Thousands of dead sardines wash up on beaches in India

April 30, 2011 PANAJI, India – Large quantities of dead fish on the sands of Calangute beach on Thursday took the shine of Goa’s most famous tourist spot, but this did not deter tourists from enjoying themselves, even as water sports operators and hawkers went about their daily business. The dead sardines were apparently deposited at high tide on the beach on Thursday night. “They are scattered for more than a kilometre on Calangute beach,” a fishermen said. Water sports operators and local fishermen said the fishes may have been dumped by some fishing vessel at sea. While the sight of dead sardines — though these had not yet started stinking when TOI visited the spot around noon on Thursday — created a nuisance on the beach, tourists, mostly domestic and a few foreigners appeared bent on having some fun on the beach. –Times of India
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4 Responses to Thousands of dead sardines wash up on beaches in India

  1. Diganth says:

    In India, many such incidents occur. Usually local news papers report them and nothing much is done about them.


  2. K says:

    Sardines seem to be washing up dead in many other beaches as well I think just a week ago some in California


  3. Joshua Flynn says:

    They normally occur? Interesting… and no-one thought to mention before?


  4. Tina Marie says:

    Dumped off a fishing vessel, are they serious? Talk about denial. Isn’t this the 3rd incident of sardines washing up dead in different places?


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