Why the earthquake in Jamaica is so much more than just another quake

May 6, 2011 – the epicenter of the 4.2 magnitude earthquake was located, according to the USGS, luckily 20 km below a wilderness area (Blue mountains). Below the city, the impact would have been far greater. –Earthquake Report
The Caribbean Plate is very stressed and as I have been saying for months now, this region is over-due for a major earthquake of a sizable magnitude. We are entering a time which I call the Haiti, Canterbury and  Tōhoku era, which is not only defined my major earthquakes but conditions which may have permanently unsettled geological faults, agitated plate boundaries, or ignited volcanic arcs in subduction zones. Once a major earthquake occurs, these regions will never have seismic stability again as they did prior to these events and may be even susceptible to a further erosion of geological conditions which may favor or hasten additional catastrophic events.  –The Extinction Protocol
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4 Responses to Why the earthquake in Jamaica is so much more than just another quake

  1. APAK says:

    There seems to be many earthquakes and volcanos that are over-due. It makes me wonder if they’ll all go off around the same time or maybe create a major domino effect.


  2. echlinm says:

    Hi, just took a good long look at the fault zone that includes Jamaica. I have been tracing the increase in the activity on the eastern end of that fault which over the last 35 years or so was increasing exponential until the Haiti quake but last year and this has dropped off as the stress was relieved on that end of the fault. But that stress was transfered to the next part of the fault, Jamaica/Cuba and this quake in Jamaica is part of that.
    I agree that there will be something happening in that area and it is a fault zone to watch.


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