Seismic stress ripples along Alaska peninsula

May 5, 2011ANCHORAGE – Major quakes ripple along the Alaska Peninsula. This is one of the most dangerous regions of the North America land mass. It’s volcanically dense and seismically very active. 
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7 Responses to Seismic stress ripples along Alaska peninsula

  1. Golfdad641 says:

    I think there was over 30 quakes today in Alaska, text my family to be safe and prayed for them as wel.


  2. J Guffey says:

    Interesting Alvin. Do you think this could be the next area in the “Rign of Fire” to explode? I noticed there were 4 between mag. 5.4 and 5.9 in around 14 hours.


  3. Crystal says:

    I live in Alaska we have about 100 earthquakes a day ranging from 1.0 to 5.0


  4. APAK says:

    I’m wondering, if there is a possibility of another big earthquake the Aleutian Chain or near Anchorage would it most likely occur along the coastline or central Alaska. Which area would you think to be the most vulnerable, Alvin? I would like to give my family a heads up, if possible. Thank you for all that you do.
    Blessings, ap


    • I think there will be warning signs of potential escalation but Alaska is probably, single-handedly one of the most dangerous places on Earth in terms of both volcanism, seismic threats and having prior megathrust earthquake history, which means it is capable of generating quakes of the 9.0 precentile range. Because of intense geological pressures and heat, the mantle is moving about 20 to 30 times faster under Alaska in a mad swirl, than anywhere else on the planet. North America has a 30% chance of being hit with the most powerful quakes to come and this is mostly because of the Alaska-Kamchatka region. It has a very unique and potentially dangerous geology. Don’t panic today but if you know people in the area, they need to have an exit-strategy in place when these earthchanges intensify. The entire Alaskan peninsula rift will likely fracture when the time comes.


      • Laura says:

        You know what’s horrifying about that, Alvin… that in Alaska, so many of the inhabited areas, you can only get to them via plane or boat. No roads.

        That definitely puts a damper on the ability to “escape” via standard vehicles.


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