Tornado shatters calm of tranquil skies over Taiwan

May 12, 2011TAIPEI – There was a stationary front lying over the area at the time, with an extremely humid airmass to its south. The 00Z Taipei sounding shows enhanced low-level moisture and some windshear, which both contributed to vigorous convection and updraft rotation. This is a video shot by a Taipei resident as a tornado affected part of the Taiwanese capital on May 12th. The twister lasted around two minutes, flipping an SUV on top of some motorcycles, though there were no reports of casualties. –Irish Times
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3 Responses to Tornado shatters calm of tranquil skies over Taiwan

  1. Tina Marie says:

    I have seen several reports of twisters in different places overseas lately. Alvin, is this something rare or does it happen and we just never hear about it? I don’t really watch mainsteam news anymore but I have doubts they would have mentioed it even if I had. There seems to be few places besides your site that cover most of this stuff.


    • I reported on tornadoes in the past in New Zealand, China, Brasil. They are rare but they do occurr and are becoming more of a common characteristic as the boundaries between the cold and warmer air dissolves and atmospheric pattern in general become more turbulent.


  2. J Guffey says:

    Looked to me like it stayed in the almost same place. Odd.


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