Dead penguins wash up on East Coast of New Zealand

May 1, 2011NEW ZEALAND – The Department of Conservation is staying tight-lipped over the deaths of a group of penguins on the East Coast. At least 14 have been found washed up along Waihau Bay. Anti-oil protesters claim seismic testing in the Raukumara Basin is to blame. DOC is choosing to stay out of the debate until it knows for certain the cause of death. It said there was a range of reasons why they could have died, and will not comment until test results have come back. They are expected sometime next week. –New Zealand Herald
Contributed by Denise Gunn
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3 Responses to Dead penguins wash up on East Coast of New Zealand

  1. K says:

    Poor penguins

    Thanks for the constant information Alvin

    God Bless


  2. Aaron Jackson says:

    I just found three dead penguins on the beach in Whangamata yesterday, plus a ton of dead puffer fish. I found a similar amount of dead penguins and puffer fish in Gisborne last year this time plus another a few months ago on Tuamotu Is in Gisborne. Seems to always be after a big storm that this happens.


  3. nunya buisness says:

    If you research the Denver Airport, there are murals that show horrific things. One mural has children that are watching the world end and if you look to the left next to the dead African American woman you will see a stuffed penguin. As if it has been in a museum, because of extinction. Look up all the secrets of the Denver Airport. You’ll be very shocked and surprised.


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