Steam and ash explosion at Bulusan volcano in the Philippines

May 13, 2011MANILA – A steam-driven explosion – accompanied by a rumbling sound heard several kilometers away and 10 volcanic quakes – was observed at Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon before dawn Friday, but this was not enough basis for state volcanologists to raise the alert level there. Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) director Renato Solidum Jr. said the explosion was more due to rainwater from tropical storm “Bebeng” (Aere). Solidum also said the alert status at Bulusan remains at “1,” where entry to the 4-km radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is strictly prohibited, since the area is at risk to sudden steam and ash explosions. Solidum noted the last explosion from Bulusan was last Feb. 21. Asked if there was a need to raise the alert level, he said, “wala (none).” A later update from Phivolcs indicated the explosion was not observed due to cloud cover, but was accompanied by a rumbling sound “heard up to five km away from the volcano.” “This event was recorded as an explosion-type earthquake lasting for about 10 minutes,” it added. Meanwhile, Phivolcs said at least 10 volcanic earthquakes were observed at Bulusan in the last 24 hours. –GMA News
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2 Responses to Steam and ash explosion at Bulusan volcano in the Philippines

  1. Desiree says:

    …I love your detailed info and also your book Alvin…without your news of daily happenings we would not know of all these events taking place due to a very lacking media to keep the “earthworms” looking down and our head in the sand from what is approaching us in this next year…Thanks for your honesty!


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