Conservationists warn extinction threat growing across Europe

May 19, 2011BRUSSELS – The Iberian lynx that prowls the grasslands of southern Spain; the Mediterranean monk seal swimming waters off Greece and Turkey; the Bavarian pine vole that forages in the high meadows of the Alps. These are among hundreds of European animal species — up to a quarter of the total native to the continent — that are threatened with extinction according to a warning issued this month by the European Union. “Biodiversity is in crisis, with species extinctions running at unparalleled rates,” said a statement from the European Union’s Environment Commissioner, Janez Potocnik. The threatened species include mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and butterflies. Plant life is under threat as well. The crisis is due to several factors, including loss of habitat, pollution, alien species encroachment, climate change and overfishing. Critics say the EU’s proposed solutions don’t go far enough and lack funding. “Life is possible because of biodiversity,” said Ana Nieto, with the International Union for Conservation of Nature. “Everything comes from biodiversity. Everything comes from having well-functioning ecosystems.” The crisis threatens humans as well, potentially wreaking economic and social havoc in Europe, said Potocnik spokesman Joe Hennon. The continuing loss of birds can allow insects to breed at alarming rates, harming crops, Hennon said. A reduced number of bees inhibits plant pollination. Diminishing forests mean water is not cleaned naturally and the soil is loosened, too, making floods and mud slides more likely. All of that, Hennon said, means governments should spend money preserving species from extinction. “People say, ‘Yes, but we don’t have the money to spend on environmental protection. Surely growth and jobs are more important,” Hennon said. “You have to say, Well, look what happened in Pakistan last year. You can have catastrophic flooding because forests have been cut down. So it ends up costing you more in the long run.” –Yahoo News
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3 Responses to Conservationists warn extinction threat growing across Europe

  1. Alex says:

    90% of earth species have become extinct due to man and disasters.
    Speaking of the Spanish Lynx it is due to the over hunting, wild cat is a dish for the Basque people of the Perinea Mountains, I know I have being there And see it hunt down to eat and the fur.


  2. News in Melbourne Oz tonight that our fuzzy little friend the Koala is now at risk of extinction due to climate change…


  3. Luca says:

    And people think that technology can fix this. I heard someone actually say that technology would say the planet. 😦 but that person also believe technology would eventually stop of crime and all the evils in the world.


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