Tropical depression forms off the coast of the Philippines

May 4, 2011MANILA – An early-season tropical storm may spin up east of the Philippines amid widespread tropical rain during the next two to three days. Localized flooding and strong winds will accompany the system’s path through the Philippines region. The area of widespread showers and thunderstorms at midweek was stretched eastward over the southern Philippine Sea, from the island of Mindanao to the area of Yap and Palau. A tropical depression will form within 100-200 miles of southeastern Philippines during the next two to three days. Movement of this low will be to the west and northwest. Late in the week, the weather system may cross shores of the Philippines or, on the other hand, narrowly skirt the eastern side of the archipelago. Either way, flooding rain will be a threat to lands along and near the track. Damaging winds would also threaten the area, given the attainment of tropical storm status. Early next week, the low, potentially as a named tropical cyclone, will veer northward at sea, perhaps approaching Taiwan near the middle of next week. –Accuweather
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3 Responses to Tropical depression forms off the coast of the Philippines

  1. adam says:

    Wasn’t sure how to email this to you. Sorry it’s not on this topic. Didn’t we have one of these 500 year floods in ’93?


  2. adam says:

    Nice document! So in other words our urbanization and farming of watershed areas
    is making the epic floods more frequent. I’d hate to see the results of a storm cycle that created the 500 year flood 500 years ago.


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