Freak hail storm covers Lisbon streets with layers of snowy ice

April 30, 2011LISBON, Portugal- By all accounts, it was a very unusual storm. Temperature dropped in less than 10 minutes from 27ºC to15ºC, and what we’ve got in Lisbon area, was a suddenly sea of hail, that in some less sunny places, still remains up to this morning. Some reports showed temperature lows of 5ºC. The situation was so dire, heavy equipment was called in to clear the streets.

Bulldozers try to remove the hail from the streets in Damaia near Lisbon, Portugal, after a violent rainstorm hit the Lisbon region in the afternoon of April 29, 2011, covering the streets with a thick layer of icy hail. –MSNBC                   
Thanks Wiseguy and EuroAtlantic
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5 Responses to Freak hail storm covers Lisbon streets with layers of snowy ice

  1. ScreenshotsComu says:

    At first sight, I thought it was white sand. What a dramatically change of the weather.


  2. Logman says:

    It reminds of me of the snow in Delhi at the beginning one of those disaster movies (The Core I think). 🙂


    • Wiseguy says:

      Hi Logman, it’s in the movie The Day After Tomorrow. By the way, they had snow near Delhi this winter and cold snap in North India making a lot of deads. If the mainstream media would show weather anomalies around the world that happens everyday now, maybe people would begin to prepare their soul for what will happen soon…


      • jamie says:

        Hmmmm……….now, I wonder why tptb do not want us to be aware so that we may prepare our souls for what is to come? Could it be that they want us to go with them to the “underworld”…or stay with them in the 3rd dimension ( which appears as the underworld to me )….so that they may have dominion over their mental and spiritual slaves?

        What could they gain by keeping us in the “dark”? That is the question everyone should be asking each other and themselves.
        While I prescribe to no dogma I am well aware of the negative forces that populate the top of that pyramid…or food chain.

        “You will know them by their deeds”.

        They have a great deal invested in keeping our minds and eyes diverted from what actually counts….which would be our spiritual evolution or consciousness. Many people are the walking dead…heartless and indifferent to the suffering all around them. I would not want to be counted as one of them in the end or beginning of any civilization or epoch.


  3. jamie says:

    That would be subscribe…not prescribe. Sorry about that. For the record I am not handing out any prescriptions for damnation. : )


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