 1984 I was told to take my children and raise them in Wyoming…..away from the society. My guides told me that this society would steal the very soul of my children ….and it has. My only advice at this point is to teach your beautiful children the truth about who they truly are and shelter them from all harm to the best of your abilities. That is all that anyone can do.

      Do not fear what is to come because the worst is already at our doors. It is the current culture of bombing babies, lurid and lewd programming on every video screen , the dehumanizing of the female image, love of money and material wealth, incest, child sex slavery as well as child slavery and the list goes on and on. Sodom and Gomorrah have nothing on this current paradigm.

      The best way to keep anyone safe is to be safe. You can do this. You can keep them safe. We will lift your children in loving prayers and become the safety they need. The greater the community with one heart, one mind and one spirit, the greater the lift.

      You are not alone, Jennifer. You are never alone.
      Just to let you know that there are many good communities out there that live in a holistic manner. These communities strive to improve the spiritual living conditions around them while raising food crops. I joined Wwoofers years ago but my health has prevented me from personally experiencing the atmosphere of the wwoofers communities. They are worldwide and always looking for the right people to share in their ways. Just check them out on the internet if you are looking for a place to raise your children holistically. It is just a thought.


  9. dreamer says:

    Look at the magnetosphere simulations, when they act strangely, so dose the weather as well as tectonic movement.


  10. Tyler says:

    This reminds me of the outbreak in 1999 across Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri. Absolutely horrifying events, the damage I witnessed was unbelievable. God bless all the families affected.


  11. James Fitzpatrick says:

    How ironic that in the name of promulgating “God’s truth” people ignore vast portions of scripture and scientific fact. There is no conflict between science and scripture, just ignorance in interpretation of scripture. If God is truth, as Christ said God is, then no scientific discovery is in conflict with God. However, the ignorance of many preachers and bad theologians have tarnished the very name of Christianity and made it a repository for false claims about nature and God. Christianity has a long history of persecuting scientists (Copernicus and Galileo to name a couple) and by choosing to ignore human-kind’s contribution to climate change and attribute deaths from tornadoes to God’s punishment is to call into question the validity of one’s commitment to truth and commitment to the full message of God’s abiding love.


  12. David says:

    I have a little game I like to play with my wife.She is finnally realizing things are not normal anymore,not just the weather.
    We read the news every morning together.
    I’ve told her about a year 0r 2 ago that whenever you see natural disasters in the news you are going to start noticing that
    there are more and more “Largest”, “Biggest”, “Most”, “In history”, “ever recorded” ,Historic “since records began” and so on and so on., as it relates to natural disasters.
    Pay attention to these key words and it will astound you.
    They are literally being spoken on a daily basis.
    This is another indicator that we are on the right track.
    The next storms are hurricanes,the national weather expects 15,18 the most ever,when we see them start to form over land well we have a problem.
    Please don`t bury your head in the sand as alot of people understandably are right now.
    There is alot more going on than what you see on the news.

    The Extinction Protocol
    By Alvin Conway This book is a frightening and enlightening odyssey into the future along the trek of science not fiction. Buckle your seat-belts; you’re in for some untraditional shockers. Covers everything about 2012,not the end of the worl!, religion, mythology, science, beyond and then some. I highly recommend it.I`ve been following this Alvin for 2 years now and everything that has or is going on has begun,check his web site out every day you will be amazed,or just keep thinking everything will be ok


  13. Anthony says:

    I agree with you that the planet is about to go through another episode of cataclysm, but I don’t really think you can really plan anything. If we are going to really have to learn how to live all over again, we will learn in the moment using our intuition. You can’t plan for terror. So hopefully everbody’s intuition starts to kick in IN THE MOMENT.


  14. luisport says:

    I’m scared, this event perturbs me… i never ever see a concrete building compleatly destroyed like the one in the video… this tornado was explosive in nature, truly explosive!


  15. Anthony says:

    Planning presupposes we live in linear time, but as these events increase in frequency we will become fully immersed in the true cyclical nature of the universe. We will be embedded within churning energies that we must react to in the moment. There will be no longer a thing known as “time” to plan and think things through. Ian Lungold said something along these lines during a Mayan calendar lecture he gave.


  16. Kathy says:

    God gave us His Son, to save us from sin. He also gave us a brain, it’s time we start using it. Prayer, love, caring and using our brain, will help us get through this. We may get though into heaven, but if not we’re going to have to be prepared to start from scratch.

    God Bless Us and God Bless all of the people affected by these disasters.


  17. Marcel says:

    Information, knowledge, judgment, threat… and finaly attachment and suffering.
    That is all loudness…
    Pain is not suffering, but energy. Energy to move, because only in movement, there is life . And beauty/purity/bliss.
    And what moves?
    Revelation and truth.


  18. Bo says:

    The reason for the crazy weather is not global warming or mans’ sin. It’s from global ash spread from last year’s Icelandic volcano. Now don’t anyone come back and throw Katrina at me because Katrina was a rouge like many others that have occurred int he passed, like mid 1950’s when a massive hurricane did just as much damage. The Japan earthquakes and tsunami are not weather related or sin related. They are the way that rocky planets with hot cores work. There are cycles within cycles within cycles that we will never experience because these cycles, many of them out span human lifetimes.

    As for sin being a factor, hmmm. I think you all have very humanistic perception of the concept of sin. God says sin is out nature. You might then think right away “animal nature” but that is not the end of the term nature. Nature in this case is defined as “the very construct of our reality.”. In other words, man’s so called “fall from grace” was far from an accident. Leave a piece a meat on the floor and your dog will eat it. It’s his nature. Burn wood and it turns to ash. It is it’s nature to release energy when burned. Smash two atoms together and they will cause an atomic explosion. It is the nature of matter and energy.

    I don’t expect anyone to get this right away. Took me 25 years to get to this understanding and a lot of both biblical and scientific research as well as what many avoid, the ancient teachings, which have long since been labelled “mysticism”. In fact, mysticism is a label religious man gives things that defy his ulterior motives. if you want to hide the secrets of God, hide them in plain site, and to do that you have to leave a piece of meat on the floor where dogs run free, and yet still prevent them from eating it. So you give it a bad smell to repel the dogs. The truths of God, the original truths long before religion, are hidden and disguised as mysticism. Truth in plain sight. I’ve found a back up in the bible for every original esoteric teaching, and they are far from mysticism.

    Don’t be confused by words. All religions are technically mysticism, theoretical science is deemed mysticism by some religions and cultures. There is not such thing as religion, mysticism or culture. These are all words, labels so we can identify concepts, but these are only concepts, not things. Culture is not a thing. Religion is not a thing. Mysticism is not a thing. These are all names for forms of thinking, and thinking can easily be deluded with false realities and lies. What the smartest liar forgets though, is that he has been defeated before he get’s started. Let me explain. In order for one to create a lie he must start with the truth, thus at the heart of every lie is the original seed of truth. You need faith to act as a sieve that will filter out the human bullshit and leave behind that seed of truth. This is where I am at in my journey of seeking truth.

    Maybe what I’ve said will help some of you cross to the next level of understanding. I invite questions.


    • Raven73au says:

      Thank you Bo very very well said! I am not without sin but cherish that which I have learnt and know that I am a learning and evolving soul, I sit in awe and wonder at what is happening around us that is SO much bigger than all of us and through my fear try and grasp a tiny truth of the whole picture, try to learn and understanding if in fact ever I do? I know and remember that I am a micro of the macro a tiny piece that also makes the whole and my own truth is the truth. This is hard to put in to words. Thank you for your honesty and wisdom here, although unsure how to answer correctly I feel your words resonate inside me. I have often said to my children let go of the judgement in religion and try only to grasp the essense….the true essense.


  19. James says:

    Not to be a total Downer but even though you may be prepared for natural disasters you can never know what will happen say you are in your bunker because of tornado and you stock up on food and you live but your entire town is gone and than a flood comes and than your food is gone? I’m not telling people not to prepare for natural disasters or make changes but you might save up on food and than your house falls down because of an earthquake or a flood comes and wash away. I was not prepared for what happened to me but Christ came to me and i put my trust in him. It’s not easy but say you die in a any natural disaster or like these 89 that did God loves them and they are safe now in Heaven. This world is getting more chaotic and even if we got The entire world to be prepared it would be a few with food but than others would have nothing. I would feel guilty and give the food I hoarded away to those without.

    No matter what happens to you remember Christ love you. You are never alone.


  20. A_lad says:

    Wow I’m sorry I didn’t get into this coversation sooner 😉 I know a few scientists that found Christ thru all their research. God is the author if all things. If he created it then it is his to begin with. All things IMHO good and bad work for the Glory of the Lord.

    These tragedies are awful and painstaking.

    P.S I’m really enjoying your book Alvin. It’s a great work!


  21. MatthewB says:

    So, far there has been 17 people pulled from the rubble alive. And I had just learned of two Kansas City police officers, that been there to try to keep away looters had been struck by lighting and taken to a nearby hospitol. My prayers go out to them.

    Bo, I’d like to thank you for your comment. Thank you. It is always nice to know there are like minded people out there. I agree with you. My spiritual journey has lead me to the same revelations.
    I believe my journey began with my ”fall from grace” (typical selfish teenage B.S.) which eventually lead to atheism. Then a few years later I had a spiritual experience during one of my first meditations and I came to realize the spiritual nature of reality, and in doing so my sails were set and my journey was on it’s way. I was lead from Wicca and other paganisms, to many other things and then by fate and an act of boredom, I was lead to reading the bible again. I found by God’s hand leading me to various passages, things that made me believe in God again, though in a non-traditional way. God has taught me that truth is out there amonst all faiths, and other sources. You just have to open your mind to the possiblities. So, only through being lost was I truly found. If I never fell I would not be the spiritual being I am, today.
    Where I live in the bible belt it is taboo to believe anything that is not a tradtional p.o.v. of God. I meet a Native American man one day who taught me that being spiritual is better than being religious. The way I see it, religion is made by man. Spirituality is a gift from God. ”There is One truth, not many. It is open to all. See and know this for yourself.” -Buddha Gautama
    As I always like to say, ”Reality is an illusion. The truth lies beyond what you see.”
    Sorry, Alvin I know I have strayed abit off subject, but where I live talking to a like minded person sometimes comes, ”few and far between”. I know you get this all the time, but I love the site. I come here everyday to read your new posts. I find it to be very informative and in some of the comments you others make, to be very enlightening. Thank you for all that you do.

    May, The Great Spirit always watch over and guide you.


  22. Ynot says:

    I’ve just read all your blogs, word by word – amazed!!!!. I think you are all starting to understand the “connection” to the extinction protocol. I am not surprised to see super tornados in America – we all know in our hearts what is to come as we are seeing the consequences of repeated earthquakes here in New Zealand. Unfortunately we do not fully understand someone else’s pain until it happens to us and ones we love and care for. I was taught the hard way about letting go (thy will be done) after fathering a child with severe disabilities having to release control of all that I knew and believed I could change. One day (when my daughter was four years old undergoing open heart surgery) God stepped in and lifted the burden of responsibility of my daughters life from me – took over so to speak – she lived and is now eleven years old and going strong. What does this have to do with Tornados, answer – it takes a life changing event (good or bad – human perception) to wake up your super consiousness to connect to the creator, this is what is happening to every person on this earth right now. We are connecting through this site, sharing insights and real time experiences in order to experience God, waiting for the light to come on. Keep talking to each other – the more we know the better prepared we can be and Alvin is the channel for this to happen – maybe we are the family we all want to be?


  23. jp mills says:

    In April storms rolled through our neighborhood. I stood looking out into the dark as the wind blew tree limbs across the yard. As the wind got stronger, I felt the floor shake under my feet. This house was built by my father in the 40’s and has withstood many a storm, but this time I wasn’t so sure. When the storm passed I was grateful that we had once again been protected from harm. I thank God for watching over my family and always remember: To know the strength of the anchor, you must feel the power of the storm.


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