Quake swarm in Northern Sumatra could be a prelude to more volcanic unrest

Northern Sumatra is an area of Indonesia we should pay careful attention to. It is the home of the Bur Ni Telong volcano, Peuet Sague volcano, the ever mercurial and active Merapi volcano, and the tallest- Kerinci volcano (3800 meters). The most eminent of all these volcanic natives however is ‘Lake Toba’, which is the caldera left from the giant volcano. According to geologists, the eruption of the Toba volcano around 74,000 years ago was reported to have been the largest in the last 25 million years and the event is rightly dubbed a ‘super-eruption.’ Toba was a VEI8 event. She is called Yellowstone’s bigger sister. Toba is probably the largest resurgent caldera on Earth. Lake Toba lies near the Great Sumatran fault which runs along the centre of Sumatra in the Sumatra Fracture Zone. The volcanoes of Sumatra and Java are part of the Sunda Arc, a result of the northeasterly movement of the Indo-Australian Plate which is sliding under the eastward-moving Eurasian Plate. A lot of tension is occurring along the Indo-Australian plate, especially in New Zealand along the Alpine fault and the Tonga-Kermadec volcanic arcs where the Pacific plate interfaces. A steady successive string of earthquakes near Indonesia over the years may also be an indication the volcanic magmatic systems in Northern Sumatra could be reenergizing. The 9.1 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and the 8.7 2005 Sumatra earthquake, both were around 300 km (190 mi) from Lake Toba super-volcanic caldera. An earthquake which erupted off the coast of Aceh in 2010, awakened a mud volcano off the coast and created unexplained tidal and temperature anomalies in the water. Today’s moderate quakes struck at depths between 50 and 70 kilometers. –The Extinction Protocol
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1 Response to Quake swarm in Northern Sumatra could be a prelude to more volcanic unrest

  1. Logman says:

    Seems this swarm is in the exact same place as the massive 2004 9.1 quake. Nasty.


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