Solar winds from coronal hole lash Earth in geomagnetic storm


GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A solar wind stream hit Earth’s magnetic field during the early hours of April 30th, sparking a high-latitude geomagnetic storm (slowly subsiding). In the United States, auroras descended as far south as Marquette, Michigan. Earth is inside a solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole. The solar wind speed is high and gusty, and NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of more geomagnetic activity during the next 24 hours. –Space Weather
Solar wind
speed: 631.7 km/sec
density: 0.1 protons/cm3
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12 Responses to Solar winds from coronal hole lash Earth in geomagnetic storm

  1. kristoffer says:

    what you think it will be the next 2 years in 2012 and 2013? the solar flares is on maximum in 2013. Is it a possibility that it can be much worse than the solar storm in 1859? If that happens many millions, probably few billions will not have electricity, but If it is a big hole in the ozone, can that end our life on Earth?


    • Yes, there are early indications which may suggest it may be an unprecedented period of storms in this solar cycle. 2012 to 2013 (maximum) are going to be tense and solar flares can still occur 3 years after maximum- so we may not be out of the woods until 2015.


  2. Lulu Atkinson says:

    30th April,2011 22.25(gmt) it is unusually windy here in Bath, Somerset (UK) with strong gusts. Have been working indoors but as far as I am aware it wasnt particularly windy today, however on my way home around 7.30pm I noticed these strong gusts that seem to come from nowhere and after a few seconds of strong winds, they just stop! stillness …until the next gust which is anything from 10 seconds to 10 minutes this a result of the solar flares?


  3. Tina Marie says:

    If anything really frightens me the most, I’d have to say it’s the unpredictabilty of the Sun in the next few years. I feel because we have very little history to speak of regarding it’s total effect on Planet Earth it”s impossible for the scientists to make any real predictions for what’s next. I don’t believe in coincidence and for all this stuff, volcanoes, earthquakes, crazy weather to be going on at the same time as this solar peak and 26,000 year planet alighnment is definately not one. I hope people wake up in time and prepare. That’s what I’m doing.


  4. Anthony says:

    I am in San Jose, CA, and have also noticed random gusts of wind out of nowhere. And it seems overall that conditions have been much windier than late. The problem is that all these tiny changes are occurring literally under most people’s awareness, but people will notice the big changes for sure. Because the big changes will interupt sporting events lol.


  5. Erik says:

    yeah, same here in northwestern europe. The weather is absolutly great. only sunshine (no rain though:(, thats becoming a real problem). But we also have had the random gushes of wind for the last couple of days.

    Maybe is has something to do with the earth magnetosphere beeing absolutly pummelled the last couple of days including now? the solar winds reaching earth are over 700km/s.

    greeting from the netherlands


  6. Laura says:

    Would you be so kind as to suggest the essentials my family and I should be storing in preperation please? We have lots of water for example but these have an expiry date on them? Our friends on here often refer to making preparations so a list would be very helpful.

    Wishing you all safe and well,



  7. Laura says:

    I am now thank you Alvin 🙂


  8. edwin says:

    Why isn`t the goverment saying anything about this??


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