Kashmir Valley jolted by three moderate earthquakes in 12 hours

May 16, 2011 Srinagar – Kashmir Valley was jolted by three moderate intensity earthquakes within a span of 12 hours but there were no reports of any damage, officials said. The first tremor, measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale was felt at 2.37 AM followed by another tremor of 4.7 magnitude at 12.18 PM, the officials said. Another tremor of magnitude 5.0 occurred at 12.53 PM with epicenter at 32.49N, 105.5E located in Sichuan-Gansu border region, China. “There are no reports of any damage so far,” officials said. The tremors rattled Srinagar and other parts of the valley, prompting the people to rush out. The first tremor had its epicenter in Hindukush mountain range in Afghanistan. The location of epicenter was 36.5 north (Latitude) and 70.7 east (Longitude), they said. The officials said the epicenter of second tremor was in Manshera area of Pakistan with coordinates of 34.8 north latitude and 72.9 east Longitude. A devastating earthquake of 7.4 magnitude had flattened the border areas of the Valley on October 8, 2005, leaving more than 1,300 persons dead and many more injured. –Greater Kashmir
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1 Response to Kashmir Valley jolted by three moderate earthquakes in 12 hours

  1. Golfdad641 says:


    I have notice more 5.0+ earthquakes around the globe but then notice that the earthquakes in Alaska, Pacific NW, California and Nevada has been reduced in size. Is this because of the tension release elsewhere?

    Also about the quake in Spain and the building damage(s), it might of been to a Sonic Boom Quake that folks don’t really know about.



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