Tropical storm Aere lashes the Philippines- 17 dead, 100,000 evacuated

May 8, 2011MANILA, Philippines — Tropical storm Aere lashed the northeastern Philippines on Sunday, killing at least 17 people and forcing more than 100,000 villagers to flee from farming towns threatened by landslides. The storm slammed into Catanduanes province with winds of 53 miles (85 kilometres) per hour and gusts of 62 mph (100 kph). It triggered landslides and floods, disrupted transportation and knocked out power in some towns. More than 4,700 commuters were stranded in several seaports after ferries suspended trips and roads were closed due to floods and the danger of landslides, officials said. Several domestic flights were cancelled. A landslide buried a house in Camarines Sur province’s Balatan township at dawn, killing three people, including a baby, regional disaster-response director Bernardo Alejandro said. An elderly woman drowned trying to cross a swollen river in Daraga town in Albay province, and a man was electrocuted in a flooded village in Libon town. Three men drowned in Catanduanes and Leyte provinces, and a driver died in a truck crash during stormy weather in Camarines Sur, officials said. Authorities helped evacuate villagers Saturday in farming communities at the base of Mayon volcano in Albay, where heavy rain threatened to turn into mudslides. Many more fled their homes Sunday as floodwaters began to rise, disaster-response officer Jukes Nunez said. –Associated Press
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7 Responses to Tropical storm Aere lashes the Philippines- 17 dead, 100,000 evacuated

  1. Melissa says:

    Oki, Alvin! The amount of deaths and displaced persons worldwide since I found your site on March 11, 2011, a mere TWO months ago, is staggering! Do you know of any source or site that compiles and keeps these numbers? The total amount of people affected by global calamities must be astronomical yet it seems as if it is never mentioned collectively by MSM.
    On this Mothers Day I send my heartfelt Love and Prayers to all the women of the planet who are caring for the children of the earth, especially those who have lost children. Be comforted in some small way that you will be reunited with their dear spirits.
    Thank you, thank you Alvin, may you have everything you need and desire to help you continue your work! I send the strength of my Mother Bear spirit to you!


    • Melissa, you’re a darling. Thank you. Your sentiment will stand tall in a strong wind and will provide the solace of shade under a red sun. The UN estimates there could be as many as 50 million displaced environmental refugees worldwide due to climate change. Here are two sites that might provide some information. I don’t know how current they are with issues:

      Blessings and peace in return.


      • Melissa says:

        Dearest Alvin, Thank you for these sites, they are very interesting and very troubling. The information has caused me to rethink some of my shelter in place plans and to prepare a better bug out bag, including my seed family, that needs protection and replanting. I take comfort in knowing that if I have to leave my beloved farm, that I have stored the seeds for future generations in waterproof containers, and I love the idea of another family finding them floating along some waterway, just when they need them most!
        Your beautiful words are such a gift, I thank you for their precious sentiment. Words that engender love and kinship across the planet are so important now, as they can be safely stored in our hearts and minds, and no one or no calamity can take them from us.
        Nya:weh skannon! (I honor you and I am Thankful) Melissa


      • May, I one day be honored by your presence… You are a rare find Melissa.

        thank you- with love


  2. Nickie says:

    Just want to say….Beautiful words Melissa

    …and Alvin’s reply

    Thank you both for the poetry from Spirit☺



  3. J Guffey says:

    Really makes one realize how truly blessed most of us are.


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