An unprecedented century of natural disasters is upon us…

May 17, 2011 – This will be the century of disasters. In the same way that the 20th century was the century of world wars, genocide, and grinding ideological conflict, the 21st will be the century of natural disasters and technological crises and unholy combinations of the two. It’ll be the century when the things that we count on to go right will, for whatever reason, go wrong. Late last month, as the Mississippi River rose in what is destined to be the worst flood in decades, and as the residents of Alabama and other states rummaged through the debris of a historic tornado outbreak, physicists at a meeting in Anaheim, Calif., had a discussion about the dangers posed by the sun. Solar flares, scientists believe, are a disaster waiting to happen. Thus one of the sessions at the American Physical Society’s annual meeting was devoted to discussing the hazard of electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) caused by solar flares or terrorist attacks. Such pulses could fry transformers and knock out the electrical grid over much of the nation. Last year the Oak Ridge National Laboratory released a study saying the damage might take years to fix and cost trillions of dollars. And yet in the coming century, these or other black swans will seem to occur with surprising frequency. There are several reasons for this. We have chosen to engineer the planet. We have built vast networks of technology. We have created systems that, in general, work very well, but are still vulnerable to catastrophic failures. It is harder and harder for any one person, institution, or agency to perceive all the interconnected elements of the technological society. Failures can cascade. There are unseen weak points in the network. Small failures can have broad consequences. Most importantly: We have more people, and more stuff, standing in the way of calamity. We’re not suddenly having more earthquakes, but there are now 7 billion of us, a majority living in cities. In 1800, only Beijing could count a million inhabitants, but at last count there were 381 cities with at least 1 million people. Natural disasters will increasingly be accompanied by technological crises—and the other way around. –Slate
Fragile system already on the brink of collapse: Electrical transformers explode in Fort Worth, Texas on May 10, 2011 after a severe thunderstorm.
“America’s electrical network weaves through more than 211,000 miles (340,000 km) of high-voltage power lines that are knitted together by an aging hodgepodge of substations and transformers that have the tendency to blow if they are barely spooked by the sight of a lightning bolt.” –The Extinction Protocol, page 298
Videos by (c) Brian Luenser  and Sheilaaliens—–   story contributed by Alex, Mahati
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25 Responses to An unprecedented century of natural disasters is upon us…

  1. Anthony says:

    I don’t think people even understand what the word fragile means yet. They will though.


  2. this is an awesome blog thank you for all the insights for they are so helpful you are doing a great job putting all this information out there may GOD continue to enlighten you


  3. Julie says:

    I’m soo glad someone is starting to notice – besides all of us!

    WAKE UP!


  4. David says:

    Theres not a whole lot to a transformer. Its basically just a bunch of wires and some sort of cooling agent (usually grease). Being that they’re so simple, they usually wont spend a whole lot of time maintaining them. Its cheaper to allow it to fail, and then replace it. One wire with compromised insulating material would likely lead to an imminent issue. The cooling agent also occasionally fails.

    I’m willing to bet that it’s more about maintenance than Sun related. The US has allowed it’s infrastructure to completely go downhill over the years.

    You can probably expect to hear alot more about power problems in the coming future. Summer is on it’s way the demand factor will be greater, and America’s electrical infrastructure is damn near in shambles. Our power grids are so out dated it’s not even funny.


  5. A_lad says:

    Hey Alvin. I came across this link in reference to these transformers.

    Don’t know if you saw it


  6. David says:

    It was not only Fort Worth but a lot more so it seems, here is a list.
    This is highly unusal for this time of year. Usually happens in summer, not spring.

    Just a thought but maybe the sun is sending more rays then we know. I know solar flares ar not going to be strong till next year and in 2013,The best option: Keep an eagle eye on the sun.
    If a direct hit comes our way, shut down EVERYTHING !
    Make the USA go completely dark BEFORE it actually hits the Earth.
    That will save the transformers from exploding.
    When the solar storm clears hopefully in a day or so then turn everything back on.
    If we leave everything turned on, then the transformers will fry and we won’t recover for years.

    4/20/11 Hartford, Connecticut (transformer fire and power outage)
    4/20/11 Marion, North Carolina (transformer explodes at Duke Energy substation causes outage)
    4/21/11 North Manchester, New Hampshire (transformer fire)
    4/23/11 Palm Beach, Florida (transformer overheats in club)
    4/24/11 North Platte, Nebraska (blown transformer)
    4/24/11 Petaluma, California (blown transformer causes fire)
    4/26/11 Frederick, Maryland (transformer fire)
    4/27/11 North Canton, Ohio (transformer malfunction causes building fire)
    4/28/11 Meriden, Connecticut (transformer fire in apartment)
    4/30/11 Newark, New Jersey (transformer fire at Seton University)
    5/4/11 Torrington, Connecticut (transformer fire causes power outage)
    5/4/11 Ridgewood, New Jersey (blown transformer)
    5/5/11 Topeka, Kansas (blown transformer causes power outages at three schools)
    5/5/11 and 5/13/11 Bathinda, Punjab, India (burned transformers)
    5/6/11 Shelton, Connecticut (overheated transformer at high school)
    5/9/11 Champaign, Illinois (transformer failure)
    5/9/11 Bryan, Texas (blown transformer causes fire)
    5/10/11 Kanpur City, Uttar Pradesh, India (transformer catches fire, burns down 10-15 shops)
    5/10/11 Snellville, Georgia (exploded transformer in flames)
    5/10/11 St. George, Utah (transformer causes power outage)
    5/10/11 Oak Grove, Oregon (transformer fire)
    5/12/11 Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada (transformer causes power outage)
    5/12/11 Sumter, South Carolina (blown transformer at elementary school)
    5/12/11 Fort Worth, Texas (lightning storm exploding transformers)
    5/12/11 Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin (exploded transformer at factory)
    5/12/11 Deatsville, Alabama (transformer fire at Alabama Power substation)
    5/12/11 Houston, Texas (blown transformers – check out the “fireworks/swamp gas”-like explanation)
    5/12/11 Wilmington, Delaware (transformer problem causes outage)
    5/12/11 Sandy Springs, Georgia (transformer fire at Georgia Power substation)
    5/13/11 Piney Point, Maryland (transformer explodes at a campground)
    5/13/11 Las Vegas, Nevada (exploded transformer behind casinos)
    5/13/11 Ukiah, California (Medical Center transformer power outage) (search Google -in Ukiah Daily Journal)
    5/14/11 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (transformer causes power outage that “sounded like an explosion”)
    5/14/11 Hillcrest, New Zealand (transformer erupts in flames)
    5/14/11 New City, New York [NOT New YORK City] (power outage due to transformer)
    5/14/11 Wentzville, Missouri (transformer fire trips tornado sirens)
    5/15/11 Karachi, Pakistan (transformer on pole causes power outage)
    5/15/11 Dixon, California (transformer explodes)
    5/15/11 Grand Rapids, Michigan (transformer fire in apartment)

    here are some links


  7. Luca says:

    I just saw this headline about China and sory this is offtopic. Forgive me english is not my first language.

    ‘Months of drought have reportedly shrunken many central China water reservoirs to near uselessness. According to China Daily, local authorities said that 1,392 reservoirs in the province of Hubei were left “virtually useless” with only “dead water” in them. “Dead water” status means that the lakes can only supply water in an emergency. ‘

    God Bless you all.


  8. This is a fantastic website, i visit it every day. It is good news with inteligent comments. A breath of fresh air keep the good work


  9. Kristina says:

    There was a transformer explosion here a couple days ago, it only effected like 19 homes but it was in the news. It was in the Broadmoor area of Colorado Springs Colorado. I only noticed it cause I saw a lot of ppl talking about an abnormal amount of transformers exploding.


  10. Kristina says:

    It happened here in Colorado Springs, Colorado too, on May 15, 2o11!


  11. Erik says:

    there have been problems with transformers in Portugal too. Same lighting show as in Texas.

    I dont think it has to do with maintainence because its happening all over the world it seems.

    blown transformers in portugal:


  12. David says:

    Scientists are lying to us, and they will till the end of time. guy appears to be real,,check this out Alvin,what are your thoughts on this article.


    • David, I agree with the article about the geological changes occurring to the planet. I take issue with comet Elenin being a doomsday comet. And two suns appearing as through a hazy atmosphere in Asia has no bearing on two suns appearing anywhere else in the world or with the supernova explosion that is supposed to be visible in 2012. We’re throwing everything into the meat grinder and coming up with apocalpyse sausage. The only time a comet will cause an earthquake on Earth is when it’s on a collision course with the planet. Long-period comets don’t change their own orbits because of a Mayan calendar date. We can use science to separate fact from fiction. I’ve stayed away from the doomsday date setting events and people trying to fit catastrophes into their own time frames.


  13. David says:

    One more,Underground explosion of another transformer


  14. trevor says:

    Transformers here in ontario have been crashing as well. And they were not affected by lightning storms or windy and bad surface weather. I would expect that with the magnetic gravity field being less than whole, our planet is going to be affected by more various effects from beyond the atmosphere. And some of which I’m certain that we are still unaware of, let alone the solar activity which has increased in activity beyond all previous levels first theorized. We can calculate what we can see. But until we can actually gain some solid data and insight to the suns own evolution and its process. We’re fishing in the dark! I think unfortunately so, that as per norm, we’ll be looking at changes hindsight.


  15. bob says:

    Lol I saw this about a week ago on another form, where they were trying to say the transformers exploding was an alien invasion. Some people….


  16. Teresa Puckett says:

    I recently built my home with an old fashioned “dog run” down the middle of it. Now a days people build their homes depending on a/c. Mine was designed to open windows (in all rooms) and french doors in both bedrooms and the living room off the dog run to catch the breeze down the dog run. I “know” we will one day be without electricity, the bible says we will go back to the old ways before he returns. People need to start preparing now for when there is no electricity instead of waiting for when it happens!!!!!


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