More frequent whale strandings leaves experts puzzled

May 7, 2011 – The numbers of beached whales have been gradually rising, peaking in 2009 with 46 whales coming ashore, and The Department of Environment and Conservation is conducting an investigation into what could be causing the rise, reports ABC News. It could be anything from nutrition issues to sonar that drives whales off course, disorients them, or can even cause internal damage. While there has been a rash of strandings in Florida, including at least 15 pilot whales that washed ashore this week in the Florida keys, experts are quick to point out that the BP gulf oil spill is a possible cause, but not the only factor. Earth Times points out that, “A number of recent strandings in other regions happened well before the Deepwater spill occurred. In March 2009, 194 whales and a small dolphin pod became stranded on the coast of Tasmania, and most did not survive. The previous November, 150 pilot whales died in another mass stranding in Tasmania… In February 2011, 107 whales died on the coast of New Zealand.” –Tree Hugger
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2 Responses to More frequent whale strandings leaves experts puzzled

  1. Tyscap says:

    Alvin, I’m curious what you’re plan is for this coming storm? I know we can’t truly prepare as it could be wildly unpredictable but what actions are you taking??


    • In all honesty, my most essential preparation is a loaded back-pack full of emergency supplies because I know this is a fluid situation and in the long-term, survival means mobility not permanance but I will abide as long as I can. My life is not more important as it is in saving others. You have to realize, we have nearly 7 billion people living on the planet. About 80% are living in densely populated urban areas, and most are in coastal regions. If just one large country sank into the ocean or was devastated by a super-volcanic eruption, or multiple catastrophic quakes, the population shift in untold millions of environmental refugees to another region of the globe could threaten the entire global food system. Only 4% of habitable land is utilized for agricultral production. Everything is suspended by a thread. If two countries were devastated simultaneously- it would be a global tragedy of unprecedented dimensions. We live by a tenous thread folks and nothing…I mean nothing should be taken for granted from this moment going forward. Our global food system could be decimated by a global crisis overnight. Not trying to scare anyone…I’m just saying we need to live more in the sphere of awareness that we are making our bed each night on the edge of a precipice.


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