Mystery of cosmic ray source bombarding the southern pole of Earth intensifies

May 6, 2011ANTARCTICA – Cosmic rays crashing into the Earth over the South Pole appear to be coming from particular locations, rather than being distributed uniformly across the sky. Similar cosmic ray “hotspots” have been seen in the northern skies too, yet we know of no source close enough to produce this pattern. “We don’t know where they are coming from,” says Stefan Westerhoff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s a mystery because the hotspots must be produced within about 0.03 light years of Earth. Further out, galactic magnetic fields should deflect the particles so much that the hotspots would be smeared out across the sky. But no such sources are known to exist. One of the hotspots seen by IceCube points in the direction of the Vela supernova remnant, a possible source of cosmic rays, but it’s almost 1000 light years away. Cosmic rays coming from such large distances should be constantly buffeted and deflected by galactic magnetic fields on route, and should thus have lost all directionality by the time they reach Earth. In other words, such long-distance cosmic rays should appear to come from all parts of the sky. That’s not what has been observed. –New Scientists
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28 Responses to Mystery of cosmic ray source bombarding the southern pole of Earth intensifies

  1. Kim says:

    ‘We don’t know where they are coming from.’
    Dont you just love when people say that lol

    By the way beautiful picture Alvin. 🙂 I sometimes look at pictures of stars to put myself in a better mood because they are so beautiful.

    God Bless !!!


  2. Logman says:

    Surely it’s Elenin the comet that isn’t a comet but a Brown Star which can’t be seen as it’s coming in on an eliptic orbit from the south pole but really can be seen by anyone with a good enough telescope


  3. A_lad says:

    Okay so I googled it. Got it! However, Alvin what do you think?


    • I think cosmic rays are the death of planetary systems. Energy bursts represents one of the greatest perils to our planet. Space is inimical to biological life as we know it and the vaneer which safeguards life on this isolated blue planet in space is thin and wearing thinner.


  4. Marcel says:

    Simbols…. Mayan, Hopi, Egiptian, Atlantie. All have to give place for the new. The essence was pure from the begining, to end. But so subtle for “division” to take notice.


  5. KAM says:

    Science is truly being humbled, Kim and that’s a great thing. There is so much we do not know and the sooner we admit it the sooner we will gain knowledge. Having said that, it really does smell of Elenin, Logman.


  6. Stacey Blaisdell says:

    We don’t know where they are coming from’, seriously?
    It’s god, Jesus is coming that is his light, He is bringing us home!!!!! Don’t deny it Have faith in God. this is why the scientist can’t figure out what this is.


    • A_lad says:

      Wow…. Interesting Point Stacey. May the Lord not Tarry 😉


    • Simon Pitt says:

      Oh Please. Seriously! So Jesus is surfing a cosmic ray to come gather his flock is he? It’s spooky how the masses of uninformed can put a religious spin on anything in space. It’s unnerving to think there are actually people who believe in this nonsense. I am a long time reader of this blog and have never commented before but felt I had to.
      This is a good site, I have read your book and agree with most of your findings yet to read that a cosmic ray of light is Jesus returning makes it look like just another conspiracy site.
      Everything else apart from a glowing rock from outer space post (which was removed) is viable, sensible & up to date and relevant to these times.
      Thank You


      • TTB says:

        In all fairness, Simon. The bible says Jesus will come back out of his physical body. Saying it would be like lightning across the sky from east to west, so that every eye can see.


      • Pagan says:

        I have read the Bible, both old & New Testaments – also the I Ching, the Koran, The Book of the Dead, The Book of Shadows, The Granth & many more modern, ancient & obscure texts – far too many to list here. It has been a lifetime of study for me, I guess this blog is not the place for religious debate but if Mr Conway will indulge me I would like to respond.

        Most of these religions & beliefs have a common theme that runs through their doctrines, that a saviour will arrive in a time of great peril & tribulation either riding a winged horse, a beam of light or in a storm to save the believers & carry them home to paradise.

        The quandry I have with the established Christian belief is that there are many missing gospels – gospels that were omitted, removed & discarded by a council of men who voted on them then deemed certain ones unplatable for the mass consumption of the people of that time. Jesus & the Christian God didnt put pen to paper & write these gospels & directives, they were given to Man through dreams, visions & to the Apostles & Man as we know from history is completely fallable. Peter built his Church on half truths & the consequences of him doing so have reverberated throughout the centuries. Most of the wars, bloodshed & horror have been continually committed in the name of religion.

        Now, as we stand on the threshold of our extinction – as our world is unravelling around us – as our oceans, forests & all our fragile ecosystems are breaking down & dying – as the animals we should have protected are dying in infinite numbers – as countless people are dying due to Nature’s fury – still we quibble & argue as to how God/Jesus will arrive to save us.

        When is enough, enough? When do we begin to make peace with ourselves & each other? When do we begin to have tolerance for each other? When do we begin to look within? When do we realize that this is it – that time is running out & making peace with ourselves & each other is the only way to transcend?



      • Pagan, I will allow you to express your opinion but you’re right- this blog is not a forum for a religious debate and I do wish for it to slide in that direction. There are people pure of heart in all religions and some who have no religion at all. World War I and II were not religious wars at all, but they occurred and were some of the greatest atrocities known to man. If you burn every religious book in the world do you think that is going to purify anyone’s heart or stop animosity, vice, bloodshed, on this planet? No. This crisis is bigger than us and we can’t stop it from coming. Our challenge is to love, treat our fellowman and nature with spiritual dignity and to be non-judgmental. God will segregate the wheat from the tares when the time comes.


      • Veritas Nocturne says:

        Very eloquently stated Mr. Conway. I have been a reader of your blog for quite some time. For a while I have been meaning to read your book. Your reply to this made me realize I should hurry up and pick up a copy. Well stated.


  7. Kim says:

    Yay Stacey I like that 🙂 sounds good to me I love Jesus mucho and i can’t wait to see Him again and be with Him.


  8. Britt Moore says:

    Could this be the light that some have been told is being sent to us to change our DNA and help our brains produce carbon 7 required for ascension into the 4th dimension….a new age belief….apparently ascension is the only thing that will get us out of the 3 dimension disasters predicted for 2012….I hope not but….


  9. TTB says:

    We live inside the body of our God. The earth is an atom in His body. Our solar system, a cell. The universe, His DNA make-up. We look at the sky for God, when He is the sky.


    • Tiamat says:

      So true ttb and not to mention that the entire universe that we can see forms a structure known as the “cosmic web” super clusters and regular clusters of galaxies linked together to for this web-like structure. I have seen a computer generated photo of what it would look like and has striking similarities to a brain.


  10. Millaz says:

    Every Eyes shall see him ! When Jesus comes down from the skyes …God Bless


  11. Tim says:

    Although I love the theory of us being within God (Earth is an atom and so on), I fear we may have a small black hole in the vicinity of our sun.


  12. Bullmarket says:

    One thing I’m sure of is, I do not know everything. It doesn’t matter how much education we have, we are not capable of know everything. As a scientist, I have found a way to separate religion and science. Both are vital to our existence but they scribe to different ends. It’s okay in my humble opinion, to study both, but first, religion gives us hope after death. Science gives us the knowledge to save lives with the enhancement of our intellect for the protection of our planet and species. So if from time to time someone speaks of religion, take it or leave it. It doesn’t take away from science, it adds great light to the pursuit of this knowledge.


  13. Kev says:

    I agree with bullmarket. most religions and beliefs are very similar and date back thousands of years. the same stories to be preserved and passed on as important, or sacred if you will (although maybe somewhat altered through many translations and such) for such a long time. no one really knows what happened in those times, there might be precious knowledge hidden in these text. opposing religion and science equals narrowing your consciousness.
    Keeping an open mind and thinking outside the box is essential for significant advancement. Since we don’t know where those cosmic rays are coming from, maybe we need to reevaluate how we think they are created. Do we really understand what space consists of? If wormholes exist, is it possible the rays are somehow travelling through one? Are there thing that we can’t see or detect with present technology?
    How can we understand this world if we don’t communicate data, discoveries and such between the many disciplines? think about it


  14. Pastorken171 says:

    Blame Constantine!


  15. well you see folks ………it is precicely because of these 2012 (blackhole at the center of our galaxy) earth changes that military intelligence are trying to distract us all with false flags…..they talk about osamas buddies all planning to get us with dirty bombs but we are already being dirty bombed by fukushima and the other japanese nuclear power plants that have leaks that they are keeping quite about…plus the fact the the swollen mississippi has caused radioactive water to leak into it…then of course there is the f_up gulf of mexico and these mutation rays from the sun….etc

    dont believe the mainstream bullcrap


  16. G Walter says:

    Despite the alarming name of this website, I find myself coming back to it for rational and intelligent reports of global and astronomical events and information. This story is very interesting in particular, as I believe that there are artifacts below the deep ice in the Antarctic, and that this focused cosmic ray’s purpose may to activate some ancient technology that has slumbered for centuries. I may have read too much science fiction in the past and this theory is merely speculation, but if the scientist are correct in their conclusions that this ray is from a more local source, and quite possibly Elenin, then why the focus on one area in particular? I would also be curious to see where the other areas of focus are, maybe areas of deep ocean? I look forward to more updates regarding this phenomena. More pieces of the puzzle are revealed every day!


  17. TTB says:

    Einstein didn’t make science and religion opposing forces, why do some modern day scientist? Modern string theory and quantum entanglement, support that current understanding of space/time is an illusion and that everything is in fact connect by a greater whole.


  18. Jamescarson says:

    Hmm the magical unknown source is coming, people actually believe the crap nasa says, thats the only unknown I can’t figure out.


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