Fireball the size of Earth ejected from the Sun

MAY 6, 2011A FIREBALL THE SIZE OF EARTH: “When the sun rose on May 2nd, I was surprised to see a fully detached fireball prominence at the southwestern edge of the solar disk,” reports amateur astronomer Jan Timmermans of Valkenswaard, The Netherlands. “Just imagine, a ball of fire with the size of the Earth thrown high in the solar skies!” “I was stunned,” he continues. “The prominence was rather faint, so I had to use a lot of gain to capture it, hence the noise: ‘more gain = more grain.’ But I am pleased that I captured it!” –Space Weather
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22 Responses to Fireball the size of Earth ejected from the Sun

  1. john says:

    I take it this is in no way pointed in our direction?


  2. ashuka says:

    so what does this mean for us on earth?


  3. Mark says:

    What would have happened to earth is it did come direct towards us?


  4. Kim says:

    That is a very big fireball. And just think the Sun is small when it’s compared to other stars out there in the universe. I remember watching a video in my astronomy class and we saw the Earth next to the Sun and than the Sun next to other stars and it is incredible. It just makes my head hurt to think about how small we really are in comparison to the Earth and than the Earth is so small compared to the Sun and that our huge Sun is tiny when it’s shown next to other stars. I am amazed. Whew all I say is humble me Lord humble me.
    God Bless


  5. sherry says:

    we live in a world without end Amen


  6. Tipbag says:

    A few of you folks read into things far too much for an article about the Sun’s power, and need to learn to rationalize for yourselves.

    In the event that something massively destructive happens to our little planet, you won’t be able to ask for advice on what to do online, unless we stop depending on an economy, and spent time learning how to, and putting into motion, the protection of ourselves from any event.

    We aren’t going to be able to completely agree on every single effect that the event has on our planet, or what it will be, but if there is a chance of survival at all, you are [likely] going to die if you need to ask somebody how to survive.


  7. Angel says:

    The sun is a fireball right? well, theres no oxygen in space, but fire needs oxygen to keep on going. How is that possible? wouldnt it have exploded millions of years ago? How does itkeep going?


    • Actually, the Sun is a ball of plasma- not fire. Plasma is the fourth state of matter as you know and the Sun is not powered by oxidation- it’s powered by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium at its core- thus radiation. When the Sun eventually does exhaust its energy supply, it will expand and certainly swallow the inner most planets in the solar system before it collapses back upon itself and becomes a dwarf.


  8. Sally Brooks says:

    I know that all of what you say is sicientific, but don’t forget the All Mighty Our Savior God he has alot of what will happen to earth and his children, We will not be dying.


  9. Doug says:

    The bible says men will die of fear because of the things happening to earth.


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