Scientists find regions of the earth’s core may be melting

May 21, 2011 – The inner core of the Earth may be melting, scientists now find. This melting could actually be linked to activity at the Earth’s surface, the researchers said, and added that the discovery could help explain how the core generates the planet’s magnetic field. The Earth’s inner core is a ball of solid iron about 1,500 miles wide, about the same size as the moon. This ball is surrounded by an outer core made up mostly of liquid iron- nickel alloy, a highly viscous mantle layer and, topping it off, a solid crust that forms the surface of the planet. As the Earth cools from the inside out, the molten outer core is slowly freezing. This is leading the solid inner core to grow at a rate of about 1 millimeter per year. However, scientists now find that the inner core might be melting at the same time. “The standard view has been that the inner core is freezing all over and growing out progressively, but it appears that there are regions where the core is actually melting,” said researcher Sebastian Rost, a seismologist at the University of Leeds in England. The roiling of material in the core, coupled with the spinning of the Earth, is what generates the planet’s magnetic field. For instance, when it comes to large regions under Africa and the Pacific where the lowermost mantle is hotter than average, the outer core below those areas can become hot enough to start melting the inner core. These findings suggest “that the whole dynamics of the Earth’s core are in some way linked to plate tectonics, which isn’t at all obvious from surface observations,” Mound said. To see if the core really is melting, “we would need larger arrays of seismometers spread more evenly around the world, particularly in the oceans, which is a technological hurdle,” Mound said. In addition, “we need to develop lab equipment that can explore the pressure and temperature conditions of the inner core — we are just on the edge of being able to do that reliably.” Mound, Rost and their colleagues David Gubbins and Binod Sreenivasan detail their findings in the May 19 issue of the journal Nature.  –MSNBC
“Now if some unknown phenomenon or energy has altered the Sun’s rate of radioactive decay, we can assume something similar may have also occurred with the Earth and has set in motion a runaway heating trend that is now causing volcanoes to convulse, the Earth to tremble, the magnetic field to deteriorate, and the planet’s climate to simultaneously crash.”  –The Extinction Protocol, p. 571
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22 Responses to Scientists find regions of the earth’s core may be melting

  1. John Hollis says:

    What might all of this man-made electricity that is grounded to Earth do? A question I have asked for some time now. Any takers?


    • John, could you be more specific in what you’re referencing….


      • Dennis says:

        He seems to be asking that all the electric line poles, all electrical substations,lighting rods, power plants,etc designed by man that is(might be) grounded into the earth might have an affect on the earth. A electrical impulse?
        In his defense and I don’t know him, a few years ago a major media program ran a segment on high power lines and the possible danger of living near them. There were massive power lines in the mid-west. I recall this certain family that had a dairy business near one, their dog died, complaints of headaches,etc, When an(some) electric device is grounded, it is suppose to prevent shock when touched. So, where does it go when grounded? It has to go somewhere. The same could be asked for ground to air lighting.
        Just a thought. Thanks


  2. hypnozoo says:

    so is this bad?


  3. Nymphaea says:

    You don’t need the University of Leeds to tell us that there is a shift in the energy in the earth – we can see this in the earthquakes, volcanoes and the activity of the sun as you mentioned. I doubt very much if these researchers are capable of working out what the impetus is if they are not going to look at the earth in relation to the other heavenly bodies and the rest of the galaxy even. If they haven’t developed lab equipment to reliably measure pressure and temperature conditions in the inner core of the earth, isn’t a lot of what they have published in a supposedly prestigious journal like Nature simply an educated guess and conjecture. It sounds more like a hypothesis to me when they use terms like -“may be melting, could be linked to surface activity, could help explain magnetic field” – nothing definitive there. Sounds like a good way to get more research funding though.


  4. dreamer says:

    So why not look at the most obvious reason THE MAGNETOSPHERE and no not the hole in it, but the cause of its erratic behavior,clearly a greater magnetic force than our earth (excluding the sun) is the lead in this drama.


  5. John Hollis says:

    More specific – oh boy. This is just a thought, with a little fact I assume to still be true.
    When pressed to answer the question “what is electricity”, the answer is “we do not know.” What we do know is how to generate and use it – each stage of any part of that creates heat – a surface issue.

    Iron is magnetic, a conductor, and melts. Electricity is a wave / frequency, one that easily heats metal. So it seems that what might be happening is that the generation process is pulling energy from probably above the surface of the Earth, and after its use, the remaining energy is cast down into the Earth.

    The Earths magnetic field is said to be weakening, and I do not question this. Could the electricity being grounded to the earth be traveling to the iron core where it is then placed into the magnetic field having a positive and / or negative effect? And is so, could this energy that is so good at creating heat be adding to the melting of the core? Further, here is a far-out video that I posted once prior that is mind opening [please excuse the Russian as at the moment I am in Moscow, where the powers that are shall remain with one buffoon already toast]. THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS
    64 мин. – 3 фев 2007 – Добавлено пользователем Silver Wolf Productions Inc./Thunderbolts Project
    NASA scientists about the fundamental force that forms and sustains the universe (summary below). Visit: http://www.thunderboltsdvd

    In sum, my question remains in its original form. Just a thought in my mind that remains unanswered – and – it is not in this life that all the answers will come!

    Christ is Risen


    • I’ve seen that video and do believe we live in a sea of infinite energy. Besides magnetism, Earth’s core generates thermal energy by rotation, tidal friction but the majority of the heat is believed to be generated by radioactive decay- it’s part of what’s called geo-nuclear climate theory. The magnetic field is generated by the iron-core dynamo rotation and convective energy flow between core and mantle. I don’t think surface energy production is affecting anything below.


    • suzana figueiredo says:

      maérica do sul, brasil, esteio-rs –
      o que pode estar fundindo o núcleo metálico da terra é essa mudança causada pelas tempestades magnéticas do SOL.
      Causam efeito “micro-ondas”, aquecem o núcleo primeiro, do centro para a superfície.
      A temperatura é a mesma conhecida dos metais aqui, na crosta terrestre.
      Para que equipamento de medir temperatura do nucleo fundido?
      Pressão? É suficiente para colocar em atividade vulcões INATIVOS.
      Não é possível definir pressão estmando volume e tempo de massa projetada pelo vulcão? Levando em conta a ALTURA que essa massa é projetada para cima?
      Amigos, há que se ter ouvidos para ouvir e olhos para ver – e – querer ver/ouvir!
      Então, até breve, o ultimo a sair, feche a porta e apague a Luz….
      Abraços fraternos. suzana figueiredo


  6. John Hollis says:

    Thank you Dennis,

    Lightning is volts with little to no amps. Think of a waterfall, where volts are its height and amps the volume of water. Amps times volts equals watts. Watts are the power, as in a 50 watt light bulb v. a 100. If I had the time and ability I’d research the watts generated on the planet, but I don’t – I can assure you though that it is Huge!

    None of the above relates to an EMP, but you are so correct in that transmission lines and the fields that they create are dangerous to be around, let alone live near.


  7. APAK says:

    This conversation is so full of energy. Hehe 😉
    I guess after reading the news, I’m going to hug up on my kiddos and watch Saturday cartoons with them.
    Blessings 😀


  8. Dawn Case says:

    How do scientist TRULY know what is actually in the center of the earth? I mean… really? all we have are an artist depiction. We have no photos, nothing man has ever made will even go half the distance.


  9. dreamer says:

    Search for the truth and you will find it, do not expect the established powers to assist you in your search, they only have lies to share, the past holds the answers to the future.


  10. does this mean that we are going to die


    • Eventually, but not as an immediate effect from this. It’s the long and wider implications of how this process affects the geology of the planet that should be of concern to us- weather patterns, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes- which has been the largest killer on the planet over the last two decades, ect.


  11. im just asking myself.what if in worst case scenario if the earth core is melting:what will happen? to us and the planet.or is this what happens now with the sun just a hype to create fear among people.they say the solar maximum is gonna be a danger to our planet but it happens each 11 years what’s the difference now and 11 years ago?


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