Earthquake swarm builds at Yellowstone caldera

May 8, 2011Yellowstone swarm quake notice. Over the last few days, there have been a number of small quakes erupting at Yellowstone. The strongest quake in this small swarm occurred today with a 3.3 magnitude earthquake at a 6 km depth below the park.
The greatest danger for Yellowstone is not from the number of quakes in a swarm but it comes from the North American Plate being pushed over the caldera. Geologists have linked tectonic plate movements to nearly every eruption at Yellowstone in the past. This is what the globe is currently experiencing as evidenced from the 9.0 March 11 Tōhoku quake in Japan and there is more tectonic plate agitation occurring now than there was two years ago. Magma is there. It’s very pressurized and it’s already deforming the ground. All Yellowstone is awaiting is a trigger and that could come with little or no warning. The chamber under the volcano snakes down some 400 miles into the mantle, perhaps longer. An eruption could be sustained almost indefinitely, in geological terms, due to its unique volcanic plumbing. We shouldn’t become complacent about the number of quantitative quakes in this or any future swarm as a barometer for an eruptive event. Extinction events, by their very nature, often come with no annunciation. –The Extinction Protocol 
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12 Responses to Earthquake swarm builds at Yellowstone caldera

  1. Devin says:

    Do you think the recent activity will effect tourism within the park?


  2. If Yellowstone blows, we are all dead- ! For some reason I was awakened in the night the moment the Japanese 9.0 blew and I immediately got online and followed the headlines waiting for the Tsunami – as it hit I went online to to study what areas on earth it was affecting. As I studied, the activity I noticed the ocean fault lines were sat off – all over earth- I immediately went to Yellowstone to see how it was holding up because she scares me- oddly enough the lines were a square grid not the normal qu8ake irregular shaped fracture -crack lines.


    • PK says:

      We live near Yellowstone- yes the tourists are here and still coming- and the earth is rattling and rolling, breathing and adjusting, with all of us participating in a great adventure for want of a more dramatic word.


  3. gerald says:

    Have you heard anything about mass animal deaths (elk, moose, deer, bear, etc.) in Yellowstone? There’s something circulating on the internet about it, but I come to this site for accurate information. Thanks in advance for the truth.


  4. There appears to be allot of swarms of earthquakes. What could this be attributed too?
    Thank you for informing the public and I share whenever I can.


  5. Shared…thank you Alvin!


  6. D. Grant Chee says:

    Many many events are compiling that point to our generation being the one that:
    ” Shall not pass.” If anyone has not called on the name of God to save them, now
    is the time. Nukes, disease, a looming famine, prices spinning out of control and
    etcetera–are like the birth pangs Christ warned would be present in the last days.
    ” Knowledge will be greatly increased and men will run to and fro.” Look around!


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