Fourth 6.0+ magnitude earthquake strikes the globe in 48 hours


6.5 magnitude earthquake struck Papua New Guinea at a depth of 43km. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake also struck along the central Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the shallow depth of 10 km. This is the fourth 6.0+ magnitude earthquake to strike the globe in 48 hours.
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33 Responses to Fourth 6.0+ magnitude earthquake strikes the globe in 48 hours

  1. Michael says:

    Very unusual for the mid-atlantic ridge. I bet that’s got a few people’s attention. A magnitude 9 at the same location and depth would be catastrophic for any atlantic coastline. Something’s going on, I just wish I knew why ? There are so many theories flying around………….


  2. michael du toit says:

    It’s the African roll to the West starting to happen. Africa is to shift at least 35 miles after the Meditirinian sea bed dropped.


  3. stormdog7 says:

    Add another one to the list. 6.5 New Guinea


  4. carolyn says:

    Can anybody give us a general statistical estimate of how unusual this is, to have 5 earthquakes over 6 in this period of time? What would be a typical normal average time frame for this many, historically speaking? Also, don’t you tend to get them in clusters and then things quiet down for a while? How unusual is it to have this cluster? Thanks. (I’m a doomer who lives among some sceptics.)


    • Carolyn, make I make a suggestion rather than troving over data. Maybe write down this occurrence and see if anything matches or exceeds it in the near future.

      Sorry, you’re planted among skeptics. Aren’t we all and we understand?


    • Julie says:

      I looked at Wikipedia and it says a 6-6.9 occurs 120 times per year. fyi


    • Lord Chaos says:

      Not sure how much this helps, but I just watched a show called “When America Shook” and it said that on average, there’s only two 6.0+ magnitude earthquakes in a twelve month period.


  5. Penny says:

    Wait till the New Madrid takes off!! yikes!!


  6. alex says:

    All Kinds of Crazy stuff are Happening even up in space a Comet just hit the sun


  7. alex says:

    Actually you can Probably said 5 earthquakes of -6.0 since there was one in the Hindu Kush region of 5.9 since the measuring parameters were changed all earthquakes reported are 1.0 to 2.0 beloow the actual richter scale.


  8. markosity1973 says:

    After a brief lull, it’s all starting again. 😦

    Whoever you are, what ever you believe now is the time to get your life right be at peace with yourself, your fellow humans and whatever God you believe in.


  9. Virginia Helies (Gen) says:

    There have been six 6.0s and + and one 5.9 and two 5.8s since 9 May. Have you noticed that there are a lot of one to two hour and even longer gaps happening between quakes and then a string of 5.0s or 6.0s are happening. Thats not counting under 2.5 US and EMSC quake lists.

    Makes me feel like something silent is going on. Actually I think I did read somewhere that something is happening that does not register. I think it was deep down in the oceans.

    Alvin I stumbled across a very interesting article when looking for a planet Uranus connection to Lisbon 1750/55 and Indian Ocean 2004 quakes. It was The Top Ten Earthquakes Galactic Astrology and 2012 at Another article The Fundamentals of Galactic Astrology at explains what galactic astrology is.

    It appears to be one more science pointing to a 2011 to 2015 buildup starting.

    It is very sad that the majority of humanity has no idea and that they think that is all hype.


  10. juliette says:

    just checked the liss sight and it seems to be showing activity all over


  11. Watchman says:

    And there was voices , and thunders , and lightnings ; and there was a great earthquake , such a was not since men were upon the earth , so mighty an earthquake , so great . Revelation 16:18
    The LORD is simply lining up his ducks for a catacylsmic event which will take place next Saturday May 21, 2011 which is the 7000 year anniversary of The Noahtic Flood . The corporate church would like you to think ” or not think ” that The LORD will come ” as a thief in the night ” which just substantiates their position of spiritual darkness . The LORD is not a thief but merciful beyond man’s comprehension and true to his nature regarding other Biblical Judgements , IE; The Flood , Sodom and Gomorrah , the city of Nineveh , the 10 plagues set upon pharoah and even the 7 year famine foretold by Joseph , He gave advance warning . One can learn alot from the spared people of Nineveh who came broken and contrite before GOD . Folks ! The whole creation is moaning , we are on the cusp of judgement ! The days of theological bickering and suto science are over !! The cauldren of doomsday scenarios are being stirred with devine directive and without dilution . Blessings to all and yours ^


    • Watchmen, I do not believe in a rapture or a 7 year tribulation, nor do I believe in setting dates for the end of the world or the return of Christ as I find no scriptural basis for any of it. (Matthew 24:36). That being said, I’m not rebuking anyone for their faith but when these dates come and go —- we will still be here and I pray all those who have been so bold as to announce to the world they are putting on their ascension robes for May 21, come back on this site and prepare to roll up their sleeves, get into the field with the rest of us so we can finish the work of warning the planet of the soon return of Christ. Even if I go to heaven right now in a silver chariot laced with angelic escorts—– I would decline the offer because there’s so much work to be done down here and too many souls suffering who have never heard the message of Christ’s redemption.


      • Watchman says:

        Alvin , with the ut most respect sir , without going into all the different institutional stances on The rapture or The Great Tribulation , to build a whole theology on ( Matthew 24:36 )or ( Mark 13:32 ) that one can’t know the time of Christ’s return is under estimating The living WORD and the nature of progressive revelation of his WORD through the Holy Ghost. Granted many dates have come and gone leaving many skeptical , I understand that . God through his inspired WORD told us in ( Ecclesiastes 8:5 ) ” that some would know time and judgement ” ( paraphrased ) or in ( Danial 12:9 ) ” to seal up the book until the time of the end and knowledge would be increased ” and many more that can’t be developed on some doomsday blog . As for my ascension robes , they will be a standard pair of Osh gosh overalls warn in the field with an attitude of HOPE that just maybe i will be ” lifted up on that last day ” which is the correct Greek since you don’t like old English . Regarding your declined offer for an angelic lift , i muse at the sight of you argueing with the All Mighty about what your will is no matter how righteous your intentions ^


      • My point is Watchman, I know about this. October 22, 1844 – was another date set for Christ to return and people had similar visions before the event but, once again, they mis-intrepreted the scriptures. They were waiting on housetops then for their delivery in their ascension robes. You don’t need to try to convince me of what you believe- I’ve studied the history of the 2nd coming of Christ and have done a historical synopsis on every group of followers who believed they were given such knowledge. A city that is set upon a hill cannot be hid (Matthew 5:14). The righteous are the light of the world and God will not snatch the remnant of light from the world in Earth’s darkest hour- they are (the salt), the very ones who preserve it from being engulfed. Revelation 18:1, 2: “And I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power; and the Earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying: Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen…” Revelation 18:1-3 A great work is set where the message of God’s judgment, and the keeping of His law, is coming and the loud cry will be heralded to the four corners of the globe- this has not transpired. There is nothing to argue about as you mentioned in your scenario because I know what the date holds.


      • A_lad says:

        Wow…. That was a very good response! I think after a few more earth shattering events Alvin people may be willing to believe in the almighty and that his return is emminent! I think it’s so important for people to get their own houses in order spiritually so the can walk through these troubling times without fear of the storm. Humanity is going to need warriors to help bring hope to the lost and injured. The level of understanding must be grounded in universal events and how they line up with scripture. Unless Israel is attacked on all fronts and the Man of Sin is revealed, just to name a few, within the next 7 days the all these Mislead voices will become speechless. To sit around
        and wait for a specific date Hurts the Body of believers and
        doesn’t further the Lords Kingdom.

        My understanding has changed so much over the last year it unreal. I was a Pretribber but as the Book begins to open that Daniel was told to close my views have begun to change. As knowledge increases so should ones understanding.

        And what I know today is that I may have to evolve into a new understanding AGAIN as this story unfolds

        God Bless….


      • Lady Shamballah says:

        Well said! I agree… and those of us who understand and have been elevating our own frequencies and vibrations in alignment with the Consciousness that was with the “Christed One”, Jesus, must hold the Light and NOT contribute ourselves to the fear mongerings, as Mother Earth herself, as well as ALL of her inhabitants, endures through the many nessecary shifts and changes. Both personally, as well as Globally.


      • Dennis says:

        Alvin, many believers are using the Rapture Concept in not preparing for changes in the earth/goverment/food supply/war that are coming, believing that they won’t be affected. They are sitting around watching the skies and the world is going to hell around them when they could have an affect. These events are going to happen regardless. The best explanation: The story of the 5 foolish virgins in matt 25.1. They showed up unprepared for the long haul to endure. And you are right in date setting for anything scriptural, it doesn’t work.


      • And their faith is not to be rebuked. I extol faith in any form. Believing in something and believing when something will happen are two distinct things and I hope in my heart those faithful followers will continue to join us in the work once this date has passed and they are still with us. We will be the more blessed by the greater numbers of the pure in heart.


      • Pagan says:

        This is what I respect about this blog & it’s owner, apart from the obvious flow of info that is hard to find in a single site online. I too agree that the Ones who hold the candles in the darkest hours are the Righteous, no matter which God or Goddess they pray to. All Gods are one God. I am as my name implies – a Pagan – I have never subscribed to to the traditions of the Roman Church but know the history of it extremely well, just as I know & understand many other religions & belief systems. I have studied legends, myths, prophecy & nowhere in the Bible does it say the hour of Christs return. To say with conviction that He will return on a given day is both alarming & foolhardy.

        Any faith is to be commended & held to be inviolable.



  12. J Guffey says:

    I’ve been noticing quite a few recent quakes in Afghanastan. Is this normal?


  13. Luca says:

    I agree it is very sad that the majority of humanity have no idea what’s going on and that they think that is all hype.

    Remember therefore how you have received and heard. Keep it, and repent. If therefore you won’t watch, I will come as a thief, and you won’t know what hour.

    It’s in the bible and since I follow the bible and believe its the Word of God than I believe in it and Jesus doesnt want us to put it on a date on it because we dont know the exact date and its wrong to do that. Its not wrong to tell people about Christ and His love and what He has done but to put an exact date on certain things is great. because even though its May 15th its May 16th on the other side of the world.

    Personally I believe that the Lord will come and take the Church (not a physical Church because the Church is within people their believe and love for Christ and sincere faith its not like a Baptist Church only full of Baptist will be gone) out before the Second Coming of Christ. Christ has revealed certain things to me not that anyone believes me.


  14. Virginia Helies (Gen) says:

    I think the “thief in the night” implies He will come suddenly and unannounced and catch people unawares not that He is a thief. In the meantime we are being given some signs and warnings in that we might tidy up our lives, repent and prepare for His coming.

    I found another article covering the 1755 Lisbon earthquake and others in “Some Worst Water Disasters in History and Galactic Centered Astrology” also

    It was quite an informative history lesson and I straight away thought of Alvin’s previous comments concerning Guerrero in Mexico. Leave the gold and silver at the bottom of the ocean.


  15. Watchman says:

    The mandate isn’t to convince but to “sound The trumpet” ( Ezekiel 33:3) The convincing is left to GOD.
    1 Corinthians 14:8 ” For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound , who shall prepare himself to battle ”
    ” and without a parable he did not speak “


  16. Jens Skapski says:

    I can remember, that i predicted a 6,5+ earthquake for sunday on thursday! I think tis is the evidence that earthquakes are predictable!


  17. debbie says:

    A lot of religous viewpoints here I notice so I’ll chime in! Almost with one voice the followers of the godking religions, Christian, Jew, Muslim are saying their king will return and get ready to be with the lord or allah etc. Many seem to feel the time for this is near. They also almost 100% feel they are an organic lifeform and given life by this godking and their spirit or soul or whatever gives them life is under the dominion of this lord or god.

    It is a lie we have been controlled with for millenia. We do not and have never been a creature with 2 arms, 2 legs and a human form or any form. We have owned them such as every one reading this right now owns and “drives” one. You also drive a car same thing except less bells and whistles then a human body. You are not given immortality by a god whether he be a king or not. You have always had immortality in your natural state as a spirit that can travel anywhere or fly anywhere with a thought and create with a thought too.

    The problem requiring all this human body living and prison planet settlement and a god to keep us in line is that you are immortal and always will be. They can’t get rid of you. They tried it didn’t work. In an immortal civilization they still have disagreements, turf wars and such. What do you do with the political troublemakers or misfits or those that want to sit and admire clouds all day not pull their share? You have to remove them they are a bad influence on the obedient compliant ones. So find a undesireable little planet far away you can’t build a proper city on because it will be razed every few millenia by the continental tsuamis and earthquakes. Stick all the trouble makers there memory wiped and hynotized to believe any foolishness. Give them a deeply ingrained belief someone else is in charge of it all not them.

    Also preprogram a prisoner gathering plan so most of them will be obedient and cooperative when the next disaster comes and it will be necessary to regather or “rapture” many prisoners. They will firmly believe the angelic appearing beings coming to gather them are from their god who is king of kings and lord or lords in their belief. The fact these beings arrive in ships will be tolerated and accepted even though what does heaven need with spaceships? A better question is why do humans think heaven means another realm? We are on a dot floating in “heaven”. The prisoners will be regathered and per prophecy will live back with their lord as servants for ever and ever. Their tears will also be “wiped away” meaning yet another memory wipe. STAY ON EARTH AWAY FROM THIS! AVOID THEM! Avoid the memory wipes again and stay free for a change. After the disaster with millions of our neighbors now in their clutches being programmed to be their little servants for ever they will be too busy to mess with us left on Earth. Here is where we can again find our true nature free from further damage, brainwashing and attacks by the spiritual prison guards. Amen


    • J Guffey says:

      Really, I am quite content looking for the return of Jesus Christ. I don’t feel brain-washed, it was my choice to believe the way I do. If I am wrong, I have lost nothing since I try to live my life in a more compassionate way. If I am right, I will gain eternity with the one who died for me, Jesus Christ.

      If anyone has a problem with that, it will remain their problem, thankfully not mine.

      If I am wrong, I still have lost nothing. To me, time trying to do the right thing and treat others in a way I like to be treated is not wasted. Thankfully, each of us are only accountable for our own actions.


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