Poland blasted by surprisingly heavy snowfall

May 5, 2011WARSAW – The weather spoiled the plans of temperate spring and if you have any disbelief; look out the window. Then get ready for tomorrow morning, because the Synoptics predict that within the next hour and night there could be more such snow attacks this spring. Like you, we are surprised to see these pictures. Currently, snowfall and snow showers are in the Lower Silesia (in the Sudeten Mountains are quite intense.) According to the synoptic TVN Meteo, in the coming hours of snowfall and rain also appears in Lubuskie, in the Opole and in the center of the country. Rainfall accompanied by a drop in temperature by 1 – 4 degrees. At night the snow and rain showers will occur within a belt from the center of Upper Silesia, Mazowsze and Podlasie after Suwalki. Estimated height snow from 1 to 5 cm, locally up to 10 cm, and in mountains up to 20 cm. The late seasonal snow is partly related to the influx of cold arctic air masses over Scandinavia and the Arctic Ocean. At night, there will be the country’s strong decline in temperature – in Pomerania and Kujawy to -5 degrees, Wielkopolska and Lower Silesia to -4 degrees when the ground temperature is cooler. (translated) –Kontakt 24
Thanks EuroAtlantic
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