Bee Colony Collapse Disorder reaches New Zealand

May 6, 2011AUCKLAND – Beekeepers fear an alarming phenomenon that is wiping out bees and leading to reduced food crops around the world has reached New Zealand. Colony collapse disorder has caused American beekeepers to report losses of up to 90 per cent in some cases, prompting fears of crop shortages. Honeybees are the planet’s most effective pollinators, and industry leaders in New Zealand are calling for an investigation into the problem. National Beekeepers Association joint chief executive Daniel Paul said reports coming in to the group were causing concern. In the past six months, it had received reports of significant bee losses – up to 30 per cent in some places. “It’s significant enough to make us sit up and take notice.” The reports had come from both islands, with big losses in Canterbury and Poverty Bay. The value of bees to the economy is estimated at about $4 billion a year because of New Zealand’s reliance on fruit, vegetable, dairy and meat, and fibre exports, all of which rely to some extent on pollination by bees. Although the varroa bee mite has been blamed for losses in the past 11 years, the use of chemical treatments has been helping bee numbers recover. Now, concern has arisen about a new family of insecticides, neonicotinoids, which are used to coat seeds and control pests. They are neurotoxins and are believed to interfere with a bee’s nervous system. Association vice-president Barry Foster said international studies had shown neonicotinoids induced chronic mortality in bees. –Stuff NZ
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16 Responses to Bee Colony Collapse Disorder reaches New Zealand

  1. pam says:

    I have 2 hives, and, yes, I do have to treat for varroa mites, but those are fairly easily “determined” – (for me by a resultant problem that causes bees to have no wings or deformed wings) – however, I do really think that the issue is neonicotinoids. I don’t have those problems here – fortunately – I’ve friends, though, that have come back to their hives and found all the bees dead – or the bees there one day and gone another. I only have 5 acres, and only garden for 1 person, but I will NEVER use neonicotinoids. Hooray for the Europeans who have banned these pesticides.


  2. A_lad says:

    Hi Alvin. This Bee phoenomena has been going on for some time but seems, as everything else, to be getting worse.

    What is you take on it? Earths Wobble, Magnetosphere, methane gas etc. Are these factors to consider when pondering the slow extinction?



    • I think everything is unraveling or worsening in general. People talk about cycles but nobody talks about convergence and that’s the ominous shadow looming over the planet that there will be so many cascading and concurrent crisises that we won’t be able to difuse the bomb in the room in time. “And upon earth distress of nations with perplexity,” implies a condition of throwing your head in your hands in dispair because there is simply ‘no way out,’ and that’s a nightmarish sitituational setting for any potential global crisis Luke 21:25


      • J Guffey says:

        Seems to be a fitting scripture Alvin.

        When you think about even the seemingly simplest of problems facing this world, you realize how delicate the balance of nature is. Amazing that a tiny bee can be so vital to our food chain. Very humbling.

        Come what may, praying for God’s mercy. Each of us surely need it.


  3. D says:

    The good Lord might be letting us do this to ourselves. I’ve read reports where GM plants are effecting other insects. The last I read, stated that certain GM plants were killing lady bugs. Just a thought.


  4. Kim says:

    I agree J Guffey very humbling that tiny bees are so vital to our food chain.


  5. Glenn Rice says:

    I just read a very interesting article about chemtrails causing illness in new Zealand. Samples of residue were taken and found to contain high levels of aluminum and barium, as well as traces of bromine. If this is true, we are surely poisoning ourselves in a sure and effective manner. I have noticed heavy chemtrails where I live lately, and have wondered as to the rational behind it. Many parallel lines and grids cover the sky and slowly diffuse to a murky haze that hangs in the air. This is definitely not normal plane traffic, and these trails are not the ordinary contrails that dissipate in a few minutes. These are very serious and disturbing manipulations of the environment we are seeing. May God have mercy on us.


  6. Golfdad641 says:

    We are destroying our world and the chemicals that Monsanto is developling is destroying our Bee’s and our land. “if you want to post this video by all means”

    these are a long movies on how and who controls our news and our food
    Corporations, the News, Goverment or we the public?



  7. Yvonne says:

    Hi Alvin! Very interesting article! I just recieved this in my inbox and thought I’d share. I just want to remind everyone that the Father said our light would get brighter as the world becomes darker. Take heart!

    -Chad (-JTB Comments).

    In May of 2007 I was at a prayer meeting with a group of men. My
    eyes had been opened to the financial situation the U.S. was in at
    that time. I had recently read an article comparing our then current
    situation with that of the 1920’s just prior to the Great Depression.
    I had also been reading about the disappearance of the honey
    bees. These things were of serious concern to me, but probably
    not on the mind of anyone else in the group. I decided to mention
    the honey bee situation as a prayer concern. There was a young
    man there, a soldier, who was stationed near our city here in
    Alaska. I did not know him very well and did not know what was
    about to transpire or what he was going to say after our prayers
    were finished. It must have been more than a year later that I set
    up a time to meet with him and discuss what had happened that
    night. He gave me a copy of what he had written in his journal as follows:

    “Yesterday I was at a prayer meeting with some of my friends. I
    was really looking forward to the four day weekend. I had no
    previous knowledge about the concern God was going to put on my heart.

    It came up from one of the guys to pray for the bee situation in
    America. Apparently beekeepers around America are losing lots of
    their bees and no one seems to know why.

    When we started talking about this and some of the reasons why
    people think this might be happening the Holy Spirit came upon
    me strongly. In my mind, I saw the Alaskan wilderness with
    mountains and plains and trees. Close to me was a camping
    lantern hanging in the air around chest height. The lantern was on,
    but you couldn’t tell very easily during the daylight. Then a great
    darkness came over the land and the lantern shone brightly.

    God then impressed strongly on me that the lantern represents
    Christians. The daylight represents good times. Right now there is
    an abundance of blessings that we are enjoying, but they are soon
    to end. God is bringing a great darkness, which represents a time
    of meagerness, desperation and famine. The next thought in my
    mind was that this time we are in now is akin to the roaring
    twenties when there was great abundance. The time to come is
    not unlike the great depression that hit afterwards.

    The Spirit impressed on me that Christians now do not seem to be
    shining brightly because of the current daylight, (the great
    abundance). They do not appear to be different from anyone else,
    but when this time of darkness comes, then Christians will stand
    out in great contrast to the rest of society, and many will look to
    us and many will be added to our number. When this time of
    darkness comes, many people will be become desperate and for
    some reason God impressed on me that many will go into the
    wilderness, away from civilization.

    Then God impressed on my heart that the bees’disappearance
    was a sign that American industry would be derailed. This was the
    sign of the coming famine to hit this land. I thought of how Joseph
    interpreted Pharaohs dreams of the seven years of plenty and the
    seven years of famine. I didn’t get an idea of how long it would last though.

    In addition to this, God impressed on me strongly that His people
    are “in a malaise,”and they must be warned of the reality of what’s
    about to happen. Many Christians have been deceived by comfort
    and their blessings and are not walking with God; they are not in
    tune with His Spirit and what He is about to do. When the
    darkness comes, they will fall into distress like the rest of society.
    A friend I had recently made came to mind, and I was filled with
    the urge to tell him to get ready spiritually for what is to come.

    As the other guys were praying for the needs that arose during our
    time together, I was greatly distressed by this vision. I wasn’t able
    to keep track with their prayers. It seemed that God is about to do
    something tremendous, but we are more concerned with our little
    tea parties and nice prayers. I think God wants us to have some
    perspective about what He is about to do instead of just being
    preoccupied with our own situations.

    I was wondering when all this was going to happen and the
    impression I got was very soon, like this next winter. This was very
    disturbing to me, and I have been trying to inquire of God and
    confirm when, but the only response I get is soon.

    The thought of what was going to happen disturbed me and I was
    afraid. I told God, I’m afraid,”and He impressed on me again that
    I don’t need to be afraid because I have the Spirit of God. It will
    glow in the darkness and I will be able to see. He will provide for
    me like He always has.

    After the guys had stopped praying, I told them about what I had
    seen and what God impressed on me. At one point, I broke down
    and started sobbing, I just couldn’t control it.”


    • Peter says:

      Thank you for sharing this vision. Many of us are like john the baptist, screaming in the wilderness…. Repent! Prepare spiritually first, and physically second. Many are hearing the cry but most are just ignoring the signs. This vision has given me renewed hope! We must continue! Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior Today!!!


    • Kim says:

      Thanks for sharing that Yvonne you know I have been trying to tell more and more people what I’ve experienced I’ve always been a spiritual person and I have had visions and dreams about Christ but some people refuse to listen to me. I am thankful to God for allowing me to see these things because it only makes me pray more for the suffering and for those who are lost and I’ve also seen bad angels which were some of the most terrifying things I’ve experienced in my life but they fled when I cried out Christ name

      Just wanted to share I do believe the Lord is coming very soon


  8. J Guffey says:

    Yvonne – Thanks for sharing that. It expressed quite a few of my thoughts.

    Sometimes I feel like we are trying to wake up Christians (as well as non-Christians) with a nudge. Problem is, most seem to have taken an overdose of sleeping pills. We should continue trying and depend on God to do the waking. After all, He knows how to get our attention.

    God promises, He will take care of His own. He will be with us all the way. Hopefully, He will come for His children before it gets too bad. Either way, praying for those that are and / or will be going through the times ahead.

    Anyday now I expect Him to come for His children. Praying for those that aren’t ready and will be let here to face His wrath (only because they have rejected Him).

    God bless you.


  9. Dennis says:

    The bee situation is for real. I do know that since 2008 in my own mothers yard, I have found dead bumble bees (Adult) in her spring flowers. Also, there is a certain tree in her yard that blooms each year, naturally and is pollinated by the Bees, dozens and dozens of them. They are nearly gone. I am speaking about the Adult Bees. The Bumble Bees this year and last year were smaller bees (recently born?)and less of them when I started to really notice.


  10. Laura Rose says:

    Can’t be insecticides or GM crops b/c it has affected huge organic farming areas (in France, for instance) equally. Enormous amounts of testing has eliminated viruses and bacteria. Probable cause–prions. Same thing that has caused mad cow disease. Eliminating them would require destruction of hives in huge affected areas, perhaps sequentially. Then finding hives that test “clean” to restart beekeeping, perhaps needing a gap of a year or more to prevent reinfection. Clean hives would be needed to pollinate food crops in the cleared areas before beekeeping there could safely be resumed, but the hives would have to be destroyed at the end of the season and not returned to any uncontaminated area.

    Since prions are small self-replicating chemicals that replace similar essential biochemicals at the very heart of all cellular functions, there are no drugs or chemical agents that can “cure” or eliminate the resulting illness. Honey might infect humans, though the illness would not become apparent for many years. (Interesting that one characteristic of the syndrome is that bees from healthy hives, who are normally only too eager to steal honey from an undefended source, won’t touch honey in a hive whose bees have disappeared due to the disorder.) The medical research dept. of the University of Upsala in Sweden has pioneered techniques for identifying various prions from tiny samples by amplification before testing, similar to what is done w/ small DNA samples, so the prion cause could be proven. Industry associated researchers who are ostensibly looking for the cause have refused to pursue that direction for economic reasons.

    Not only would the costly measures needed to eliminate the disease put most beekeepers out of business and create concern about the current healthfulness of honey, but questions would arise about how the bees become contaminated. There has been scientific speculation that mad cow disease can spread when cattle eat from a pasture in which infected mammals, domesticated or wild, have urinated. Are bees similarly contaminated while eating pollen? It throws into question the safety of the whole world’s food chain.

    Then there is the possibility that the whole, unstoppable prion epidemic was created when a lab in the UK doing military research tried to “weaponize” the natural rare and isolated prion disease, Kuru, from New Guinea, by selecting or altering prions to kill more quickly. They were said to be working with sheep, and the natural insect parasites of sheep–mites and such–transferred themselves to animals outside the compound causing the heretofore unknown sheep disease scrapies–the first manifestation of the mammalian prion disease epidemic.

    I honestly don’t grasp the justice in the horrific evil of a handful of people going on to destroy much of life on the planet, most of it non-human. Of course I am only human and can’t claim to understand the divine.


  11. JIm says:

    Maybe its a combination of things. The enviorment and the organisms that populate it are manipulated by us. The honeybees in America were brought here by European colonists so they could have honey. Today commercial beekeepers truck the hives thousands of miles every year to pollinate the farms. To me it seems like it is all about manipulation. The bees are brought into the farms to pollinate huge farms with a single crop, no diversification. People, who have no idea what they are doing go into a department store and buy chemicals to kill insects and weeds to have that perfect lawn. I have tried two years to have a successful hive but have had no luck. I think with my case it is just inexperience. I will probably try again. It fascinates me. By the way I had the pleasure of visiting NZ, it was beautiful.It reminded me of America in he Fifties. Beehives were everywhere and the honey was delicious. I hope the Colony collapse disorder is contained.I have not heard the horror stories we heard a couple of years ago in the US. When I was In NZ a fungus or some kind of disease was affecting the kiwi. I hope they have a cure for that. I haven’t heard anything about that lately.


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