Romania shaken by deep 4.7 magnitude earthquake

Romania shaken by a deep 4.7 earthquake which occurred at 141 km below the ground. Romania was struck by three quakes in March of 2011 during a 24 hour period. Like many places in the world, Romania now appears to be experiencing more seisimic activity.

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9 Responses to Romania shaken by deep 4.7 magnitude earthquake

  1. K says:

    I hear Jesus in my ear earthquakes in diverse places
    I did not expect to see Romania on this site especially about them dealing with more seismic activity

    God Bless


  2. K says:

    Oh also wanted to say a 5.4 in kazakhstan about 2 hours ago and a 5.0 north of Ascension island an hour ago

    I find those areas just random especially since I haven’t seen any activity on the usgs at all them today two earthquakes that are 5.0


  3. I agree K…The Bible is reading like the daily newspaper. Praise God we are about to go home. But the part that breaks my heart is all the lives lost in these disaster’s. I just Pray harder each night for him to protect the people. Thank God for sites like this one that adds Bible prophecy to the stories.
    God Bless you Alvin you are a true man of God. Your rewards will be great in heaven.


  4. To K says:

    Romania always had a lot of quakes, so a 4,7 is NO BIG DEAL for us. Let’s hope it won’t get worse. All the best!


  5. K says:

    Forgive my ignorance. I looked it up after I commented and saw Romania has dealt with earthquakes before. I thought they didnt deal with much seismic acitivty.
    Hope it doesnt get worse for you. 🙂


    • lala says:

      do not worry!
      there’s been strong seismic activity in ro since… ever. 😀
      we have large magnitude eqs here that shake up the place quite often – although there is no peridocity to eqs, one could say romania experiences a strong eq once in 30yrs.
      we haven’t had a very strong one in quite a while, though.
      but there’s intense preparation. we kind of have some of the most rigid construction rules in the world 😦 and many people investing in constructions here go crazy about the costs :))
      however…the world will not end with an eq, though the seismic activity has indeed increased in intensity throughout the world. but so did the measurement devices. imagine ourselves in the 19th century, when krakatoa blew up… we would have definitely believed the world would have been about to end back then! we will kill each other like idiots way before God has the chance to think about it!:D
      good luck, and may God bless us all!


  6. J Guffey says:

    K & Shellee – I agree, it won’t be long until Jesus comes for His own. I too am concerned for those that don’t know Him.

    Some people say, “Ignorance is bliss”. That is definitely not the case when it comes to the things going on now or when it comes to eternity.

    God bless you both.


  7. Joey Kilroe-Smith & Martin Bode says:

    I agree Jesus coming is very soon.We are trying to spread the End-Time message far and near. If we know the book Revelation, and compare it with events taking place in the world now, we know the End is very close. May God’s children wake up, pray for those that are too busy to spend time with God, be not afraid to give the message to all.
    I have information on Endtime events and anyone who would like to have material on it , is welcome to contact me, and I will supply it to them free of charge.
    My tel: 0114626013 South Africa
    My e-mail :
    Alvin, I read your news everyday and am so blessed. How can I buy your Book?
    God bless—Joey Kilroe-Smith


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