Japan widens evacuation zone around crippled nuclear plant

May 15, 2011TOKYO  JAPAN on Sunday started the first evacuations of homes outside a government exclusion zone after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami crippled one of the country’s nuclear power plants. Some 4,000 residents of Iidate-mura village as well as 1,100 people in Kawamata-cho town, in the quake-hit north-east, began the phased relocations to public housing, hotels and other facilities in nearby cities. –Strait Times
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7 Responses to Japan widens evacuation zone around crippled nuclear plant

  1. Isis says:

    They need to evacuate Japan !


  2. alex says:

    The End result of the Radiation being poured out to these poor people will be known in the next 12 to 18 months, thousands have being exposed to Radiation.


  3. Marshallrn says:

    Japan is very large. There is no reason to evacuate all of them. Yet they should move the northern half of the country down to the southern half.


  4. Marge says:

    This should have been the original evacuation zone. Now these people have been exposed to radiation for over 2 months. Meanwhile, the radiation continues to escape from the reactor and is being carried all over the world. Even uranium has been found in New England.


  5. skywalker says:

    they have 2 problems in japan, firstly there are large areas of their country that are unsuitable for any habbitation, which is why they have such high population densities in their cities . secondly, they were stupid enough to build nuclear reactors close to very active seismic hotspots.
    I believe that they are getting exactly wot they deserve for their ignorant short sighted-ness.


    • Skywalker, unfortunately…it’s where our spiritual problems are in terms of living out of touch with Creator and creation. Eons ago, people had children based on the yields of the land – they balanced their families based on the stewardship with the Earth and the population never over-exceeded the energy we were capable of producing from natural sunlight. We’re now fragmented because most of us only see processed food on our tables and most are disconnected from the very Earth that produced it under great toil and growing ecological strain. In the U.S. – 15 nuclear plants lie in the Madrid Fault zone, and major energy lines crisscross this potential disaster zone that, in the event of a major quake, could literally bring the U.S. to its knees. Nightmares sleep all around us and it is perhaps this seeming naivety, in the face of looming catastrophe, which I think is the real stardust of horror stories.


  6. Tina Marie says:

    It seems we may all get what we deserve for our short-sidedness. Treating the planet like a possession rather than our only home and mocking God with all the greed and self-interest. People today care mostly about what the can accumulate. Cars, houses and fat bank accounts but give nothing back to the communities they live in or society in general. A whole lost generation of familes who’s children, for the first time in America’s history don’t have a better life to look forward to than their parents did. What will be their real legacy? A polluted and destroyed planet, where day to day existence is a new way of life. Kinda bleak to think about in that way. I pray for the thousand years of peace for them as promised in the Bible. That’s what gives me hope for the future.


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