Mexico awakening? Acapulco region registers 60 tremors so far in May

May 19, 2011ACAPULCO, MX – So far in the month of May, 60 tremors have been registered in Guerrero, mostly in the Richter range of 3 or 4. Monday afternoon a tremor of 4.3 was felt and an earlier one of 5.5 was registered on May 5 with the same epicenter, in the municipality of Ometepec, in the Costa Chica, to the east and south of Acapulco. More than one-third of the tremors taking place in this month in Guerrero have had their origin in the Costa Chica. Five tremor epicenters have occurred within the municipality of Acapulco since May 1, all of them between 3 and 4 on the Richter scale. The tremors felt in Guerrero in the first two weeks of May is double the number registered for the same period last year. –Real Acapulco
The List is growing: Mexico, like Japan, Iceland, Hawaii, parts of the U.S., New Zealand, the Indo-Australia Plate, the Caribbean and Cocos Plate, the Hindu-Kush Valley, the Mediterranean region, and the volcanic arcs of Tonga-Kermadec all appear to be entering a new period of geological kinetic seismicity. Change is upon us…   –The Extinction Protocol
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9 Responses to Mexico awakening? Acapulco region registers 60 tremors so far in May

  1. Geoff says:

    Hi, Great website.
    Im just asking here, as im a skeptic to end of the world stuff (although have read nearly every book out there on the subject). With all these volcanos becoming active, and really extreme weather, dont you think this is just the world evolving, and not a signal for it coming to an end?
    Also could it be that all these events kinda happened previously but there wasnt the media and communication channels there are now, the internet etc..
    Just my 2 pennies worth
    Geoff from London


    • Good question, Geoff. About 85% of the most dangerous earthquakes to strike the Earth have occurred in the last 50 years. Now here’s something a bit more scary- out of the 10 most powerful earthquakes to strike the planet since 1950 (61 years ago)- 40% have occurred in the last 7 years. That’s almost half. In 200 years, or in the last 3.4% of the time in two centuries- 40% of the most powerful quakes have occurred. Do you find that a bit alarming? If this is just a cycle- it will be the most densesly compacted in terms of the sheer numbers of deadly natural disasters that has ever occurred. 2010 saw the most volcanic eruptions in recorded history- again; it this is just a cycle- it’s one of the worst. To follow your leap of logic then would be if the planet is evolving- what is it evolving into? —-based on the circumstanial evidence, would you conclude something more benign or something more inimical?


      • J Guffey says:

        Thanks for those stats Alvin. I was hoping you would post these and here they are. Thanks again.


  2. Silent Storm says:

    It seems obvious to me that we are seeing more activity in this region.
    Because this is the build up for the end of the 5th age, as predicted by the Mayan calendar.


  3. Jeff B says:


    I live in Acapulco… I’ve felt 2 earthquakes in the last month… both were quite mild but definitely noticeable.

    My question is: Do a lot of small earthquakes all in one area mean that a big one is coming? Or could it just be a cluster of small ones?

    Did they have lots of small ones prior to the big one in Japan?



    • That depends Jeff. Sometimes quakes are foreshocks and protend quakes and sometimes that are signs of brewing problems like new fault stress. Quakes are erupting at least in three places along Mexico- so my assessment is that something bigger may be brewing. The Cocos tectonic plate and the Caribbean Plate could both have a violent clash. A large quake is overdue along the Caribbean plate which has been showing increasing amounts of stress over the last 60 to 90 days- a quake swarm is occurring now in the Virgin Islands. They did have a lot of quakes in Japan before the March 11 quake —–


      • David says:

        Good morning Alvin,found this story,if you want to move it by all means please do, News that up to 100 pilot whales many with head injuries have been spotted leading to fears that they may be trying to beach themselves. Could this be a precursor to an earthquake ? Many of the whales have head injuries something that may have happened if they tried to beach themselves up against the rocky coast line. Toads can apparently know whether an earthquake will strike some 5-6 days before it happens


      • It could be a percusor but quakes are not that common in Scotland — there is underwater volcanism near the Arctic Circle. I think what’s more alarming is how could whales lose their magnetic bearings being so close to the North Pole- maybe this is the question of the day?


  4. Tina Marie says:

    I have noticed quite a few stories of whales showing up in strange places all together recently and was thinking the same thing. If the airports had to make adjustments to keep their radar working properly (which I read they’d never had to do before because the changes are usually so gradual) then it makes sense since whales travel using their radar, that they would be hugely affected. It’s not like they can adjust their GPS. It really worries me because I know many other animals like birds use the same type of radar to migrate during the season changes. You know a lot more than I do about such things though Alvin, and I was wondering what other animals we might see similar effects on if this theory is correct?


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