Comets, explosions and solar storms- a day in the life of the Sun

May 12, 2011AURORA WATCH: A coronal mass ejection launched from the sun’s eastern limb on May 9th could deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field today. A comet dove into the sun on May 11th and seemed to trigger a massive eruption–emphasis on seemed. A comet goes in; a CME comes out. Coincidence? Probably, yes, the sequence was coincidental. The comet disintegrated as much as a million kilometers above the stellar surface. There’s no known way that the wispy, vaporous remains of a relatively lightweight comet could cause a billion-ton cloud of hot plasma to fly away from the sun at 400 km/s (the observed speed of the CME). Moreover, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the eruption that did propel the CME into space. –Space Weather
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4 Responses to Comets, explosions and solar storms- a day in the life of the Sun

  1. dreamer says:

    Where are the pictures of the comet while inbound, we track comets throughout their orbits yet this one just appeared out of nowhere No mention of a comet inbound to the sun until it hits it?


    • Herein lies the rub and worst, the danger in the years ahead when we are ever inching into increasingly denser regions of space with more debris and comet showers. Collisions on Jupiter similar were not detected. Earth is surrounded by massive debris fields and the comets will dislodge. It’s going to get dicey on Earth, buckle your seatbelts!


  2. kurtbo says:

    Compared to the sun the comet seems quite big on this image.. like the size of the earth.. Is the light somehow making it seem bigger?


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