Attenzione ai presagi! Thousands flee Rome over mounting quake fears

May 10, 2011 ROME – Italians will on Wednesday flee Rome over fears a giant earthquake is coming following a seismologist’s 1915 prediction that “the big one” will strike on May 11, 2011. Businesses have reported requests from one in five people to have time off work and many are also keeping children away from school and heading to the beach or country for the day. Romans are taking it so seriously that local newspapers have even been publishing survival guides with tips of what to do – if – the ground starts to tremble. The panic has been fanned by Facebook, Twitter and text messages around a prediction by Raffaele Bendani, a seismologist who forecast in 1915 that a “big one” would hit Rome on Wednesday. He is also said to have predicted other earthquakes which hit Italy during the last hundred years before his death in 1979. Massimo La Rocca, headmaster of a school in the Trastevere district, said: “We have had quite a few parents calling in and saying they will not be sending their children in. “I’ve told them the school will remain open and there is nothing to be scared about but they are adamant – although this is not a justifiable absence for a pupil.” “I’ve told them the school will remain open and there is nothing to be scared about but they are adamant – although this is not a justifiable absence for a pupil.” A barman named Massimo said: “People have been talking about this for the last week. I know dozens who are taking the day off – I’m going to sleep in the camper van with the wife to be on the safe side.” Bendandi believed movement of plates and therefore earthquakes were the result of the combined movements of the planets, the moon and the sun and perfectly predictable. In 1923 he predicted a quake would hit central Italy on January 2 the following year – he was wrong by two days. For his work Bendandi was even given a knighthood by Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini – and ordered not to make any more predictions on pain of exile as officials feared he would create immense panic. However seismologists have been quick to step in and say his theories are without any scientific proof and despite his claims earthquakes are completely unpredictable. Seismologist Alessandro Amato, who works at the Italy’s National Geophysical and Volcanology Institute, said:”There is absolutely no evidence to say that an earthquake will hit Rome on 11th May and we have told that to the hundreds of people who have called. “There is a possibility that on the day in question the country as a whole will have an average of 30 or so tremors but that is perfectly normal and the figure we expect.”It is not scientifically possible to predict the exact date that an earthquake will occur and that’s why we are holding these open days at the Institute to better inform people.” An estimated 20 million people live at risk from earthquakes in Italy, which is also home to some of the most active volcanoes in Europe. –The Telegraph
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10 Responses to Attenzione ai presagi! Thousands flee Rome over mounting quake fears

  1. radiogirl says:

    Might be a good day to stroll the streets of Roma without fear of being runover by a Vespa or your risk of it reduced somewhat. Seriously though at this point…I’m going to hold my breath a little…a volcano or two acting up there and the plates are on the move. Let’s pray they all have a beautiful day at the beach and understanding employers.


  2. J Guffey says:

    Not sure what I would do. It would probably be hard not to get caught up in all the hype, especially with so much going on Worldwide. With those in Rome responding to a 1915 prediction this way, can you imagine how desperate and panicky people will get as coming events (discussed on EP) start to unfold in rapid succession?


  3. Wiseguy says:

    This is exactly the same theory as James Mccanney about magmatic electric comets. Unfortunately, ”Experts” are lost in their hermetic world and don’t want to look at those revolutionnary theories. Science would make giant steps for earthquakes predictions and could save millions of lives. So sad…


  4. K says:

    Didn’t someone else predict another major quake tomorrow for another country? I would be nervous but really I dont know what I would do you cant ever really know what will happen. It could happen two days from wednesday or next week or it could happen in another part of the world months from now. Its impossible to really know but I think I would be more worried two days from wednesday since it did say he predicated one but he was wrong by two days. 😦

    But even if they flee Rome and say an earthquake hits Rome (which I am praying it doesnt) however most of Italy will be affected if its a big one so yeah just sad really because even if they leave Rome a big one will affect a lot of places in Italy.

    I will still be praying tonight and tomorrow because an earthquake could hit anywhere in the world or any type of tragedy and if it does happen in Italy I probably will faint.

    God Bless


  5. Nickie says:

    I remember in the 1970’s when Paul Solomon (1939 – 1994), an American psychic simular to Edgar Cayce, made a prediction at a group he was addressing. He told them that there was going to be an earthquake in which they would all be involved in. This group collectively moved from the town where they were living, – and they were all involved in an earthquake in the town to which they had moved!
    Not very relevant I know, but for some reason or other it just comes to mind…


  6. Kathy says:

    I’m wondering if some of the fear, in Rome is reinforced by the prophecies of St. Malachy.

    St. Malachy’s final words:

    In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city (Rome, the seat of the Vatican) will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people

    Some people believe that Pope Benedict is the last Pope, because in Malachy’s first prediction, there would only be 111 popes, at the end of days. Later, Peter the Roman was added as the 112 pope.


  7. Anthony says:

    5.2 in Spain. Dun dun dun!


  8. Laura says:

    2 earthquakes in southern Spain, Murcia today….


  9. radiogirl says:

    Hope it stays quiet there…would love to stay at The Hassler Hotel and run up and down the Spanish Steps .Its beautiful there.


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