What’s killing leopard sharks off the coast of California?

May 13, 2011REDWOOD CITY, CA. – Dozens of leopard sharks have been washing up dead in California since April, and now a necropsy shows at least one of the sharks died of massive internal bleeding, such that blood was even coming out of the shark’s skin, according to a Daily News report. The necropsy, conducted by the California Department of Fish and Game, uncovered “inflammation, bleeding and lesions in the brain, and hemorrhaging from the skin near vents.” According to the Daily News story, bleeding was additionally detected around the tested female’s other internal organs. The results suggest the 50 sharks that have washed up dead at Redwood Shores in Redwood City, California, since April must have died a slow and agonizing death. Catherine Greer, a resident of the city, said she and her son tried to save some of the sharks by returning them to the water, but “they’d swim right back, thrashing their heads against the shore … as if they were trying to commit suicide.” A key question then clearly remains: What is causing the internal bleeding? As of now, that’s still a mystery. A statement released by the Silicon Valley city mentioned, “The…pathologist is not drawing any conclusions until more examinations and all tests are performed.” A bacterial study and microscopic tissue analysis are underway. Investigators have not ruled out a human-caused spill of toxic chemicals, although no big spill has been reported in the region over the past couple of months. Sean Van Sommeran, executive director of the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation in nearby Santa Cruz, suspects “we’re only seeing a tiny fraction of what’s going on,” meaning more sharks and other animals are likely being affected by the problem. –Discovery News
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17 Responses to What’s killing leopard sharks off the coast of California?

  1. Anthony says:

    Let me guess. Underwater volcanoes. Of Doom…!


  2. Chondra says:

    No toxins spilled in the area? How about Fukushima, where radiation has been being spilled since 3-11-11.


  3. Philfrog says:

    Perhaps this has something to do with radiation poisoning as the condition does sound like the ethereal destruction that ravages one`s body when being pummeled by radioactive material.


  4. A_lad says:

    This is sad. I bet a lot of these deaths amongst wildlife have similar symptoms. As the article was explaining the physical damage to the shark, bleeding through the skin, internal bleeding, brain hemorrhaging, and then a slow and agonizing death, I couldn’t help but think about Christs walk to the cross and his one question while on the cross ” Father Father why have you Foresaken me” as he bore the Sin of
    the world.

    Also they tried to save the Shark but the Shark just swam back to shore Banging it’s head like it was trying to commit suicide. That’s pretty crazy considering all that is happening in our universe and it is all related.

    The convergence of all these events and the quickening of these events is quite humbling and
    sad at the same time. There is so much beauty in this world that I never took the extra time to appreciate what wasn’t in front of me, Now I see it as it is slowly being destroyed or transformed and it is strange experience.


  5. jp mills says:

    isn’t that the same symptoms the 5,000 blackbirds had?


  6. Debra says:

    Incredibly painful to read this post but thanks for the info – you know we won’t hear about it on the news.


    • Golfdad641 says:

      Have to agree with you on this, the government has always tested on sea-life to be weapons since WWI with dolphins. Some species are now experience side effects. But bottom line, man kind can not control Gods creation and Lord Jesus forgive us. Systems created by man trying to control mammal life and generic alternating seeds to control His harvest that God has made us has destroyed His creation. 


  7. Kathy says:

    This is so sad. These animals haven’t contributed, at all, to the man made mess on the earth. Even if it’s not man’s fault, they have no control over their environment. The scary thing is this death sounds like Ebola hemorrahgic fever. I pray that it’s not.

    God Bless and keep all of us.


  8. Kim says:

    So sad. It sounds very familiar to what happened to those blackbirds.

    God bless


  9. Nymphaea says:

    If it isn’t radiation sickness, cosmic rays or undersea volcanic events perhaps this a case of piscean spongiform encephalitis or mad fish disease. They ought to be looking for prions. Self harm could also be caused by their exposure to psychiatric drugs that end up in the ocean through human and industrial waste. The fluoride and bromide in these drugs could be competing with iodine and upsetting the metabolism of the sharks. Since they are large animals they would probably also store much of mercury they ingest and mercury can cause illness and deviations in behaviour too. Undersea volcanoes release quite a lot of mercury along with other things. It feels as if things are coming at us ( human beings and all the other animals) from all directions and in quick succession.


  10. Anne M. Berg says:

    Interesting video about the sharks on Florida’s gulf coast. It struck me that perhaps the normal food supply for these sharks are gone due to the BP disaster last year. Much of what is destroying God’s beautiful earth are military activities, including wars and weapons testing all over the globe and the never ending corporate quest for profits at the expense of both nature and mankind.

    We can live simple lives and still be fulfilled; much of today’s modern ways are a complete waste of natural resources and human health and energy. Instead of exploiting flora and fauna we should do all we can to protect it and treasure it. Sadly the ones who have put themselves in charge do not see it that way. There must be something we can do, with the help of God, to change our collective ways down here. It starts with each one of us, just give up some modern creature comforts for the sake of nature. It can easily be done as I can attest to and goes a long way in healing us all – on land, in the air and in the water.


  11. Debra says:

    Alvin – You did not post one of my comments about the sonar that is incredibly painful for the whales, dolphins and sharks – so painful they bleed out – is it b/c I mentioned a book by another author? Am I lacking in blogging eitquette? I am relatively new to blogging – do I need some education on blogging manners? Please advise…


    • Debra, you have no idea how many comments we receive daily from all over the globe. Many have been posted with links and Youtube videos. There is simply no way we can post all of them sad to say. And tons never appear on the site because the server may recognize this as spam.


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