Large dense band rainbow seen in skies of Missouri after tornado- 124 dead

uploaded by Prepaid56                Deadlier Storms on the rise?
May 23, 2011JOPLIN, MO April was especially busy, contributing to one of the most severe spring tornado seasons on record. NOAA officials estimate there have been almost 1,000 tornadoes this year, double the total of a typical year, with storms raging from Missouri to North Carolina. This year’s tally of 50 fatal tornadoes compares with about 20 in an average year. This spring’s outbreak surpasses any since 1953, when 519 people were killed at a time when forecasters lacked the technology and ability to warn people well before storms hit. The 1953 toll included 117 people killed when a tornado struck Flint, Mich., 114 from one in Waco, Texas, and 90 from a tornado in Worcester, Mass. The toll from that season was so heavy that it prompted the federal government to help set up ground-based radar systems that allowed local weather forecasters to track storms across regions, rather than relying solely on observational reports from weather bureaus outside their areas. Final numbers on tornadoes and deaths this year won’t be available for months because early tallies include duplicate reports—and some unreported storms. NOAA officials warn that for now the tornado numbers will appear high until local weather forecasters can confirm the final count. –Wall Street Journal
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14 Responses to Large dense band rainbow seen in skies of Missouri after tornado- 124 dead

  1. Dana says:

    I have seen triple rainbow few times in past.


  2. Luca says:


    showing God is with them and with us all. God Bless.


  3. CHF says:

    It’s a strange sight to be sure, but his comments in the Youtube post indicate it is a double-rainbow and the wide band effect is just how his camera caught it.


  4. AWatchman4Him says:

    I took about 20 pictures of this, it was one of the brightest and most defined rainbow’s I have ever seen. Simply AWESOME!!!


  5. Julie says:

    Alvin –
    I don’t watch much T.V. – but just watched Weather Channel. Jim Cantore (sp?) was talking to Brian Williams (NBC Nightly News Anchor) in Joplin, where Brian Williams lived for years. Brian W. said, and I paraphrase, “everywhere I go, people are asking me what is going on with the weather. They say, it never used to be like this. Something is happening. But that is your department.”
    Just wanted to let you know. People are waking up. And thanks, Alvin, for being here. May I be a blessing to you, as you are to me!


  6. Virginia Helies (Gen) says:

    Alvin, not related but thought you would be interested.

    23 May UTC 13:47:13 3.2 quake near Yulara NT/SA border region

    Ayres Rock Resort apparently is at Yulara. Ayres Rock (Uluru) about 18 km from Yulara.


  7. Penny says:



  8. It is interesting that after Dave Wilkerson’s death, April 31, we are seeing so much of what he warned of in his prophecies. For one, the weather prophets would not be able to understand the weather changes and predict them correctly. We are truly living in the end times, but, many are still fast asleep.


  9. Patty says:

    I was driving north on Interstate 25 in N.M. and CO the day before this Joplin tornado. From Southern CO, I could view an incredibly huge storm system hanging over the the Rockies north to the east (towards Kansas) Very black clouds. By the time I got to approximately Colorado Springs, right next to the black cloud there was the beautiful double rainbow just like in your picture. My take? It’s God’s signature that these storms are definitely from Him and He’s not joking anymore.


  10. Kim says:

    Beautiful rainbow. I am always amazed by rainbows.

    God Bless you all.

    I saw on CNN Anderson Cooper talking to a gentlemen about the cross still standing and how he was amazed by it (in Joplin) The guy said yeah a sign. I think it gives them hope when they walk by it and see it still standning admist the rubble its difficult when you go through tragedy to keep your faith, its so hard and I am praying for these people. God loves you, no matter what happens to you God loves you. And so do I.


  11. Henry B says:

    The weather patterns and the planetary behaviour of our planet have always been weird and wonderfull for the last 5 billion years, since our planet was formed, why would the next 5 billion years be any different?
    Look at the big picture!
    The things that happen on and around our planet and in the whole of the universe
    are about as weird as the questions we ask about it.
    What does Phillis Popovich mean by “we are living in the end times”?
    If she means we have entered the second half of our planets lifespan, then yes we have.
    And some people live in a dreamtime!!


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