5.8 earthquake strikes Western Turkey – 5 dead, 75 injured

May 19, 2011ANKARA — An earthquake measuring a magnitude of 5.9on the open-ended Richter scale hit northwest Turkey late Thursday.  A citizen panicked and died after jumping from the window, Kutahya Governor Kenan Ciftci told broadcaster NTV.  The epicenter of the quake which struck around 2015 GMT was at Simav in Kutahya province, about 310 kilometers (190 miles) west of the capital Ankara, the agency said, citing the Kandilli seismological institute in Istanbul. The quake was also felt in the neighboring provinces and as far as Istanbul, it said. Turkish television channels reported residents of the quake-hit region panicked, rushing out into the streets, and telephone lines were jammed making it difficult to contact the area for more information. A 5.9-magnitude quake could be expected to cause damage in Turkey due to substandard home construction. An earthquake in Kutahya province in 1970 killed more than 1,000 people. And in 1999, two strong quakes in the heavily populated and industrialized regions of northwest Turkey left some 20,000 dead. –AFP
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9 Responses to 5.8 earthquake strikes Western Turkey – 5 dead, 75 injured

  1. Marge says:

    There was also an 8.4 earthquake reported in Libya – any confirmation on that – that is huge!
    Also, a 6.0 off the western coast of Honshu, Japan.


  2. Alex says:

    Any Idea Why the US is not reporting the 8.4 Earthquake in Libya ?

    all the other nations picked up ???????


  3. Alex says:


    19.05.2011, 20:25:34 3.9 30 39.07N 29.25E TURKEY A19.05.2011, 20:25:33 4.1 10 39.15N 29.13E TURKEY M
    19.05.2011, 20:15:25 5.5 80 39.07N 29.25E TURKEY A
    19.05.2011, 20:15:24 5.7 10 39.17N 29.05E TURKEY M19.05.2011, 19:59:47 3.2 8 39.15N 29.21E TURKEY M
    19.05.2011, 19:08:45 3.4 30 34.57N 23.59E CRETE, GREECE A
    19.05.2011, 19:03:01 4.2 14 34.36N 23.34E CRETE, GREECE M
    19.05.2011, 14:50:54 5.0 270 39.11N 14.87E TYRRHENIAN SEA M
    19.05.2011, 14:49:02 8.4 30 30.72N 10.79E NEAR COAST OF LIBYA A (Here)
    19.05.2011, 04:38:25 3.4 10 39.12N 29.42E TURKEY M
    19.05.2011, 00:01:59 3.0 23 45.14N 25.67E


    I was looking at the helios and was shocked… here it is everyone!


  4. http://www.emsc-csem.org/#3
    This shows over 70 in Western Turkey last 48 hrs?? But the other sites don’t seem to be showing the same?


  5. Jens Skapski says:

    I didn’t hear something about Libya and i can’t imagine such a strong quake there! Maybe it was an explosion of a bomb of Gadaffi!
    I’m surprised that there were 3 strong quakes in 6 hours in europe! Italy 4,7 ; Turkey 5,9 and Crete 5,2! I don’t know when we had something like this before! And this only 1 week after Spain! I said before there will come more and that this is not the end!
    Maybe next time we have a real quake in Libya!


  6. Erik says:

    The number of aftershocks is insane in turkey. At least for a 5.8 its really high.
    Compare that with the 5.2 we had in spain for example. strange difference if you ask me


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