6.1 earthquake shakes volcanic trench of Kermadec Islands

May 21, 2011NEW ZEALAND – A 6.1 magnitude earthquake has struck the Kermadec Islands just north of New Zealand. The quake struck at a depth of 19 km. Seismic tension and volcanic activity has been steadily increasing in the area since the 2010 Cantebury earthquake struck New Zealand. A intermittent string of quakes have also rippled across Australia.
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5 Responses to 6.1 earthquake shakes volcanic trench of Kermadec Islands

  1. Gerald says:

    Speaking of earthquakes, there is a lot of internet buzz about a seismic reading of 8.5 in Libya yesterday, then the info disappeared. Do you know anything about this?


  2. Ynot says:

    The Kermadec quake was felt from Waipu, Northland down to Christchurch on East coast only. Auckland graphs registered small shake only as did West coast graphs. Assume next quake will strike Suthern Alantic ridge opposite side diametrically – seems to be in time with sunrise?


  3. kiara rodriguez says:

    this is a very heplful website.. i jsut have one little imput… out more details on volcanic trenches please… thank you 🙂


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